Mylor Crowling Giveaway!

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Mylor Crowling Giveaway!

Best summoner from the Dice Packs. Bring on the melee we are ready! I really love this summoner.

Ok you know the drill:
💬 Comment and you will enter the #splinterlands magic wheel.

You can earn extra entries by:

📧 Reblogging this Post
🔺 Upvote this post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict

Please include in your comment if you gonna reblog and/or upvote so I have the right amount of entries without checking all those things, thank you!

Also I am doing these manual so you can reply more times as much as you like but it won't get you any more entries.

Winner Grog

Big shout out to all the entities who commented on the Grog giveaway!
@giemo, @tsnaks, @leonardohwang, @stokjockey, @mercurial9, @imfarhad, @funferall, @handtalk5, @amaari, @thegcc, @viniciotricolor, @pixiepost, @amphlux, @brunyson, @carlosro, @blog-beginner, @mimismartypants, @philipmak, @kidsisters, @xawi, @jfang003, @rondonshneezy, @mango-juice, @dudeontheweb, @dandelionfluff, @taintedblood and @gregory-f

And the winner is....

random (1).png

Congratulations @pixiepost! I hope Grog may revive a lot of monsters for you!

I whish you al a great week and see you on the other side!


Hey there! @amphlux count me in!

@gigas and @junkfeathers great summoner here!

Yes please count me in as well thank you @amphlux for bringing this to my attention! Upvoting reblogging and tagged for extra entries! By the way can I get extra entries for being paralyzed from the chest down otherwise known as a tetraplegic? I got to use the cripple card I've been dealt LOL.

Congragulations to @pixiepost! You go girl!

I would LOVE a Mylor Crowling (I only have the normal starter Summoners).

Tagging @achim03
!LUV 1

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Count me in for next week!

I didn't know you played Splinterlands.

Ha hardly these days. Since the power play and I got banished to the bronze league. But I'm picking it up again. I got too stock in rising star and the low maintenance game play!

I went through the same thing when they changed the format. I still haven't started earning as much as I did before (I'm still stuck in Bronze), but I am progressing and earning. Plus, with the recent addition of the Beta edision cards as a part of the starter deck, it's easier to put together a winning combination.

Plus, with the recent addition of the Beta edition cards as a part of the starter deck
I'm not following, can you explain further?

When you purchase your Spellbook, originally you got access to play all of the common and rare cards in the most recent edition (Untamed). A few weeks ago, they increased the cards that are available as starter cards to all of the common and rare cards in the TWO most recent editions (Beta and Untamed). This has increased the available cards that you do not have to own in order to use them in your battles.

Aaaah I see .makes perfect sense!

OMG! Thank you so much!! :) I am super excited! :)

Count me in for next week (@pixiepost) & I am tagging @moonthumb @imfarhad & @gregory-f ! :)

Have a great rest of the week & thank you for doing these giveaways! 💜




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Thanks for the tag.

Congrats @pixiepost and thanks for the tag!

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Congrats Pixiepost. Upvoted this as well :D

Voted, reblogged and tagging @visashopper

Upvoted, reblogged, and tagging @cuko

Thanks, and good luck again :)

Count me in!! @honoru

I definitely want in on this one! Reblogged, upvoted and tagging @scrooger.

no sabia que tambien hacían estos sorteos , me encanta el juego #splinterlands y quiero participar, dejare mi comentario y mi voto

Espero tener suerte

saludos a todos

Count me in!

Upvoted and entered again @giemo

will upvote and tag a fellow and love to participate

@vanidike look :)

Lovely I am in for this giveaway. I hope I win. Upvoted.

Count me in again

Tagged: @patrickulrich and @solymi

Hey upvoted! And reblogged @achim03 likes splinterlands and @judeoraptor just doesnt know it yet!

upvoted, tagged a friend and reblogged!


Upvoted and entered as always :)

great idea! 🤞

count me upvoted i tag @knowhow92

I'm in.

I really love this summoner, it is my favourite!! :) I reblogged, upvoted and now tagging a friend @yonga

Heyy count me in! @koition

@unitqm Hope you can win this for new boost #newboost

I’m in! @almightymelon thanks for sharing the link!

Will also reblog.

Reblog - ok
Upvote - ok

I would like to enter.
Reblogged, upvoted and tagging @luck-man :)

Count me in :) upvoted and rebloged