Guild vs Guild Showdown Qualifiers

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Hey everyone!
The Guild vs Guild Showdown Qualifiers starts in 2 days.

Why should you join the gvg showdown qualifiers?
This is a unique chance for you to represent yourself and your guild.
Learn from more experienced players.
Get a chance to participate in the main event GvG Showdown (more than 3000$ in prizes)

More about the prizes here:

How to join the GvG Showdown Qualifiers?
look for guilds-showdown get in that room and type: !register
You should receive the link and password for the event.

If we fail to achieve 32 unique guilds. There will be a round 2 of the Qualifiers, and each qualifier will include TOP 16 guilds who are going to be advancing.

Good luck to all the participants!
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Cool initiative! Thanks for organizing!

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