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I've been away from Hive for a couple of months but I'm back now and ready to restart where I left off. I'm going to keep doing my weekly splinterlands posts along with a card giveaway. I'm still catching up with the latest splinterlands news so today's post serves only to get things going once again.

I didn't draw a winner for my previous giveaway yet so I will be doing it at the end of this post and I will send you the promised reward. Sorry for the delay, on the bright side, the card is worth a lot more today than it was back then.


⚔️ The rules:

  • Minimum Reputation of 50
  • Only one comment per person
  • Upvote / Follow or Re-post is not mandatory but it is greatly appreciated.
  • You just have to comment. If you use a different username on Splinterlands please mention the account where you want to receive the cards.

The winner will be picked by a randomizer and announced in next week's giveaway post.

⚔️ Cards for this week:

Rune Crafter.png

Cards will rotate splinter every week, Fire -> Water -> Earth -> Life -> Death -> Dragon -> Neutral. This week if you win you will receive one Rune Crafter, good luck!

⚔️ Last week's winner:

I'm currently using this tool that randomly picks one comment to win the giveaway.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 17.26.06.png

@vaynard86 was the lucky winner from last week's giveaway, glad to see you're still around! I will send your reward right away!

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Please count me in. Thanks


Count me in please! @lorddiablo 😊

Super cool!
Please count me in...

Thank you so much.
Count me in.
IGN: @vaynard86
!Gif thank you

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

Congratulations to the winner!
I want to participate @yeckingo1
Thank you very much for the giveaway and good luck to all the participants.

welcome back and count @jdike in

Count me in

IGN olaf.gui

@txrose would like to win. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

add me pls @ladymisa :)

Welcome back. Count me in again, please. Many thanks - Ian :)< @ianballantine

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Count me in please.
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Please count me in !