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RE: Team Possible Shithole is a Centralised Mafia Dictatorship Run by Two-Faced Psycopathic Bullies with Fake Smiley Faces

in Splinterlands3 years ago

Hey matey. Just getting this comment and replying before I hit the hay.... So seem pretty pissed off about something here. Well... pretty pissed off seems murder of an understatement really. I don't know what's going on with it all but if you fancy a rant hit me up by email. In the time I've known you on the block chain you've always been a level headed fair guy, so if something has pissed you off this much I'm guessing there's a good reason. I get the notifications on my phone with email so I'll get those quicker than on hive. I only hop on hive as and when I get the time.

In regards to discord and all the stuff circulating around SL... It's why I don't use discord anymore. I lurked around a bit and saw a lot of stuff that just demanded to much time and all the usual stuff that could put one off. Because of not using it anymore I am in no way in any loop. I have no clue what's going on and have no sides or groups I run with here. So if you need a non involved ear to shout at then drop me a line.

A note before hoping off though.. you have always been a highly intelligent, fair, level headed, analytical guy. I saw that when you were knocking about the deep dives community, when you commented or engaged with anyone on any subject matter on your old account. When you chose to create something or write a full on post with deep dives or the like it was always good stuff. I enjoyed scrolling your blog anyway. Try not to let things like drama and unfairness take away from other things you have in your apparatus. I know that's probably the last thing you want to hear atm if you're pissed off... well I know I'd probably think along those lines if I was angry.

Unfairness just due to it's ubiquity and consistency is always infuriating. If you need a ear to sound off to then just shout me. I'm not neutral, or on any side. I'm just non involved. I don't play the game anymore. My partner and her son use my account though. We've been in lockdown so when people in the house want to go play games to cope with boredom so I can get on with jobs then it's great, same goes for the old Nintendo games I've got knocking about. I don't care about the rewards in game or the massive manipulations that happen as I saw it coming and just stepped away. When I'm asked by my partner if I mind if she sells a card to get dec to open packs I always say I don't care... because I don't like the game anymore.. I just don't. Her son just calls it a gacha game and plays with his mum from boredom due to the lock down. At this point I'll sell once the price is right and put it into another nft game or something. I already collect loads across different games anyway. SL isn't my best performing one either so I'm indifferent to it for the most part now. In reality it's just a crappy game that isn't that entertaining anymore.

Look matey, you just came through some seriously tough scary sh** with your health. You got life and good health to build in front of you so don't let something incense you so much you lose sight of the fact you recently came out on top of something many don't. Hell if it was me I'd be treating every day like it was my birthday if I just went through what you went through. Don't let a game and the people around it have free real estate in your head. If you need to sound off on this though and want to chat to someone out of the loop then feel free to drop me a line. Whether it's to vent, or to shoot the breeze in general. You're one of the folks I get along with here on the block chain so it's not a chore if you need an ear.