Lorna Shine Fan Art - Splinterlands Art Contest! Week 182

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Tak berjudul517_20220313105540.png

This is a fan art submission to Splinterlands Art Contest

Hi guys, how R U today?. I hope all of you have a great day. Like my weekly routine, I'll Present to you Art again. For this week I use life summoner from the Dice series. Yeps she is Lorna Shine. I Try my best & I hope You like it guys ^_^.

Lorna Shine.png

This is the process :

Tak berjudul515_20220312085000.png

Tak berjudul515_20220312122430.png

Tak berjudul515_20220313082700.png

Tak berjudul515_20220313082745.png

Tak berjudul515_20220313083410.png

Tak berjudul517_20220313105415.png

Tak berjudul517_20220313105444.png

Tak berjudul517_20220313105540.png

That's all from me for this week, What R U thinking about it guys? I hope you Enjoy it 😊
*edit : Thanks to @japex1226 to give me some advice 😁


Very refreshing, cute and cool!
The camera angle from below draws a spacious sky, and the composition in which the sunlight shines is wonderful!
Your art is always refreshing and my heart is healed.
I'm glad you liked my last post too.

thanks broh, you know ? I really like all of your art, really loveable 😌

It's so cool bro. You should try to explain your process now that they have updated the rules of curation just an advice. Also put the card you are doing a fan art so that others can familiar it already and don't have trouble searching or guessing what splinter card is it your working. Keep up the good work!

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woaah, thanks for your advice bro. I'll do it on my next post ^_^


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Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

Cool drawing dude! So cute!

wohooo, thanks dude 😆

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That beautiful, too perfect the composition of the colors, the light, and I love the character