Splinterlands Challenge Accepted!

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Challenge Accepted: Time to Sing!

Hello everyone in Splinterlands! I know I haven't been writing as much, but I'm still involved in Splintlerlands all the way! In fact, I noticed Splinterlands on Twitter shared a fun little post the other day, and I couldn't resist! I had to enter the contest if only to share some Christmas cheer.

Here's the Tweet from Splinterlands:

What you don't know about me Splinterlands folks, is that I love to sing/perform!! I actually got a little scholarship in high school for my theatrical performance/singing. I sing anywhere really. I sing at home, I sing as a cantor for my church, and I've sang on a bar table a time or two completely SOBER! (Yeah, I don't need anything to be fun. HAHAHA! I'm pretty silly as I am.)

So, it's been a bit quiet and serious for few days in Splinterlands regarding some activities that have happened, and I just felt like maybe some of you Splinterlands people needed a good laugh and Christmas cheer.

The Splinterlands Singing Contest

So about a week ago, @quillfire came up with new lyrics to "Walking in a Winter Wonderland!" -- Splinterlands style! The lyrics are HILARIOUS! It made me giggle so much. I WILL have you say though, girls do not need mansions ... they need gold foil cards if they know what's good for them! HAHAHA!

If you want to read the rules of this contest or the lyrics that @quillfire wrote for the song then click here.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can win this contest. First of all, I've heard the competition, and it's good. Secondly, I tried to sign up for 3Speak, and it wouldn't work, so I just uploaded to a YouTube channel I've never used before, but perhaps because it's not on 3Speak I'm disqualified. :(

I also don't understand what they are talking about with upvotes and all of that. I really don't care so much about the contest; I just love to sing, I love Splinterlands, and I wanted to share a side of myself you all haven't seen (well, HEARD I guess.. HAHAHA!)

So, I'm putting myself out here and hope you enjoy! I don't use auto tune or stuff like that so PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME! HAHAHA! :) Oh and enjoy the @aggroed Dr. Blight appearance as well! HAHA! :)

You all are wonderful. I hope you have a great rest of your week! I do hope to write again soon as I have SOOO MUCH swirling in my mind that I need to write; it's just SUCH a busy time of year!

If I don't write to you all, PLEASE KNOW I'm thinking of you!! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

If you enjoyed my post and want to try Splinterlands, please use my referral link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=rosiew
Please remember my post is not meant to be financial advice and is just my opinion.
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Beautiful voice.

Thank you, Matt. :) That means a lot to me so thank you. :)

Oh ... My ... God.


Girl, you have got chops.

The YouTube thing, no problem. If I disqualified you over that, the Hive community would burn me alive at the stake.

Respecting your not understanding upvotes ... I presume you're not familiar with Hive. It's complicated but the fact that you were able to publish this post means you're already on Hive (you're probably using the Splinterlands' front end). The number on the bottom left of your post with a $ ... that's how much this post has already been upvoted. The number beside that is the number of people who have upvoted you already. Upvoting continues for 7 days.

For a crash course:



Hi Quill! Yippeee!! Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm blushing. :)

Oh yes I'm familiar with the upvote process I just didn't understand your comment about the Mavs and well um.... that other song you mentioned that a lady wouldn't mention. ;) Soooo anyways, I'm glad I'm not disqualified! YAY!! :) You have a wonderful day, Quill!! Thank you again so much for your great contest idea and that you think I've got chops! HEE HEE :)

That was awesome! throws flowers Sing it again!

Ahh thank you!! :)

This is amazing Rosie!!

YAY! Thanks, Mozzie! ;)

Bravo! That was terrific! Having Dr. Blight dancing to your tune was just icing on the cake.

MUHAHAHA!!! YESSS! I had to add Dr. Blight! HAHAHA!

And thank you for the "bravo" comment. :) It's hard to put yourself out there a bit, so I appreciate the positive comments!! :) Have a great day, Gregory!

Beautiful voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yipppeee!! Thanks, Flauwy!! Merry Christmas!! :) You shake it too! ;)

Hoho.. Nice to see another person give it a try..

This is beautiful..
You have a great voice too.

Ahhh thank you so much, Jaydr!! :) Merry Christmas to you! :)

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you, Ecency and Gregory!! :) So kind of you!! :)

Wow Rosie that was so good! You have a lovely voice. Good luck. And yes when my family asks what do you want for Christmas? Me... vouchers or land basically something Splinterlands!

Yessss... "All I want for Christmas is Splinter-LANDS... Splinter-LANDS oh some Splinter-LANDS!!!!" Hmmmmm.... that would be a fun one to sing, now wouldn't it? HAHAHA!! Land is my interest as well in this game! It's so exciting!

And thank you so much for the compliment, Sara!! :) Thanks for the luck as well! HAHA!! It would be fun to win, for sure! ;)

I think you mentioned getting land and so I went and bought some about a month ago. I hope that virtual land someday helps me buy physical land!

Ahhhh Sara, is that your dream too? Ok now I'M EMOTIONAL! It's my dream to just have some land out where I can enjoy God's creation and be happy and inspired. I started writing here on PeakD months ago about land, because it's my desire to have physical land, and I hope that owning some virtual land will help me reach my dream. I don't want anything much; I don't need a lot to be happy. I would just like to be able to see the sun glisten on the waving grasses from a little house. My dream would honestly be in the Colorado Rockies but it's not possible at this time. Maybe someday. There's a town called Georgetown, CO that has a little street named Rose with antique homes and I thought one day if I could live there and look out over the mountains, hear the rushing water that goes through there and maybe see some Big Horn sheep which are known to wander around there, I would be so happy. Now, that's a bit contrary to seeing the sun over the prairie so.... it's a funny thing. I Love the openness so much of Kansas, but I love the mountains as well and am usually inspired most often when I'm visiting Colorado. The mountains just seem to have God's voice in them for me. :) You are probably thinking I'm silly now, but that's just me... hahaha... :) Hope you don't!

Oh my- look at this reply I was just writing!

Wow we are so alike @leaky20 I have the same dream of land with a tiny house. I sold my home last year to go make this a reality and then home prices in the US, specifically Utah and Idaho, where I was looking for land sky rocketed. I went on a land looking trip last December and again this October. I really want to make this dream a reality. I think it will be another year or so. When I sold my house I moved into a room my friend was renting. I thought this will be perfect to only have things that will fit in my tiny house! It is just fine. I will need to get things, especially kitchen things or my own tiny house some day.

We all have this beautiful dream of owning land.

Oh Colorado is amazing. The mountains speak to me too. I do not think you are silly. I totally understand.


Thank you, Monster-Curator!! :) Merry Christmas to you as well!! :)

Simply wonderful! You have a wonderful voice and I admire you for putting yourself out there. You should probably do it more often :)

Ahhh... thank you, OceanBee! That's so kind of you. :)

Well done!

Thank you so very much!!! :) How kind of you to say that! :) Merry Christmas!

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Great challenge

I love seeing vibes like this in a community, keep it up Rosie !