Share Your Battle: Regal Peryton

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This week the Share Your Battle Challenge monster is the Regal Peryton. It is a Rare card for the Earth Splinter which was released as part of the Chaos Legion edition.

The Regal Peryton is not a super exciting card in the sense that it does not have a ton of cool abilities. But it does have the 'Flying' ability coupled with a high speed. It is a solid card that you will definitely want as part of your deck.

The battle I chose to share is a Modern format 48 mana battle with the ‘Earthquake’ and ‘Ranged monsters can attack from first position’ rulesets.

Here is a link to the battle:

I do not own the Brighton Bloom summoner which gives the Flying ability to all monsters. So, in Earthquake rulesets I typically use a combination of monsters with the Flying ability, shields, and healing as a means of dealing with the earthquakes that occur after every round.

When placing the Regal Peryton, I usually choose either second position or last position. In second position the speed can help dodge sniper attacks and the speed can also be useful if it falls into first position. In last position, the speed is useful for dodging Melee sneak attacks. For this battle, I placed the Regal Peryton in second position.

I used the Nectar Queen with Flying and Retaliate as my tank. I placed the Mycelic Slipspawn with Taunt in last position to take some of the damage away from my tank which can preserve itself because it has the ‘ Flying’ ability. I finished my backline by providing a tank healer and Queen Mycelia which provides shields to help combat the earthquakes as well as triage to heal a backline monster. I finally placed another tank next to the monster with taunt which has the ‘Flying’ and ‘Self heal’ abilities.

Start of Game / Round 1

My opponent chose the Dragon splinter and their lineup includes four Dragon cards which all have the ‘Flying’ ability.

Round 2

After the first round, my opponent’s tank with the Taunt ability has taken considerable damage and their two small fodder cards at the end have been wiped out by the earthquake. My monsters are all still looking pretty good.

Round 3

During the second round, I eliminated my opponent’s tank as well as second position card. A couple of monsters in my backfield are close to being wiped out.

Round 4

At this point, the battle is all but over.

I managed to declare victory during the fourth round. My strategy for the battle worked. I had four cards left at the end of the game. These included my tank which was still at full health and of course my Regal Peryton was still standing.

When I first saw the Regal Peryton during the release of Chaos Legion, I thought it would become one of my favorite Earth Splinter cards. However, I actually have not ended up playing the Regal Peryton a whole lot.

The reason is that at the Silver and Gold league level where I compete, it does 3 magic damage, assuming you are using the Obsidian summoner. There is too great of a risk that my opponent will nerf magic attacks or use a tank with void or both. This makes it so that the Regal Peryton does only a little damage. With no other abilities other than Flying, most of the time I feel like I cannot justify using up 5 mana for the card.

That said, the card is definitely very useful in certain situations and rulesets. (For example, the ‘Flying’ ruleset that I showed). Like I said in my introduction, the Regal Peryton is definitely a card you should own especially while it is relatively inexpensive while Chaos Legion is still in print.

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Good battle, thanks for sharing!