Gloridax Magus Giveaway

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Gloridax Magus Giveaway

Since the magic of Dragons has dwindled through the ages, the magic of the Dragonfolk usually needs to be enhanced and supported in some way. A Gloridax Magus uses many tools for their spell-casting, from stones and orbs to Dragonglass and elaborate magic amplification machines.

Ok you know the drill:
💬 Comment and you will enter the #splinterlands magic wheel.

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And the winner is...


Congratulations @kidsisters! Grog is on its way to you.

Thank you for your time and see you on the other site👀



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Thank You :D

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i am tagging @mango-juice.

Well this looks like fun (thx for the tag @pixiepost )

i will tag @the-bitcoin-dood @DAVIDTRON

You're welcome, hon! I hope you win! :) 💛

Yay!! Congratulations to @kidsisters! You deserve the win! Enjoy your awesome card. :)

Count me in for this drawing (many thanks for the tag & also to @joetunex & @gregory-f ). In turn, I am tagging @cryptofiloz & @rxhector :)

Good luck, everyone!! Keep kicking arse out there ;) 💜

Congrats @kidsisters!
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Woo hoo! I am hereeee! Thanks, sweetie. I am entering this one as we speak. :) 🙌🤗💚

You are most welcome 🙂🤗

Upvoted, reblogged and tagging @pixiepost. She's got a funny blog and should win this card. Who knows, it might help her win a few matches ;)

Aww you are too sweet, thank you!! Yes, I am definitely entering this one! I hope you win. You're the best! 💚🙌🤗

Thank you for the giveaway, I am tagging @joetunex and I have upvoted and reblogged.

Wow, thanks for the tag 🙂

Congrats @kidsisters!

Thank you!
Another awesome giveaway @pacolimited!

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Thanks for tagging me! 😀

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Thanks for tagging me for another #Splinterlands card giveaway! 😀

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Congrats kidsisters! Upvoted :)

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I love those raffles. @giemo


Congrats to the Winner
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Another Addict: @Bitandi

Congrats @kidsisters!

I would like to be entered for the Gloridax Magus, please!

I think it's a fun card and will tag some of the newer guild members:
@tommythegun @aunt-bunny @nastik1 @unclebounce

Congratulation to @kidsisters!

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Upvoted! Count me in!

In it to win it bro, @turb0nen is me, upvoted and have a nice day!

Count me in!

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Hoping to win this time congrats to the last winnner :)

Wow, Gloridax Magus

Thank you @xawi for tagging me for it

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Thanks a lot uncle for that ♥️🤝

Congratulations @kidsisters!

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thanks @shrazi uncle

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let's try again >.<

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Consider me in....
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