[Ended] Splinterlands Cards Giveaway! All 6 Common Reward Cards! Multiple Winners!

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I did this giveaway a couple weeks ago where I gave away a whole set of common reward cards.

Well, I've decided to do it again! Only this time there will be 2 winners! So that's a total of 12 cards that will go to 2 winners.

How To Win

Comment on this post with your Splinterlands name to be entered. That's it! (Make sure it is your in game name to which I can send the card!)

How It Works

Upvote, follow, re-blog is appreciated but not needed to enter. I do occasionally give out even more to people that do extra things though. :)

Using this tool a winner will be chosen. If that tool is not working for any reason I will find another or manually randomize comments to choose a winner. I will then send the card in the game and edit this post to show the winner has been chosen. If I cannot send the card to you in the game for any reason (e.g. your name is wrong in the comment) I will just re-roll the winner before posting here.

There is no exact time/comment limit before the winner will be chosen. Either I will check back in a day or so and reward the card or if I happen to check earlier and a lot of people have commented I may go ahead and reward it so I can start another giveaway. So it will benefit you to follow me and check the feed to see if more giveaways are happening.

Your comment CAN be more than just your Splinterlands name, as long as the name is there.

What Cards Will Be Given Away In The Future

Mostly reward cards will be given away. Probably commons, maybe rares. However, I may try to spice it up and add some of the new Chaos Legion cards sometimes. Or more rare cards. There may be special rules if I do that. Stay tuned!


Congrats to winners! @arcgspy and @ianballantine



please add @wdougwatson, thanks!

Happy New Year. Please include me in your drawing. My IGN is @darmstrong

Happy New Year, and thank you for supporting Splinterlands in such an exciting and fun way! Catch in-game: @ianballantine

Thank you for the cards!


Thanks for the giveaway


Please include @moonthumb in this giveaway. Thank you for hosting it. !PIZZA

Thanks for the giveaway. @squishna

I’d love to join your giveaway! @technocrypton

Thanks for hosting!
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Happy New Year! Joining in on the fun too. Thanks!

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Add me too if its not too late. @splmgacademy