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There has been an interesting shift towards Guilds in the last couple of months as the community and team have continued to evolve the way we are able to engage in the ecosystem. It has been a slow grind since Guilds and Brawls started but things are surely accelerating as now rewards are beyond soul bound and can actually be liquid as SPS is now distributed after Brawls. This has made top Guilds become very focused and strategic on decisions given the long grind for Crowns and how to upgrade the different buildings.

I am part of the @Peakmonsters Premiere Guild and have been almost since day one when it was meant for those using the platform for marketing assets. Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of the small team and have trusted them since the beginning. Trust is rough when money and resources is involved which is why I remain there despite knowing that other Guild have been more efficient in their growth and competitive landscape. However, since some management mix ups, I feel that allow leaders to run these Guilds has been a great opportunity (@Palasatenea is a great leader).

We have started to really strategize as well and after getting into Tier 4 Brawls, we focus on our Store to get better Merit rewards and unlock Stones/potions for our Gladius pack openings. Since I had leveled most of my Gladiator collection to Silver level, I knew that I can work on just accumulating Gladius packs until we got access to the additional Stones to not only improve my Legendary chances but also my Gold Foil chances. This is critical as the strength of Gladiators is what often makes a difference in the competition of Brawl Frays. Also, despite the years of opening packs I was actually still missing a Legendary.

What made this even more important was the launch of unique Summoners now as part of the soul bound reward cards. Each has the unique ability to use Gladiators in ranked and tournament play so this becomes criticism for competitive opportunities more immediately and every day. However, the grind is long as playing in Diamond/Champion will require higher level of both sides of the soul bound Collections. I was happy to accumulate a bunch of Gladius cases while we unlocked the stones. While I was not happy I had to use my precious DEC to buy the new stones for Gold Foil chances (instead of Merits), I dug deep and made the investment.

Overall, I think the bulk opening achieve some minimum expectations as I got the missing Legendary to complete a Regular Foil collection in addition to getting most Common and Rare Gladiator cards to levels 5 and 4 respectively. The only disappointment is that I only got one Quora which is probably the card in highest demand given its Meta in Brawl battles. I think these bulk openings will be more common as Merits are becoming more fluid given our Guild level, results and the fact of how we are getting some in our focus chests!

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Thank you for the credit :D, I'd say that ours may not be the most competitive guild but we have a stable environment, there aren't many guilds with loyal members for so much time.

Premiere is a good guild to grow and enjoy of the journey.