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Edition: REWARD
Rarity: COMMON
Element: WATER
ABILITIES: Reach at level 1; Knock Out at level 5; Snare at level 9

My Battle Strategy and Cards Placement
30 Mana to start the battle, I picked 6 cards for it

Alric Stormbringer
alric stormbringer.jpg


Serpent of Eld
serpent of eld.jpg
I chose for first position the Serpent of Eld, I think it’s a great tank for right now as I am a beginner and don’t have that many cards yet to chose from, it have enough lives to survive a few attacks until my back liners can take the opponent’s tank.

Wave Runner
wave runner.jpg
As my second card I picked the Wave Runner, it has the reach ability and it also has plenty of lives to get by while back liners do their job.

As my 3rd card I picked Medusa, magic attacks have been very successful for me and since I have the Alric Stormbringer summoner it gets and extra magic shot which is great.

Elven Mystic
eleven mystic.jpg
On my 4th position I picked Elven Mystic, taking advantage of her magical ability as well.

Ice Pixie
ice pixie.jpg
5th position was Ice Pixie, I figured to choose one more magic attack will be good, and since this card only has 1 life, I put her in the back to avoid target abilities to hit it.

Water Elemental
water elemental.jpg
For my last position I picked water elemental, I figured that if my opponent gets a card that has the sneak ability, it’s best to protect the back with a card that can restore some of its life.

The strategy I use worked as you can see I won the battle. Magic saved the day one more time and the tank and reach card I use in first and second position were able to survive enough until my back liners took most of the opponent’s cards out.
The wave runner was great, I got it for this challenge but I will keep on using it, it has the reach ability, good enough life, good speed and the 2 melee attack it’s great for when I face monsters with reduced melee attack ability.

Alright now to conclude,
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Thanks for sharing! - @cieliss


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