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RE: Team Possible Shithole is a Centralised Mafia Dictatorship Run by Two-Faced Psycopathic Bullies with Fake Smiley Faces

in Splinterlands3 years ago

I did enjoy. Lol. A lengthy but worthwhile read my friend. First off on the sleep front.. good! I'm chancing a guess that where you're at with the shit you just walked through taking time to do naught but sleep is something you should do frequent and often. In regards to discord.... here f%#kin here. I used to track the trolling and sniping that would go down there and just shake my head. Made me think sometimes people need hobbies... other than bloody discord. And yeah, there's a f**kton of hypocrisy and multi faced behaviour... I guess everyone feels like their striving for becoming a little godhead behind the keyboard, but most fall down even at striving for duality much less plurality required to put everyone in the trick bag.. I guess it's a lack of imagination? Intelligence? Dunno. It does seem like there's a lot of self inflated cats throwing booty chatter. Either way it grows easy to follow, wearying to observe, and eventually one just shrugs and leaves them to it. I've started to see some dialogues online sorta like I would see people who take a live action role play game so seriously it becomes sad. It's sorta why I'm not breaking my neck to jump back on discord... also why I've never had social media except for steemit/now hive. I like the open source easy visible side of things. Further more I like reading peoples stuff and responding on their blog out in the wide ass open. Feels more rewarding and I enjoy open source engagement. I mean... most of the people I like I can reach here right. So why complicate it. The very small small group I really get on with have my email so it sorta takes care of hollering at those folks as and when the mood takes either party.

In regards to the splinterlands rant as well as the mention in the reply... well... I feel kinda bad for the investors at the small end. The big dawgs have bought their stake and are running it into the ground. I'm kinda of the belief that it will read with a whole lot o what not to do lessons in the future if someone is making a game trying to attract new players and retain them. I mean... there will always be whales moving in groups in any game, but taste testing the whales a%%holes and allowing the after taste to flavour the direction of the game is one of the many reasons I bounced. Well, that alongside the rewards rejigg. I liked the idea of a game that could be attractive to the spare time new player as a way to get them engaged in the block chain world. I also like the idea of skill helping raise new players up through hard graft. If whales wanted to buy success and make off their investment then cool, but a game where they get skunked by skill should be a fair enough thing. Not a beseech the devs and make a safe space for me response. Add this in with all the other crap and I just became disenfranchised. It all round sucked.

Having said all this the game plays well to its limited audience. It's got some real religious type zeal around it... I mean when someone or persons can convince a group of investors that despite the game being so vulnerable to manipulation that they still will make bank or even retire on their holdings in it... I mean.. an unstable clunky product? A roundly volatile easily exploitable product? ... Well. I guess they gots game. For some of the pie in the sky promises to be kept it means.. well.. they need lots more of what they got.. suckers. There will need to be someone to sell the poorly designed product to at some point as well as all those nft's. At the end of the day it's feels like a seam ridden game dragging a block chain behind it, rather than a seamless game built on one. It's poorly marketed with ample bad actors. I've treated what I have bought in the game with the same attitude one would on lottery. When I did play and it was fun it was ok, when I walked I did so with a shrug and thought f%$k it. To many bad actors, adults with to much time on their hands who act like children, strikes me as a game that will do well for a bit, but not really go anywhere long term.

I know we have some different reasons for dusting out of the game, but in a nutshell the game began to feel unwieldy, easily exploited, unfairly distributed to new players, focused on licking the bungholes of whales (not keeping new players), and just a chore to engage with, and a game that will struggle to keep those they onboard. While I'm settling in to the new property the missus plays when she's bored and sells and buys with dec I've got sitting about here and there but... Already she's getting disenfranchised with it. I mean.. it's just not a great wowing game. The graphics feel clunky, some in the community can be a bit incestuous and pedantic, just a zero draw factor. I've been considering selling up my cards, and if the game blows up and gets big I won't feel to bad. I mean it's a game after all, I've got plenty of real crypto in my portfolio, and won't feel like I missed much. I'm just sorta waiting on my partner to get tired of it (which she is starting to quickly) so when that's done and the new house is set up I'm going to spare the time to sit and sell off everything. I'll probably roll it into some bigger gaming franchise like the Doctor Who game. Could be fun.

Oh before I hop off, if I don't get back to comments right away on here I'm not ignoring the replies. I've got this damn house and garden to get ready for planting season this year and it's a bitch. My guess is there's a risk of inflation on food prices/potential food shortages in the offing so I moved us to the rurals and am throwing a lot of energy at setting up for food production this year. If I'm wrong I'll just have a really nice garden and a lot of home grown non gmo food so win win. But as soon as I hop on hive I'll holler at ya. Oh, you got my email as well so feel free to give me a shout if you get bored and want to shoot the shit. I always get those notifications as they go straight to my phone. :)