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20th Sep 2022 - Our Chosen SplinterLands posts

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The best from the list is from @holycowz post


  • To motivate more PEOPLE to join decentralized social media
  • Help people to move away from centralized social media.
  • Contribute to different decentralized social media platforms


  • I encourage those who are on decentralized social media.
  • I reward daily to different community members


  • I upvote content from different decentralized social media platforms
  • By doing this, I (@sagarkothari88) encourage content writers.
  • I also contribute to different decentralized social media platforms with my skillset

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Thanks for the mention. Keep rockin.

@captainquack22 , Thank you for appreciating my work.
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Thank you so much for the support. I really appreciate it and keeps me going! 😇

!LUV ❤️

Thanks for the support and for encouraging content creation!

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