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RE: Team Possible Shithole is a Centralised Mafia Dictatorship Run by Two-Faced Psycopathic Bullies with Fake Smiley Faces

in Splinterlands3 years ago

Ah... so I had a look at the links to the comments and have a rough outline I guess?... So the way it looks from here is what was always bound to happen within the game just due to its structure. Now a lot of the folks you are angry at like beeyou and dave are folks I get on with just like I get on with you. Seeing you guys at odds, and you this angry sucks of course because with each of you I have always had and believe I still have good relationships with when I interact with them and you. These aren't relationships with anything to gain btw. I'm not friendly with folks due to their voting power (most don't have much anyway), or for any gain in anything else. The relationships I have with folks here when I'm engaging with hive are built around my individual experiences with people and the content they create. Nothing else really factors into that. I don't feel the need to bootlick or kiss ass to a soul. I certainly won't for votes on hive. I've done extremely well out of a number of assets in the current market with more to spare if things continue to go up thanks to the defi and btc craze. In short I ain't to fussed with folks liking me for their vote. So I hope you see my feed back here as truly non biased.

However I'm not in discord so I don't know the full extent of everything going on. Clearly though something from a moral and personal perspective has happened here towards you. I'm also chancing a guess that if no one is responding and just chucked you out then no one is onboarding your perspective thus why you're pissed. When no dialogue is had to minimise conflict then of course that is unfair. When bullying follows then that gets unfair to. It's unfair due to a number of factors, mainly atm it seems to lack transparency. Which brings me to a few suggestions if you'll hear them out?

  1. Put what's happening in a post. Pk you're normally a level headed guy in my experience here on hive. If what you feel has gone down is truly unfair and it's that bad then put some sunlight on it. If it's expansive then make a part one, two, and three on what is going on from where you're sitting. Tag folks who you want to hear you out. Be transparent and write level headed as you have before in other undertakings. When you are writing like that it's your greatest strength. Put then problem out in the wide ass open and don't have any expectations on outcome. Let everything else that follows happen and control your reaction even when pissed. Aim for transparency first and maybe resolution second? If none comes then clearly it wasn't anyway, but at least your view is out with nothing vague or unclear. Other players can then also read and make their own minds up. You don't have to limit this to hive. If you feel like there is a real wrong here and others could fall victim to that then of course take action. Don't sit on it until your head explodes.

Get calm, cool, quiet, and clear if you're angry. If no resolution comes and you have been/continue to be bullied then hit back. This can be done across a number of different platforms in different formats. I.e start on publish 0x, medium, reddit, calm comments that will make it past spam moderators on different gaming blogs and crypto publications, etc. Calmly build for a month or so and then start on Splinterlands and the issues you feel passionate about.. I mean I wouldn't start with a rant about SL and guild corruption of course. Don't go full Alex Jones.. Never go full Alex Jones... but if you feel genuinely wronged and have been bullied then hit back hard and with precision. On blogs that aren't hive a few non related posts around gaming and then follow up after a bit with a comprehensive guide to where the game itself is screwed and what or why new players should be aware of or stay away from.. the game is vulnerable to trolling/bad press atm anyway (if done right) and if a culture of bullying is taking place then one person could raise an alarm to other potential players to seek entertainment elsewhere. I'm not advocating this btw. It would be time consuming, soul destroying, and may not fix anything. But if you feel that's all you got then I'm just saying when and if you swing try to take your opponents head off. This is if you're being bullied and if it's really gotten that unfair/abusive. However I'd rather you resolve things with other parties and they allow it to be resolved. I'm trying to look at course of action here for both peace and conflict and share what it looks like your choices are rather than letting the issue eat you up like it seems to be doing. But in my mind the game sucks and has duped a lot of people, and I don't see it doing well long term. I think there's a hay day underway atm for big players but in many ways it will eventually fall down......which brings me to my next observation/suggestion..

  1. It's a gacha game at the end of the day matey. The entire rewards system wasn't designed to protect against bots, it was set up to protect less skilled players who were investors who threatened to take their ball and go home when faced by better players with less. When a trend is set where a select few are favoured like that then it snow balls. A side effect of trends like that are what you're experiencing now... I think it also blinds good people who are involved. Lands isn't going to help that in the long run with anything either.

If ever SL has its doors open to the real gaming community with skill being the main asset in the game then no one who is knocking around now will do terribly well. Guilds included. But the reality is that will never happen. Atm there are a number of games on the horizon that will knock the SL position down on State of the Dapps. I think it may have a high point before that, but it will head down. Take away the multiple accounts and bots and the place is a ghost town. It's not a skill based trading card block chain game. It's a poorly marketed clunky game that has duped a lot of people into buying into it like it's some sort of revolutionary thing... It's not. Atm there's far better things happening in block chain gaming than SL. A number of projects in fact that all could easily knock it down a peg or two ... or five. I feel sorry for a lot of the whales and mid range guys in the game who I know as I feel they are headed down a path of dupedom. The game itself will never be properly marketed as it's basically unmarketable. Once a new player signs up and plays for a couple weeks (human player not new bot account) then they will swiftly feel duped and want their money back. It's why I'm waiting on the exit ramp with my cards. As soon as I feel certain correct values are hit I'm selling. After that I won't really care what happens to the game. If it gets big meh, if it tanks then same again.

So eventually if the game hopes to go mainstream it will have to drop pandering. The pandering created the ecosystem where the game lost its fun in the first place and opened it up to becoming a bot mining platform with cliques. If it does manage to go mainstream (not likely) then it will have to convert the whales into turkeys. Basically where you're at with the beef with folks can be handled easily by walking away. Leave your cards to sit and join the growing list of inactive accounts. Give yourself peace of mind. Consider all the shit you just went through with your health and rest your head from this. Or alternatively get back to blogging. I noticed a distinct drop off in otherwise enjoyable content creators due to them focusing on SL. Get back to the deep dives, the rhymes for dimes, goofing off with memes, etc. The CIA and FBI archives still make fun reading matey. There's always something to jump into there, and further more you're good at posts around that type of topic.

If it is as you say (again I remain neutral with all of this) and the game and the culture in it has gotten toxic and made previously good people here end up enacting bad behaviours then why stay around the game? Why let it run you into a floor you only just recently got back underneath you?

Despite my suggestions here in this response if I were in your shoes I'd write about it and post it up for things to be transparent and out in the open. No filters, include screen shots, etc etc. I'd put it out there and the perspective from where I was sitting and invite dialogue with an aim for conflict resolution. I'd keep my cool even if it ground my molars to powder doing it. If that failed I'd entertain walking off and leaving folks to it. I'd definitely drop discord for a bit and keep everything here out in the open on chain.

Matey I'm sorry if all this isn't helpful. I hope it is though. If at any point you need a neutral sounding board then shout me. As soon as I get it I'll respond.