An Explosive Low Mana Battle

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Hello there! @saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday!

This will be my entry for this weeks Battle Mage Secrets with the featured ruleset Explosive Weaponry. This is a ruleset that gives the Blast ability on all monsters.

The Battle that I will show to you this week was from my @crimepoet account which is an alt account I'm using Nfty Arcade with max level CL deck and was playing at the modern format of the Diamond League. Before I show you the battle, let us learn more about this ruleset.


Explosive Weaponry

Rule Set Icon
Explosive Weaponry
All Monsters have the blast.png Blast ability.
Blast is an ability that inflicts damage on monsters that are adjacent to the target.

The best strategy is to have fast monsters with Snipe, Sneak, Opportunity and Scattershot. For defense, Shield and Void will come in handy.

Revealing Battle Conditions and Team Lineup




03- Modern Diamond.png
Diamond League
Modern Format
17 Mana Cap
Available Elements:01- fire.png Fire, 4-Death.png Death, 6-Dragon.png Dragon
Lost Magic
Monsters with 00-magic.png Magic attack may not be used in battle.
Up to Eleven
All monsters have the amplify.png Amplify ability.
Explosive Weaponry
All Monsters have the blast.png Blast ability.

Opponent's Line- up


My Team


This battle has a 17 mana limit to use for cards where the active ruleset were Lost Magic, Up to Eleven and the featured ruleset for this week which was Explosive Weaponry. With this in consideration, my lineup was consist of:

Summoner: Tarsa - Tarsa as a summoner gives +1 damage on all melee monsters and at the same time, gives all ally monsters +1 health which can help my team to tank some of those Blast damage.

  • 1st Position: Antoid Platoon - A small mana tank with the Shield ability allowing it to recived less damage from melee and range attack and for each monsters that will die in battle, this will gain +1 health due to its Scavenge ability.

  • 2nd Position: Venator Kinjo has the Reflection Shield ability which makes it invulnerable to Blast damage and at the same time, it has Camouflage which makes it untargetable by the opponent. It also has Immunity to negative status effects while reducing the speed of all the opponent monsters with Slow as long as it remains on the battle.

  • 33d Position: Uraesu - A melee monster that has Sneak, allowing it to attack backline monster and has the chance to Poison the target.

  • 4th Position: Scorch Fiend - A 0- mana card with the Demoralize ability. reducing the melee damage of all opponent melee monsters by -1.

  • 5th Position: Lava Spider - A range monster with the Snipe ability, allowing it to target the closes non-melee target to the first position and has the chance to Poison them and remove their Flying
    with Snare.

  • 6th Position: Chaos Agent - a 1 mana card that has Dodge, increasing the chance of it to evade monsters by 25% and can deal damage to opponent that misses thier attack with Backfire.

Revealing the Battle


1-8/28- Pre- battle Phase: Application of ability buffs and de- buffs by both teams

Round 1:


9-14/28 Right off the bat, Gem Meteor attacks and defeats Scorch Fiend dealing damage to both Uraeus and Lava Spider which increases the health of Antoid Platoon with Scavenge.

15-17/28 Lava Spider deals 2 damage on Soul Strangler and afflicted it with Poison while the Blast also damages Gem Meteor.

18-22/28 Uraeus defeats Soul Fiend with the Blast also damaging Gem Meteor and resulted for Antoid Platoon to Scavenge another health.

23-24/28 Soul Strangler deals 2 armor damage to Antoid Platoon and afflicted it with Poison.

25-26/28 Antoid Platoon deals 2 armor damage on Crypt Beetle.

27-28/28 Crypt Beetle deals 2 armor damage to Antoid Platoon.

Round 2:


1-4/17 Antoid Platton and Soul Strangler recieves damage from Posison which resulted to the death of Soul Strangler that Antoid Platoon Scavenge another health.

5-9/17 Gem Meteor defeats Uraeus with Blast damaging Lava Spider and have another Scavenge for Antoid Platoon.

10-13/17 Lava Spider defeats Gem Meteor which gains another health for Antoid Platoon.

14-15/17 Crypt Beetle deals 2 damage to Antoid Platoon.

16-17/17 Antoid Platoon removes the armor of Crypt Beetle.

Round 3:


1/7 Antoid Platoon loses 2 health due to Poison.

2-3/7 Lava Spider deals 1 damage on Crypt Beetle and afflicted it with Poison.

4-5/7 Antoid Platoon deals 2 damage on Crypt Beetle.

6-7/7 Crypt Beetle deals 2 damage to Antoid Platoon.

Round 4:


1-4/10 Both Antoid Platoon and Crypt Beetle dies because of Poison.

5/10 Lava Spider deals 2 damage on Venator Kinjo.

5/10 Venator Kinjo deals 1 damage on my Venator Kinjo with Blast also dealing 1 damage to Lava Spider.

5-10/10 My Venator Kinjo finishes Venator Kinjo and with it comes the end of the battle in my victory.

Battle Recap

Here is a replay of the battle which at you can watch at Splinterlands.

Did My Strategy Work?

And with it comes the end of my battle for this week with Explosive Weaponry ruleset. As you see, both parties got Reflection Shield with them in order to block the damage from Blast and what it ends up was who will defeat the opponent first which at some point, I thought I would lose if not for my Poison working on the target on the first attack.

That was it for this post. Thank you and see you at the next one.

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