Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!: Quest Reward

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Today I completed my Quest in Gold III. I received 6 chests and when opened, I got 3 monster cards and a total of 13 DEC.

I like it to receive cards. One of the cards was a rare DJINN RENOVA which is quite nice!! This monster is worth $3.94.

I am working on my rentals and is trying to optomise my income received from the rentals.

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Thats pretty good about your game about complete quest and received rare monoster collection, i am trying but without monster its impossible to win the match.

Yes, it is very hard when you just start out!!

Gold 3, that’s very ok 👌🏻

Nice rewards brother

Yes, I loved it!!

Ah...did you see the Alt Coin brothers opted to promote yet another P2E game again...I smell hijinks, I tell you!

I must admit, I don't usually check up on this, I just did it once out of curiosity. I also tried my hand at Alien Worlds, but it does not compare with #splinterlands!!

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Wow only 6 box and 3 card.