HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT During Splinterlands Town Hall August 8, 2022

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Splinterlands Town Hall (AMA) Summary for August 8, 2022

*Please note: I cover as much as I can of the summary as a record of the conversation. I do not provide my opinion but actual conversation that occurs during the Town Hall/AMA. This summary will have questions provided from the Discord and the answers given by the various Splinterlands' team will be typed by me. Please forgive any typos or errors; some may be from Discord or some may be my own.

Founders Begin the Town Hall (formerly AMA)
Today's Town Hall included: @aggroed, @yabapmatt and @hardpoint

If you wish to contact the team, here's some of the personnel:

Aggroed @aggroed Founder and (C.E.O)
Matt @yabapmatt Founder and (C.P.O.)
Hardpoint @hardpoint (C.T.O.) (Chief Technical Officer)
Nate @nateaguila (Creative Director)
Cryptomancer @cryptomancer (Splinterlands Developer)
Chatter (Director of Marketing)
Homestead @homesteadhacker (Business Analyst)


BIG NEWS: MLSPA and Splinterlands Unite!

  • Here's the Announcement on Twitter:


Aggroed's News

  • We're working with the MLSPA to go bring about a soccer game. That's the big news here today.
  • At the high level I'm excited about it.
    • Why is this so exciting and such an amazing opportunity
    • Soccer is the 4th largest sport in the United States, they have something like 100 million people they reach out to, there's a whole bunch of teams, just shy of 1000 players in this in terms of the league. Those guys have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers in social medial. And to me, what I get excited about is "how do we bring more people into Splinterlands, into HIVE, into this ecosystem and into crypto?" The MLSPA is a fantastic starting point for us in terms of getting a good foothold for us. It will make it easier for us to get a foothold in things like entertainment as well. As part of those companion products you create Hive accounts and those Hive accounts can operate your Splinterlands game, your MLSPA game and and whatever other games we choose to create which could be football, basketball, baseball, hockey, fighting, racing. It could be entertainment, sci-fi, anime. It could be a whole bunch of fantasy-themed games.

There's tons many ways we can bring people in and this is just the first one of them. These announcements and these types of things are we've been working on for months and what we've been doing for months is not just have MLSPA but have an entire ecosystem of games. That's true for entertainment, we imagine casino, and the big part of what we're talking about today is sports. And I know soccer is not one of the big three, but it's a fantastic place for us to start and they have a really young audience that are part of crypto currencies and the athletes themselves are pretty pro-crypto. When I dream about what it is I want for Splinterlands and crypto, I want more and more people in this ecosystem and with 100 million fans both domestically and internationally that we can start pulling from, I really feel like that's a massive win for this community to bring them in here.

I heard people say hey what if we lose people from the Splinterlands's ecosystem that might actually go to the soccer one? That's a reasonable concern but I think the piece that I'm really looking at is, what happens to Splinterlands if 100 million fans gets interested in this game as well.


Matt's (Chief Project Officer) Take

  • Everyone here is a part of making the Splinterlands' success. We've had a lot of interest from all other sort of different organizations that also want to get into this space with similar types of products. We had to make a decision. Do we just say, no we are only making Splinterlands or do we go after these other opportunities and work on how Splinterlands can benefit from it. To us it seemed like definitely the no-brainer way to go. And so this is hopefully the first of many such opportunities that we're gonna have. And even though we announced specifically the soccer team and the partnership with the MLSPA, really what we're building is a sports' Gaming platform, the Genesis League Sports which is gonna be a sports gaming platform that works in very similar ways to Splinterlands. We can get into all of that, what we're planning to build, what it benefits the Splinterlands community.
  • (Aggroed) The deal that we made with the MLSPA came through an organization called OneTeam. OneTeam is the organized corporate entity that manages players' associations. They manage NFL, NBA, Major League Soccer, NHL, Rugby and others. So what else makes me excited about this is, having landed this, it now puts us into the ecosystem of other sports teams and they granted us the rights to work with MLSPA. So you guys saying soccer is small, it's only the 4th largest sport in the United States, it's only 100 million fans, I want you to get this thought that we're already part of the bigger ecosystem. We want to make sure that the Splinterlands' folks are engaged in this and there's direct economic benefit.


Economic Benefits for Splinterlands Community

  • We want to build this whole Genesis Sports League platform on the Splinterlands platform what we've built over the last four years.

  • It will be run on the Hive Block Chain.

  • It will have its OWN set of validator nodes along with it's tokens and work just the same as the SPS and validator nodes.

  • We are setting it out like the Cosmos ecosystem. I guess there are kind of two different ways of like building a large-scale platform to run lots of different applications. And the one is the Ethereum model where every single application has small contracts on the same blockchain and doesn't make sense because everyone who runs an Ethereum node has to process every transaction, every application that has ever been or will be built on that one platform which gets into real big scalability issues and issues around being able to run full nodes. Cosmos, to their credit when a different route. They sort of made this SDK, this development kit, where anyone can build their own separate blockchains using that same development kit. So their all separate block chains. They all work differently. They have their different models of validating and all these things but since they are all built with the same core development model, they can all interoperate. And there's a bunch of ways that that gives value back to the atom token, which is the base token of the Cosmos ecosystem. So when we were evaluating how we were gonna handle all these other projects, ya know one method was the SPS validators could try to also handle every single other project we wanna do, but that was really unreasonable because it was gonna end up being like ridiculously expensive to run SPS validators and most people wouldn't be able to do it. They would need huge servers and stuff which is the opposite of where we're trying to go. So we though the Cosmos-type model was ultimately a lot better. So the validators that we build, what's going to be open software will be able to be used for many independent projects. So the Genesis League Sports project will be the second independent project that we'll run along with the validators along side the SPS validators. And it's good that we are able to do this in the beginning so we don't get stuck in the validators only working for SPS validators and we'll be able to make sure this code is generic and can run all these different sorts of platforms. And they will all inter-operate. All these different blockchain platforms will all use HIVE as the underlining layer for the data, accounts and security, and since they are all built on the same layer 2 platform, they will all be able to work together. And that's where the value of the SPS comes into play.

  • There's lots of services that we will provide, allowing payments, different crypto currency payments, fiat payments, account management services, account recoveries, letting people get their keys, customer support services, there's a whole list of services that we provide that are in addition to the core validators. So our goal is, as we build out this platform, it won't be just us that build games but a third party platform might want to build a game and we can just use all these services that Splinterlands build and those will have a model for using those services. If any third party wants to build their games using this model, they will have to have SPS and a Hive account and their own validators for their own token. The idea is that SPS is the atom for the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • That's further out of course. First we're going to make our games and show the world that we can build high-quality web3 games and that will bring more interest from third party developers to us.

  • In the more immediate terms, since we're the ones building these games, like the deal we have with Warner Music which will be something similar at some point, we can directly give benefits to the Splinterlands players and SPS holders who made this possible.

  • We'll have the white paper out for Genesis League Sports in maybe mid-September.

  • It will have its own token and there will be an airdrop (the ENTIRE sports platform, not just soccer) for those who have staked SPS and it will probably be a year or so.

    • Remember Splinterlands players received airdrops for those who had assets in the game but no one has assets yet for GLS so the airdrop for the entire sports platform will be SPS.
  • We'll have promotions and benefits similar to the chaos packs. There will be validator nodes for the sports platform. The airdrops will kickstart to get things going out of nothing and you give airdrops to an existing community. So we'll give all the airdrops to SPS in Splinterlands since we're the ones making the games with these new partnerships so all these kick offs will go to you. This is why we said hey we could say no to all these partnerships because we felt we could give all the benefits to the Splinterlands' platform which no other company could do.
  • To answer one more question I think that's come up a lot. We didn't take off all the developers on these Splinterlands' projects. It's been mostly new people in the organization and we've been working on developing the sports game for a little while now (which was different than the Warner Music announcement which was made very early on) but we've actually been working on developing this sports game for a little while now and obviously you can see there's been lots of Splinterlands' development going on at the same time. There's two separate teams working full tilt on both of these projects so you can see we're still getting work done and we're keeping it as separate as possible because it's still of the highest priority for our company to get all the things on the Splinterlands' roadmap done and on time an as quickly as possible so we stay on the Splinterlands' roadmap.


Haythem - SNR Product Manager for Genesis League Sports

-My background is in computer science. I was a software developer. I did my PhD in Computer Sciene. I worked mostly as a computer scientist and product data. I've written several books in computer science. Most importantly, I'm a blockchain fan. A few months of ago when Aggy and Matt reached out to me I was very excited because I'm a sports' fan, especially soccer. Being able to work on the game and design the game is a dream come true for me. It's a privilege to work with MLSPA. We're hoping to have more partners in the future. What excites me the most with this opportunity is what Splinterlands did is build a very fun game and a great economy on top of that and so we're trying to build a fun soccer game first. That fun soccer game needs to be easy, very intuitive to play, same style as Splinterlands. It has to be fun from a soccer perspective and then from that we can build the economy around it.

  • Three 3 Main Dates with this game.
    • Pack Sale - October - we're finalizing the date - we have to wait until the end of the season to combine things.
      • We're looking at just shy 1000 players so we need those cards to be created and the game design
    • End Game: There are still things being finalized so I don't want to share yet. Here's waiting for the soccer season to end to get all those stats.
    • Pack sale mid-October and Game release sometime after that. I hope to share a timeline and roadmap sometime later this week.


Aggroed's Overview

  • Here's the overview of the high-level Genesis League Sports. Genesis League Sports at the top then under that all different types and then within those types different leagues. Within that we're imagining different types of game modes, from prediction bracket games to fantasy modes to manger-style games where you have your different NFTs and put together matches (they won't be battles but there will be similarities to battles in Splinterlands).


What we're announcing is a big project in that it covers multiple sports. We have a couple different game types. Our first group has come on board with this; there's others in the pipeline. At some point we'll be announcing those as well. The opportunity here is 100s of millions of fans. That's what gets me excited. I want to grow this ecosystem as big as we can. Rather than grinding it out one little bit at a time with one user here and user there I'm looking forward to scooping up millions to bring into this ecosystem. There's just so many pieces.

  • We have a product, we have a product roadmap and we have developers for this and we're working on visuals and white papers and everything else. All this stuff is coming and hopefully it's just.. I guess the thing that we've been sharing from very early on is that our vision is to get as many people into crypto currency as possible. We want to be the vanguard for getting people in here... sports.. you might be not be into sports but.. this is one of the fastest ways on the planet... to find these mega brands with huge audiences that have been around for decades and bring their audience here. That's the vision. The vision is not just here is one soccer game. The vision is here's Genesis League Sports and we're gonna pull all these people together, and they're coming here. This isn't gonna be built over on Ethereum. We're not going to be totally separate. It's gonna be built here and part of our community. I think that's... I don't know.. that's the piece I'm excited about.

  • Haythem: Why choose soccer? It's the biggest. The choice of soccer is we would get the biggest audience. It's not just MLSPA, we're hoping to go after bigger leagues and that's the main goal here.


Hardpoint's Perspective

  • Two different things I see that people are wondering
    • What kind of game is this gonna be
    • From the team perspective, it's like the Warner partnership, yeah we've been staffing up this entire year and they are two separate teams and we do have engineers that can move back and forth but really everything that is being worked in Splinterlands is working in parallel with the GLS system. What's so exciting of the GLS system is basically we've taken the best from Splinterlands and we're building GLS up from what we learned from the Splinterlands' system and what you'll see over the long haul the strategy is to cycle in new features back into Splinterlands. Some of these features will be new and going to be even more advanced. Why didn't we do it in Splinterlands? Splinterlands is very complicated and would take a lot of time to retro fit it back into the old platform but we will. There will be a lot of interplay between the new platform and the Splinterlands platform. There will be more platform and we'll be using the same tech underneath and the tech is not small. We're sitting on stuff that most teams couldn't put together in any time short. This platform is very complicated, it's very large and it takes a lot of staff to run this platform and that's why we thing this is unique to Splinterlands. It's really exciting to see us launch this GLS platform. We're taking how you do NFTs and economics and we have so much cross-marketing between the two. All SPS players will be vibing off this. There will be a lot of cross pollination and boost Splinterlands. This is going to bring a huge influx of capital and interest.


Hearing from GLS Team

  • Kay (Kaymaria) - GLS Marketer
    • What we get to reach into the web2 world it's really exciting to get people onboard to the crypto space. It's giving them a new pathway to the crypto space.
    • Beth (realityvsmodel): We're really excited about this not just as soccer fans but getting into the sports arena as a whole
  • Haythem: Things are different than Splinterlands because we're working in the sports arena but it's great and everyone's doing a great job.


QUESTIONS from Splinterlands' Community

  • QUESTION: can we get an idea on gameplay so we can visualize it? Will it be a one on one type game or a team vs team concept?
    • A squad (team) and you are able to upgrade that team as far as tactics and formation. You match up against other players. I can't give more details than that.
    • Managing a team, playing other players and getting rewards.
  • QUESTION: One of the things that attracted me the most to Splinterlands was the market. Do you think we’ll get a market for buy/sell/rent the new nft’s?
    • Yes
  • QUESTION: If you ever strike a deal with some European leagues, are you willing to switch it to football, or make it a regional thing? The term soccer sounds suuuper nasty to us.
    • It is called Major League Soccer so there's zero chance we're going to call it something else as long as the league calls it that so as we get more, we will call it X to whatever the league calls it. We honor the names as we work with them.
  • Question: how will this impact the teams work load?
    • It's certainly a lot more work but it might lead to a lot of automation and system control. I think upfront it's definitely more work but down stream it will be less because of the automation.
  • QUESTION/SUGGESTION..... If you really want to improve pack sales moving forward for all future editions and long term card holder retention, can we please implement a limited parallel run of cards that are individually numbered and possibly holographic? EX: Queen Mycelia Legendary Mist Parallel Numbered 1/10. Epic could have a run of 25, Rare 50, and Common to 100; make these cards extremely rare. These cards could also offer bonuses to the owners as well. Furthermore, these cards would be randomly inserted into packs, just like real sports cards. I am a huge card collector of real sports cards and this is what honestly drives the market. People spend tens of millions of dollars a year buying seal boxes of sports cards chasing limited edition, numbered parallels. Just something to think about if you want to add future explosion of growth and attract all these new sports fans coming on board!! I know I would purchase a ton more if the team did something like this.
    • I do like the idea of numbering cards.
  • Vouchers?
    • Can't talk about that now.
  • Will GLS token work for all the games?
    • We'll punt on that for the white paper. We're not planning to have each sport having a token. The GLS will have one token.
  • QUESTION; do we have a date set for node sps drops?
    • We don't have an exact date but this month.
  • QUESTION: I understand that the GLS will have it's own token but is the governance token still going to be SPS? thank you kindly
    • It will be the governance token for the GLS system. Each separate area will have it's own token. People will get the tokens for the products they want.
  • Quesiton: Will packs be limited ? Pack cost?
    • Definitely limited. Pack Cost TBD
  • QUESTION - since nodes are generic but dedicated to SPL or GLS, can we choose to shift a node from SPL to GLS or the reverse?
    • Generic so the same software can be run either or.

-Question:: are you going to make this more “entry level” friendly unlike the Waka collab card that was not affordable for new players that might have learned about the game from the collab.
- Should be entry level friendly.

  • QUESTION: regarding packs, will they have options to be bought with sps or only with the new token/PayPal and are there plans of dropping packs to sps stake holders alongside the token airdrop?
    • We'll allow SPS as a purchasing option and DEC probably too. We're planning to do drops and promotional things and airdrops.
  • Question: Wen land?
    • Parts will be Q4 then more in Q1.
  • Question: how is the cost split on this project?
    • Don't understand this.
  • Question: Should/Could SplinterlandsTV streamers play this new game on the stream?
    • We might need to make a new stream but yes if people want to do both that's awesome.
  • Q: Are GLS players expected to deal with HE UI? or will SPL build a Facade for HE transactions? HE UI is not really user friendly for non-crypto people
    • You can use either. We aren't planning to build a market place for our own tokens. It's sort of like an entryway into that world and hopefully other projects can work on improving their interface with us.
    Since the idea of NFTs isn't just the ownership but the utilization in a variety of games or ecosystems is it possibly an idea to utilize splinterlands cards in a "splinterlands soccer league", where the splinterlands cards are used to represent different roles in a soccer game?
    my initial thoughts: the goalkeeper needs high speed but not that much attack, tanks would be defenders, etc. even as a german I'm not into soccer that much, so the correlations would have to be done by someone else.
    • It's possible. That would go along with different games for Splinterlands.
  • QUESTION: Is all-stars the GLS discord equivalent of Mavericks and will the requirements be the same?
    • We still need to go do more work around discord and socials. That stuff has gotten started but we're not far along.
  • QUESTION: pairing in LP can count towards staked sps? Is there a "staked" LP?
    • Whitepaper stuff
  • Question: Will the team look at adding an easier way to transfer assets between Hive Engine and ingame.. It's very nerve reckin sending stuff from Hive engine and hoping you spell Steemmonsters correctly.. Since there is another account with a similar name.. There should be an easier way to move stuff between Hive and the Game.
    • If you use the game, you shouldn't have to type it in manually.
  • QUESTION: if cards are locked on land, would they be unusable on other SPL games that utilize cards?
    • TBD
  • Question: Given that hive is difficult to acquire in the US, will we need to get more hive to use the GLS side of the game? If so are you all working on making it easier to get hive?
    • Yeah we're not HIVE specific. You shouldn't need to get HIVE to play the game. Splinterlands will delegate you HIVE power unless you're running bots or something but for regular players it shouldn't be an issue.
  • QUESTION: How will transfer of players in and out of the MLS affect the existing NFTs?
    • I don't know I don't have a crystal ball.
  • Question: How exactly will SPS act as the “ATOM” token, just want some clarity
    • Any services that are provided for these game platforms, purchasing using different crypto currency, the charge for any new platform will be paid in SPS.
  • Question: who would be the point of contact on the development team for another dev team about developing on the Splinterlands platform?
    • I think this is going to happen a lot. The second you announce something like this, other developers are going to be interested in building other products here. I think it's great across all of HIVE and crypto in general.


EMP Partnership

  • Aggroed: A.J. ( @abrockman ) is working on a project that's another important step in the ecosystem for Splinterlands. What's your project and what are the benefits for Splinterlands' players?

  • A.J: Thanks for having me, brother. I'm A.J. Brockman. Let me give you a little background into who I am. I'm super excited to be here. This partnership has been kind of a dream come true for me. I'm an OG Splinterlands' player. I have a top 25 account. I'm a Hive engine witness so I'm super involved in the community, both financially and emotionally. I've been spending the last 6 months, really the last year, building a project on the Binance market called EMP money.

  • What EMP is, it's an algorithmic coin and I know some people may have some hesitation with that from the Luna debacle but we're not a stable token, we are pegged to the price of Ethereum. And what this does, is it allows you to earn incredible yet sustainable APRs with exposure to ETH. We are pegged with a 4,000 to 1 ratio and being an algorithmic peg, we're.. it's ok if we lose peg. With a stable token there's all this pressure on losing peg and we see a giant collapse like what we've seen but we've lost peg multiple times and been able to recover no problem. The idea is that this is a better way than just holding Ethereum in your wallet.

  • I've become very successful in crypto. I'm a crypto veteran. I've been in this space since 2014, full time since 2017 and the number way to maximize your earnings is to allow your crypto to make you more crypto. So rather than holding your ETH in your wallet, you're able to get into our platform and provide liquidity pairs where half of it is EMP and half of it is actual Ethereum.

  • Our ecosystem is definitely a little bit complicated so you might be a little overwhelmed but once you're involved, you really learn the ecosystem, the potential is unmatched. We're offering some of the best returns on your ETH that there is. And I know unfortunately a lot of people got burned with Celsius and Voyager putting their ETH on those centralized platforms, and we are a decentralized platform where all of our APRs and all of our economic models are done through smart contracts without any risk. It's actually safer. I mean, there is risk in crypto but you don't have to worry about us going bankrupt because all the contracts are there. I would love for everybody to learn about it. We are super excited to get involved with Splinterlands. EMP is now a payment option in Splinterlands and this is beneficial for two reasons.

    • It's beneficial for us because it gives a use case for EMP. We are an inflationary model however inflation is given a bad rap. Inflation can be very powerful when there is some rules around that inflation. So in our system, all the new EMP that is minted is governed by very specific rules. We are a fork of Tomb finance but we call ourselves the entire dinner plate rather than just the fork because we built the code from the ground up and implemented a lot of other ways to earn on top of the platform. It's very beneficial for EMP because now we're able to use EMP to get involved in Splinterlands. And...
    • It's amazing for Splinterlands because we're able to bring our community of DeFi apes that maybe are't too involved in Play to Earn, they've never heard of Splinterlands.. we're able to bring an entire set of new eyeballs to Splinterlands. I don't have the exact numbers but well over $100,000 or more into the ecosystem within the last week of the announcement. We are going to get a lot heavier in our involvement with Splinterlands. We've started our own guild. We've hired some professional Splinterlands' players to be a coach for our ecosystem. We really want to not only continue to provide amazing yield on on Ethereum but in turn support Splinterlands and help the entire ecosystem to grow.
    • Aggy and Matt, both of you have been a huge inspiration to me in starting this process. I have a very unique background. Those of you who might have noticed, I'm actually in a wheelchair. I'm a quadriplegic but I've never let that hold me back. I have a very successful career outside of crypto in the entertainment industry. I have a brewery, a bar, a gallery, a music venue and so I never let anything hold me back and so now being involved in crypto I'm applying my real-world knowledge on how to run a business, how to run revenue streams, things that make crypto sustainable, but again, Matt and Aggy you've been a huge inspiration.
  • EMP has been modeled after the Splinterlands' community and that's comradery and education above anything else. We're big on educating the people so we have an entire course because the system is very complicated. We have a one-hour course you can take for free at our free academy to understand EMP and what it can do for you. Everyone is super warm and welcoming. We'd love to have you over on our Discord

  • Link to the Discord is:

  • Matt: Everything you're doing is AWESOME! I've been involved in the EMP platform ever since I've known about it and wish AJ had told me sooner. I've been involved in a lot of DeFi platforms and there's a lot of crap out there but EMP is an AWESOME community of DeFi people and it's very impressive compared to the other platforms out there. I would recommend to everyone to check it out.

  • Everything we do is for the sustainability of the project. We do daily AMAs of our own. This is just a dream come true. I've had the privilege to work with Nate. I appreciate all the support from you all.


Normal Town Hall Mode -- Matt's Insight

  • What's the next big thing coming out?
    • Matt: Overall my take on Splinterlands, despite working on GSL, the amount of development or pace of development is going faster and faster. I hope you've felt that in the community. We have a whole bunch of roadmap items coming out.
    • Hardpoint: New update to the roadmap


  • On the left side, we're illustrating all the projects we've started and completed this year.

  • What's coming up

    • Things coming up
      • More ranked reward updates. We're not done with making tweaks.
      • SPS validators private net is entering QA testing. The validators are being switched out. We're going to be using the validators so we can decentralize all the SPS validation.
      • Our phase one of SPS governance. A place on the website where people can go and use their stated SPS vote. It's a much shorter reached project and not the final version but there's a bunch of questions and topics that we want people to vote on. Eventually we'll allow proposals by the community.
    • Non-card Market and Tech
      • This is a lot of code that's been revamped and updated. We are working on this for Land Q4. How do we have land set up to have the most successful launch with the technological front and how do we help people to buy and sell land. So our target here is before the end of Q3 and this represents a huge amount of work. Most of it you won't notice, some of you will.
    • Land has really been kicked into gear here and we've really got a lot of people dedicated and we're getting pretty excited. We're hoping at Splinterfest we'll have some of those teasers in October and so those coming will get a nice little treat and we'll publish it afterwards
    • Riftwatchers is nearing potential pack sale coming out and art coming out. Targeted to September timeframe. Nate has been dropping eye-candy for that and shop page will come up soon.
    • Actively working on the Splinterfest and the team is working on concert with Splinterfest. And if you can't attend we will be giving out lots of information in October so I hope we get to see you there but if yo ucan't make it just be ready to see so much coming out in October.
    • Hats off to everyone and what they are able to accomplish
    • Tickets for Splinterfeset will go on say within the next few weeks.
  • Aggroed: We're kinda working on 6 separate projects


Nate Update

  • Every week there's something new to be excited about!

    • By end of today we'll have all the Splinterfest shop page assets over to the engineers.
  • Speak peak of the page


  • Portal to Splinterfest wallpaper


  • Noncard Market Page Sneak Peak


  • Riftwatchers Sneak Peak

  • First sketch: Scavo Tech


  • Final Sketch



Splinterfest with Beth

  • It's super exciting. We're gatekeeping things until it's official but awesome scheduling with some great perks. For those who havent' been to Vegas, we chose it on purpose and it's going to be one of many in-person events but man are we going big for our first event. If you have any questions you can put them in the Splinterfest Discord or email Splinterlands. It's going to be at HyperX arena attached to the Luxor hotel October 8th and 9th. We'll have a travel guide. We'll make sure you all know super loud and super clear when those tickets go on sale.


Tournaments and Brawls with WeirdBeard

  • We had another Town Hall last Friday. We essentially tried to figure out what the most important thing to do right now. We nailed down a pretty decent list to tackle down in the next month or two and find out how big an ask these things are.

  • We want to fix the rewards system and how you are rewarded or punished for who you play.

  • People are looking for brawls. There's a lot of spit shine, like an extra minute added on in the Brawls phase. We had a lot of team members show up and we discussed merits and chests and what people thought and how it fell based upon what rank you are.


Splinterlands TV with Ron

  • We are trying to take over Twitch! We want people to watch and pay attention to Splinterlands and get into the game and make it a nice little pathway. Twitch is a great way to advertise our game. No one is doing what we're doing.

  • New interface. See

  • New Logo:


Over 2 million minutes watched on Splinterlands TV. and it will have a form link to apply for Splinterlands TV.

  • Clip of the Week is shared.


Giveaways and Socials to follow

  • Kay: Go and follow the social channels and we have some giveaways so make sure to check that out.
    We are so excited to finally be sharing Genesis League Soccer with you all!

To enter to win a signed jersey for the player of your choice, make sure to visit our Gleam contest here:

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Questions: Battle Rewards

  • Direct battle rewards currently make up such a small percentage of rewards and aren’t enough to balance the number of players in modern/wild formats. Will a higher percentage of the SPS pool be awarded directly in battle to help remedy this?

    • Yes that's been taken into account with the SPS. A portion of that is for the battle rewards and a portion of that is for the seasons. If SPS prices march up the amount of rewards goes up. The piece to me (Aggroed) that is exciting to me is as SPS is rising, when we switch the reward system over and we're not printing DEC but you're earning SPS if the amount of tokens doesn't change but the VALUE changes we could be approaching a million dollars. Matt- and that's only the battle rewards. There's a lot of ways to get SPS. Aggroed: It's exciting to see what's going for the players.
  • How much fewer DEC and reward cards are being distributed daily after the ECR/rental changes?

    • Matt: I don't have those numbers, but one thing we're trying to get overall is an internal dashboard that can give charts and graphs and we're looking into what we can show publicly and it would be nice to provide that real time value.


Questions: Land

  • Can you explain the different stages of land? What is the difference between revealing land and surveying land? What is the difference between a land plot and a land deed?

    • You have these claim tokens. In phase 1 you'll be able to redeem your tokens and have your land deeds. All you'll know about them is their location on the map. And then you'll be able to also in phase 1, survey each of those locations, what type of land it is, the rarity and all that stuff. The reason that's a two-step process is because for people who did pools. They can distribute all the deeds before it's revealed what they are in rarity. Those will both be available in the first phase which we're shooting for the end of the year. That's the first stage. Final stage will be crafting those cards.
  • What is the intended relationship between short and long term card supply and land? Is land going to be developed with the intention of scaling long term to “eat up” lots of cards in the future? Will there be enough cards to work all the land when it is first produced? Are Chaos/Riftwatchers/Rebellion being printed at higher rates with the intention of supplying workers for land?

    • One of the ideas is to give value to those older cards and more rarer card, especially now that we have modern. And on those land plots you have so many slots. You could use a level 1 chaos legion card but if you have a maxed alpha gold foil card you'll have maxed power. Players will be incentivized to get those older cards and when you use them on the lands you won't be able to use them in battles.


Riftwatchers Questions

  • Are there any sort of gameplay goals for Riftwatchers? Ex: adding new abilities or countering any specific builds?

    • Yes, we don't make the entire set focused on making new abilities but we make them to be counters to really high plays we sell.
  • Will there be enough notice of the Riftwatchers presale to completely unstake SPS?

    • The presale will be going live in August or September. We hope by the end of August. We try to tell you as early as possible. You want to start immediately to unstake because it's coming.



  • Will Lux Vega be able to be purchased by those who don’t attend Splinterfest or do we need to find someone in attendance to buy a code from if we can’t make it ourselves?
    • 100% The sale will be similar to the Waka sale. Requiring SPS and vouchers but if you actually physically attend it you'll be able to reserve a card and get a discount on it. You will for sure get one card if you attended the event.



  • QUESTION: Can you give us some Alpha about PvE ideas of yours in Lands, especially Boss Monsters?

    • I (Aggroed) put internally a post about boss monsters and try to think through different type of attack, different type of armor, making one specific armor to go to different types. I think about a raid boss you have to kill every week. And you might need armor levels for series of bosses and a whole bunch of battles and if you're a high diamond player you can plow through the first ones but you'll need high level cards and gear. That's my first thought about boss monsters and the land will have to be sorted first so we're looking further down for boss monster stuff but that's on my brain and hope to get it out there.
  • QUESTIONS: 1). Can we have an expected date for SPS ranked battle rewards? This end of season? Next?

    • We have to push it out there. We just see how quickly it can be finished, how many bugs and when it's ready to go and then we announce it. Probably next season.

2). Is it true that players need x amount of SPS to earn SPS in ranked battles and chests in the future?
- Yeah that's definitely the plan. It's not the initial roll out but that's the plan. You also won't need to have the SPS themselves (the player) it's sort of like delegation but others will be able to stake ON you.

3). Can we burn the earned SPS directly to DEC which was earned from ranked battles and chests. Yaba mentioned before that SPS will be staked after claiming and it takes 1 month to unstake before converting the tokens to DEC. New players will have to keep adding outside funds when their rewards are on hold for 1 month since they need DEC each day to rent in cards.
- This is in response to being staked when you earn it. Is there a mechanism? Matt: I don't think we're planning on that. Our goal is over time you build up more stake in the system. We don't want people to take their rewards out real fast. Overall if you can get the liquid rewards quickly you can also cash out quickly and we want to move away from that and move towards them realizing they can build up their stake.

- Hardpoint: We are sitting here at the 8th of August and we're giving you plenty of notice that September and October there will be a lot of things to use SPS for. There are things coming and we won't be able to tell you exact time frames but September and October will be heavy on the product front so BE READY.
- Matt: But you'll need staked SPS too for the new token so it's up to everyone to decide.
  • Question/Suggestion: please dont make lux vega max level like waka. 1 BCX should be the base sale

    • We're planning to have it max level. I understand you want lower priced cards but everything else in the game are low priced so what we're actually missing the more high priced bigger ticket items.
  • QUESTION: Can we get the stats for both new summoners (next airdrop + Splinterfest promo)

    • It was already released. Splinterfest coming

QUESTION: Do you guys plan on bringing some other big streamers? I think interacting with Allie’s community was super great, would definitely like to repeat that
- She was awesome! I think getting more will be good.

  • QUESTION: What is the timeline for Validators being open source? I am working on a game and would love to look at validators as an option

    • Q4
  • QUESTION:@Yabapmatt - Founder Will we get to see the value of tokens held by the DAO when phase 1 voting is rolled out

    • We can share that information.
  • QUESTION: Have yall thought about 1 DEC minimum rentals and also switching back to 1 day rentals now that bots have been disincentivized by other changes (ECR, New Rules, FP changes

    • I don't know about 1 DEC minimum hopefully we get more interest without doing price controls. And I don't know if we've had time to review the system to go back. A lot of changes are coming when we switch to SPS rewards. For now we're going through all the changes we want to make to get it in the final state at the high level then it's more review of everything to small tweaks.
  • QUIESTION: If Vega has a print of 1,000 and 1,000 persons attend Splinterfest and reserve 1 copy, doesn’t this lock up all the available supply for the general players?

    • Yes that's true. We'll see. I don't realistically expect 1000 people to make the trip out to Vegas but if we do sell out of tickets we might re-evaluate.
  • QUESTION: now that high mana battles are more common, and we have cards with up to 14 mana cost, is there any plans to release any summoners that are closer to double-digit mana?? It would be great to have the option for those 99 mana battles

    • Yes that's in the cards and Riftwatchers will have higher mana cards.
  • QUESTION: how many packs will be set for riftwatchers pre-sale and how much discount for using Vouchers ?

    • I don't know how many packs yet. The actual economics are still being figured out.
  • Question : Is it possible to get an option to turn off our ECR so we can level up your raiting (without getting r-shares but not burning our ECR) with two leagues if you want to attempt to change leagues it can take a long time (i doubt this is intended ). While bots and full time players can just spam tons of games in a single day then let their ecr recover most average players can't play 600 to 700 games in a DAY? This would also make more people willing to push for end of season leaderboard?

    • If you don't care about getting our shares then who cares just get the rating.
  • QUESTION: What is the difference between the SPS:DEC pool (80.22 apr) vs the DEC:SPS pool (7.79%) and how do we locate the SPS:DEC one?

    • One is a claim for DEC and one is a claim for SPS. It's the same pool it's just showing what you're getting for each item so you'll get both of those APRs together.
  • Question: For Rift Watcher Pre sale is there any requirements to purchase in Presale like whitelist kind?

    • Is there any way to get ahead in the line? Vouchers. We are planning on doing a presale for Riftwatchers. You stake SPS and get vouchers and that's how you get ahead of the line.
  • Will having 3rd party developers use vouchers with their games in order to burn more vouchers be a welcome thing or would you want to discourage that

    • Matt answered on Discord: 100% encouraged


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This is incredible! How did you manage to spin this up so quickly? Nice work, wow!

Thank you so much, Goldmatters! I will say today I went back and edited through it. I usually don't do that, but today's Town Hall was very important.

I learned to type quickly when the internet wasn't free hahaha ;) When you had to pay $4 an hour, I couldn't afford to be slow! :) I also play/give piano lessons so that I think helped with my typing. :)

Thank you very much for upvoting and commenting!! Really made my day! :)

Thank you! :)

Wow, you must've been typing the whole time. Thanks for doing that! It was a great town hall. I was inspired to buy as much SPS as I could during it.


Posted using Splintertalk

Yes, I was typing! :) It's very difficult sometimes to keep up, especially of something stops working properly (Discord, YT or my computer randomly crashes HAHA) but I like to do it for the community and it helps me too to get the little details since I'm so super focused. :) Thank you so much for the pizza and support!! :)

What a great Town Hall! The Splinterlands crew is always doing so much to grow the ecosystem and create an exceptional place for players and investors.
It reminds me so much of what EMP does for its investors! After all, AJ did model much of the "doing things right" and the ever-evolving ecosystem from Splinterlands.

YESSSS!! AJ's presentation was so wonderful! I went back through my Town Hall minutes to add in much more of what he said and I added the Discord link, Thaddeus, so that people will hopefully go check it out and join. :) I really want success for you all so I hope this helps you even if it's just a little contribution. Have a great day!

Rosie is always delivering the best Splinterlands write-ups!

Yippeee!! Thank you, Aftersound!!! :) Can we make a song together sometime? I would SOOOOO LOVE that! :) Have a great day!

Wait what? You do music? Uh...YES! Hit me up!

Yes I sing and play the piano. I'm not too shy to sing for an audience but I'm too shy to play (go figure!? HA HA) So yes, I would love to do a collab sometime! It would MAKE MY ...gosh probably more than make my day... probably make my LIFE hahaha...

Love it! Send me samples so I can get an idea and start working on something that works for us both!

Ok. I'll send in Discord. :)

This is HUGE. Just when you think things are slowing down a bit they drop another bomb on us! WOOT!

YIPPPEEE!! I completely agree!! Some of the Mavs are being a bit of a Crab Apple about it which I do understand but I think overall it's a win for sure! :)

Yay, thanks!

You're welcome, Sara!!

Thanks so much for this Rosie. So much to be curious and excited about!

I'm not unstaking SPS no matter what they say... haha!

HAHA Aussie Ninja! That was what I was cracking up about! They were saying STAKE and UNSTAKE in the same breath basically! HAHA They don't even know what to do it's so exciting! :) Thanks for the upvote and comment! :) Have a wonderful day!

Great write-up. Do you think you will buy a validator node for the new token?

Hi Steve! Soooo... I've already been in discussions on that VERY item. :) Let's just say I'm looking forward to the whitepaper. ;) I think it could be an AMAZING opportunity. What are you thinking, Steve?

I am currently a bit short on SPS for getting an airdrop in the new token. Depending on the % return I might consider getting one. I have an SPS validator license. Waiting to see how well it runs on different machines. Adding a second node to the same machine should be trivial.

Posted using 1UP - Play2Earn & NFTs

Oh and thank you so much for the pizza, Steve!! :) That's so kind of you!

Another 8K words or pure gold. Always nice to read what I miss in the TH.

Thank you, Just2Random! You're pretty golden yourself! :) Thank you for upvoting and commenting. Your comments always make me smile.

Thanks for posting this. You are helping us Japanese who could not fully hear the town hall due to the language barrier.

Wow, thank you for this! Not only is this published before the official write-up, it contains more in-depth content as well! Hope you continue doing this for those of us who don't always have the time or inclination to attend the town halls.

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Thanks for the write-up! Must have taken a long time to do.

Thank you, John. It did, but this one was worth it. Thank you for your upvote and kind words. :)

Wow this is impressive 👏👏💥💥💯💯🔥🔥
You've got super powers Rosie, Niceee!!! Thank you for the update❤️

Thank you so much, Starr!!! I appreciate it! Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by to read, upvote and comment! :)

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Thank you so much!

Great job as always! The links are very useful.

Thank you, Gregory! I really tried hard this time as I felt this announcement was very important to the Splinterlands' community. :) I'm curious your thoughts about it, but we can chat another time. ;)


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