Any Opportunity Gets Broken by Lily Shieldpaw

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Hello there! @saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday!

This will be my second entry for this weeks Battle Mage Secrets with the featured ruleset Equal Opportunity. This is a ruleset that gives the Opportunity ability on all monsters.

For this battle that I will be sharing to you will also be from @bltzr-wizard-726 which is the scholar account I'm playing from Balthazar Guild in partnership with Side Door Ventures and was currently playing on Champion League of the Modern format with the new ranked reward overhaul but before I reveal the battle, let us learn more about this ruleset.


Equal Opportunity

Rule Set Icon
Equal Opportunity
All Monsters have the opportunity.png Opportunity ability.

Speed and HP are the usual trick when Equal Opportunity was an active ruleset. Higher speed will let you target enemy's low HP monster first, opening the way for your slower monsters to deal damage to higher HP enemy monsters.

Another good trick that I'm gonna share today was that in combination with Taunt, another good way to protect your low HP monsters was if they have the Camouflage ability and because not every monster have that ability, using the Legendary Dragon summoner Lily Shieldpaw will allow all your monsters to be protected from the Opportunity ability.

Revealing Battle Conditions and Team Lineup




04- Modern Champ.png
Diamond League
Modern Format
56 Mana Cap
Available Elements:01- fire.png Fire, 02-Water.png Water, 5-Life.png Life, 6-Dragon.png Dragon
Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.
evens stevens.png
Evens Stevens
Only Monsters with even Mana costs may be used in battles.
Equal Opportunity
All Monsters have the opportunity.png Opportunity ability.

Opponent's Line- up


My Team


Just like my first battle, this one also have a cap of 56 mana where the active rulesets were Earthquake, Evens Stevens and Equal Opportunity which is this weeks featured ruleset. With this in consideration, my lineup was consist of:

Summoner: Lily Shieldpaw - As a summoner, this card gives +1 health to increase the health of my team together with Triage which restores the health of a backline monster that have received damage but more importantly, it has the Camouflage ability which hides my monsters from direct attack, including monsters with Opportunity ability.

  • 1st Position: Baakjira - Does not have any attack but it has a huge amount of health partnered by Strengthen. which increases the health of all ally monsters by +1 and Heal that allows it to restore its health. It also has Slow that reduces the speed of all opponent monsters and Void that reduces the damage taken from magic attacks.

  • 2nd Position: Deimonshark Has a huge health and armor that comes with Enrage by which its speed and damage will increase when it received damage on its health meanwhile It can attack multiple times with Trample and when attacked by melee monsters with Retaliate.

  • 33d Position: Arkemis the Bear - Gives additional armor to all ally monsters with Protect and can reduce the damage of the target to half with Halving. It only receives 1 damage from monsters with 5 or more damage with Forcefield.

  • 4th Position: Coastal Sentry - Can attack twice per turn using Double Strike and inflicts the excess damage to the health of the target using Piercing.

  • 5th Position: Deeplurker - Originally comes with the Opportunity ability but it also has Poison which reduces the health of the target each turn and Demoralize that reduces the melee damage of all opponent monsters.

  • 6th Position: Wave Brood - Another one of those monsters with Taunt ability, forcing monsters to attack this card but it also have Void which reduces damage from magic attacks and Return Fire that reflects damage from range attacks.

Revealing the Battle


1-15/34- Pre- battle Phase: Application of ability buffs and de- buffs by both teams

Round 1:


16-17/34 Coastal Sentry deals 1 armor damage to Arkemis the Bear.

18/34 Pelacor Conjurer inflicts 2 damage to Wave Brood.

19-20/34 Diemonshark and Deeplurker deals 1 damage to Arkemis the Bear and afflicted it with Poison which activates its Enrage, gaining additional damage and speed.

21-22/34 Arkemis the Bear deals 5 damage on Baakjira.

23-24/34 My Arkemis the Bear deals 3 damage on Arkemis the Bear and reduce its attack with Halving.

25-27/34 Chaos Dragon deals 4 damage on Coastal Sentry with its Blast inflicting another 2 damage each on Arkemis the Bear and Deeplurker.

28-31/34 Pelacor Arbalest inflicts 6 damage on Wave Brood but its Return Fire reflect the damage, causing Pelacor Arbalest to lost its armor and received 2 damage.

32/34 Baakjira restores its health.

33-34/34 Aves Sturgis deals 2 damage on Wave Brood.

Round 2:


1-12/31 Monsters without the Flying ability loses its armor or health while Arkemis the Bear loses health due to Poison. After this, both Lily Shieldpaw restores the health of Wave Brood and Pelacor Arbalest.

13/31 Arkemis the Bear deals 2 damage on Baakjira.

14-15/31 Coastal Sentry deals 1 damage on Arkemis the Bear.

16/31 Pelacor Conjurer deals 2 damage to Wave Brood.

17-22/31 Diemonshark defeats Arkemis the Bear and proceeds to attacking Chaos Dragon using Trample where it receives 4 armor damage.

23-24/31 Chaos Dragon attacks Baakjira dealing 2 damage on it while its Blast also deals 2 damage to Diemonshark which makes is Enrage.

25-27/31 Zyvax Vuul defeats Wave Brood but also receives 2 damage from Return Fire.

28-29/31 Pelacor Arbalest inflicts 6 damage on Baarkira.

30/31 Baakjira restores its health.

31/31 Aves Sturgis deals 2 damage on Baakjira.

Round 3:


1-19/24 Monsters without the Flying ability loses its armor or health as to Zyvax Vuul and Arkemis the Bear's health which were restored by Lily Shieldpaw.

10-12/24 Chaos dragon recieves 3 damage from Coastal Sentry.

13/24 Pelacor Conjurer deals 2 damage to Baakjira.

14-18/24 Deeplurker and Arkemis the Bear defeats Chaos Dragon.

19-23/24 Pelacor Conjurer defeats Baakjira.

24/24 Aves Sturgis deals 3 damage on Diemonshark.

Round 4:


1-8/19 Monsters without the Flying ability loses its armor or health as to Aves Sturgis and Deeplurker's health which were restored by Lily Shieldpaw.

9/19 Diemonshark deals 6 damage to Zyvax Vuul.

10/19 Pelacor Conjurer deals 3 damage to Diemonshark.

11-13/19 Coastal Sentry defeats Zyvax Vuul.

14-17/19 Deeplurker defeats Aves Sturgis.

18-19/19 Pelacor Arbalest removes the remaining armor of Diemonshark.

Round 5:


1-5/15 Monsters without the Flying ability loses its armor or health as to Coastal Sentry's health which were restored by Lily Shieldpaw.

6/15 Diemonshark disables the Divine Shield of Pelacor Conjurer.

7-8/15 Pelacor Conjurer defeats Diemonshark.

9-11/15 Coastal Sentry defeats Pelacor Conjurer.

12-15/15 Deeplurker and Arkemis the Bear defeats Pelacor Arbalest.

Battle Recap

Here is a replay of the battle which at you can watch at Splinterlands.

Did My Strategy Work?

So in this battle, aside from using Taunt to protect my monsters that have lower health, I also maximizes the use of Camouflage which allows my monsters to be untargetable by direct attacks as long as they were not in the first position. Because of this, no Opportunity attacks were able to pass by on my monsters though the same thing should be said as my opponent also use Lily Shieldpaw in this battle.

That was it for this post. Thank you and see you at the next one.

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lily shieldpaw balanced! both players chose it cuz its too op

Yeah.. kinda scarred with the forcefield at first since it capped my damage.

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