SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Deeplurker! - Post Rewards to Guild Barracks Upgrade! All Support Appreciated!

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Hello everyone,

Once more it is the weekends! Time to rest our tired muscles from the weekday work, play some Splinterlands and spread the joy of crypto! I have always tried my best to join the weekly battle challenge, but for this week's I am setting all of my rewards for the guild to raise funds for a building upgrade. By working together with my lovely guildmates, soon we will unlock the ability to use Gladius Cards in our brawls to add a bit more excitement to our battles!

I will be presenting this week battle theme which is one of the most useful new cards from the Chaos Legion Pack! The extremely useful Deeplurker! Imagine a monster with serrated teeth lurking in the deep pouncing on your lowest health monster! Scaryyyyy......!!

L͓̽I͓̽N͓̽K͓̽ T͓̽O͓̽ B͓̽A͓̽T͓̽T͓̽L͓̽E͓̽


THEME: Deeplurker

Rarity: COMMON
Element: WATER
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: OPPORTUNITY lvl 1, POISON lvl 6, DEMORALIZE lvl 10

Most loved skill from the Deeplurker is undoubtedly the Opportunistic Strike!



Monsters with the Opportunity ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy monster with the lowest health. Useful for Fog of war ruleset or speed battles with low health!

Attacks have a chance to apply poison, which does automatic damage to the target at the beginning of each round after the poison is applied. Reminds of the new summoner which will have the Poison feature!

Reduces the Melee attack of all enemy Monsters. -1 to melee attack, it cannot be less than 1.

Ruleset & Mana Cap


Deeplurker is actually a rare addition to the water deck as there isn't much choices for blue cards with opportunity. It pairs nicely with Kelya Frendul, granting the card a nice speed boost and armor which is always great for opportunity attackers.

The Deeplurker is a 6-mana card which is useful for mid mana to higher mana battles. Our ruleset here is Rise of the Commons, which means that only rare and common monsters can be used. Deeplurker is a common monster yet a really good one.


Positioning and Choice of Monsters

Summoner: Kelya Frendul


The new summoner from Chaos Legion really revolutionizes the water deck! It changes water from a previously magic intense deck to an equally melee intense deck. The extra speed and armor ensures this summoner works well against ranged and melee attackers

1st Position: Spineback Turtle


The Thorns ability and it's high health at a low mana costs makes it an excellent tank!

2nd Position: Pelacor Bandit


Pelacor Bandit is an excellent sneak attack with flying and sneak. As the 2nd position monster it is able to act as an off-tank to evade attacks.

3rd Position: Furious Chicken


Our free chicken to tank 1 hit from the enemy and even 2 hits with armor. This extra 0-mana card can be at times the difference between victory and defeat.

4th Position: DEEPLURKER


Deeplurker is placed in the middle, lurking in the middle to take out our enemy lowest health monsters!

5th Position: Creeping Ooze


To further slow down the enemy the ooze will be placed here. I do not expect the ooze to attack but hopefully with Kelya's +1 Speed and Ooze -1 Speed we will get faster hits and more misses from the enemy.

6th Position: Water Elemental


This card was so often used before the starter cards were changed! The heal for this card at just 5 mana is great. Putting this at the back in the hope of taking some hits and heals. 3 ranged attack and the 5 speed also makes it an excellent card.


BATTLE Commentary

Round 1:

The opponent is using a level 1 legendary summoner which is Plado Emberstorm. This card is an excellent card as it grants +1 Melee, +1 Speed and reduces my monsters health by 1. The opponent line up consists of a few cards with opportunity and sneak, and living lava is honestly an excellent tank against my melee.

My water elemental strikes first, thoroughly removing the armor from the opposing living lava. Then Pelacor bandit with it's higher speed quickly kills of the opposing furious chicken. Although Serpentine Spy attacks my furious chicken, the added armor from Kelya allows my chicken to survive! Deeplurker kills of the Battering Ram in a single hit, further thinning the ranks of my enemy! As hoped the speed water elemental is able to dodge an attack from Tenyii Striker! Woot!!

The attack from Living Lava takes of the hefty armor from my Spineback turtle, and the thorns damage deals 1 back. Sadly the turtle low damage is not able to go through Living Lava's shield.


Round 2:

At the start of the 2nd round, all my monsters are still alive! The sequence in round 1 repeats again where my water elemental does a quick hit on the opposing tank. Speedy bandit moves to kill the opponent ooze and this boost once more the speed difference between the opponent and my team. This time round the chicken was killed, but it has performed well, tanking two hits from the Serpentine Spy.

The unforgiving Deeplurker avenges the chicken with an opportunistic attack on the Serpentine Spy, thus eliminating this dangerous monster from the field. Tenyii Striker does not miss this time but the 3 melee attack merely removed the armor from my water elemental.


The turtle was almost killed by the heavy 4 attack from the lava, while thorns damage continues to shave on the living lave health.


Round 3:

Once more in the 3rd round, Water elemental attacked the Living Lava leaving only a sliver of health. Pelacor strike at Tenyii Striker, halving it's life.

Our theme monster, Mr. Deeplurker attacks and the pesky living lava collapses!

However the turtle could not survive the hit from Tenyii Striker, and it perishes, while not forgetting to land a -2 thorn damage. The enemy now is at the jaws of defeat with only the Striker left.


Round 4

A quick one hit from water elemental on the striker this round effectively seals our sweet victory.


A combination of sneak, opportunity, thorns and armor wins the day in this battle.




Is it cheap?

Per card it is going for 0.24 USD and that is rather cheap. The notable upgrade will be at lvl 4 (7 USD) where it gains +1 melee and at lvl 6 where it gains poison.


The strategy works great! For the mana-cap I will not change my strategy but would be keen to try out Diemonshark which is another worthy tank that has really good speed and trample.

What do I like about Deeplurker most:

The Opportunity and the great synergy with cards like Kelya Frendul and Demented Shark (although we do not show it here)

What I do not like?

None so far! Would be nice though if the Deeplurker has abilities like Flying! Then it's going to be a dragon jumper wannabe. Though of course one is a legendary and this is just a common 😝


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100% of my post rewards for this post will go to @acolytesofhelio

for the upgrade of our Guild, Disciples of Helio. We are planning to upgrade our Barracks to Level 3 which requires 30,000 DEC. Any and all upvotes are highly appreciated and will be use for funding our Barracks!



Great post, along with a great battle, this is a really great card I have been using it alot.

Great post, well written. I absolutely enjoyed reading it 😁

Enjoy your weekend with some !LUV !LOL and !PIZZA

Thanks Sam! You know best with water 😁

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