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Today I can share a battle with one the most used monster for me in the death splinter: the Cursed Windeku. As a mid mana tank with thorns, he is the main tank in the CL set for the death splinter.

The Ruleset


Mid mana and only death and fire available, also we got even stevens, so this could be a nice anti melee setup with a thorns tank.

The Lineup

-1 magic and -1 healthThe obvious choice for a modern player when using death.
ThornsHe is a good tank with thorns, which is very nice against a melee setup.
Flying + ScavengerThis guy is used as a secondary tank here which gains health each time a monster dies.
Some damage output for 2 mana.
Life LeechAgain some low mana cost monster for some damage.
A magic attacker!
Some more damage output, but this time it is an archer again. As Thaddius is on the table for my enemy as well, I dont want to go all magic!

The Battle

Link to the Battle

Round 1


A mirror match. The main difference here is that my enemy get a stunner as well and a Reach melee monster, which will be hurt by my Windeku as well. But he got more damage output, so lets see how this will play out.

Round 2


Both tanks are gone, but now my Riftwing comes into the first position with a decent amount of hitpoints. My team is also very fast, so it is likely that I will kill the first position quickly.

Round 3


Now my damage output is higher and my Riftwing is still alive. The rest of the game should be an easy one.

Round 4


Round 5


The Rewards



The Riftwing in the second position was the game changer. He tooks a lot of damage while my faster team could get rid of the enemy damage dealers. Strategy worked!


I also use CURSED WINDEKU card more, because this card has thorns ability, if the opponent attacks this card, the opponent is also damaged.

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