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With the month of April comes with one of the most important event on the Cryptocurrency history as the Bitcoin Halving will be happening this month where Bitcoin Miners who successfully validate transactions will only now receive 3.125 BTC for each mined block from the previous 6.25 BTC which leads to speculations for its price to increase and to celebrate this important event, Splinterlands has decided to make its own event with the Baron's Bounty Bitcoin Halving Promo Event. This event was not only meant to celebrate the Bitcoin Halving but also brings the community 2 new promo cards to purchase and participate on the leaderboard where the community can get more prizes.


The event started on April 16, Tuesday after the game's regular maintenance window and would last for 15 days in order to give every players the opportunity to grab the limited- edition promo card using either DEC or Credits with the option to reduce its price by half using Vouchers. Anyways, let us take a look at the stats of this new promo cards.


Baron Bounty's Promo Card

A little bit of trivia, Baron Bounty's Bitcoin Halving Promo Event was the 2nd Halving event that Splinterlands has organized. They also did a halving event for the third Bitcoin Halving which took place during 2020 with Halving Alchemist which is a 2- mana range monster and to make this event more special, they give this monsters the Halving ability which reduces the damage of the target monster to half.


And for this ongoing event, Splinterlands offers 2 limited- edition promo cards which also has the Halving ability.

Henchling Enforcer ( Lore )


Rarity- wise, the first promo card we have the rare card Henchling Enforcer, a 6- mana range monster with 4 speed, 2 armor, 5 health and 4 damage at max level but what's more was that this card was a Dual Element and can be played with either Water or Life Splinter. For its abilities, aside from Halving, it has the True Strike ability which makes its attack to not miss at level 4 and Camouflage ability which makes this monster unable to be attacked directly unless it was on the first position.

For its price, it comes with the cost of 3,125 DEC or Credits per BCX but can be lowered up to 1575 DEC or Credits by using up to 31 Vouchers.

Baron Fyatt ( Lore )


For the next card, we have Baron Fyatt which is a 5- mana legendary unit which at max level has 2 speed, 6 health and 2 magic damage. This promo card was also Dual- Element making it useable together with Fire and Death Splinters. Aside from Halving, it also has Scattershot at level 1 which makes its attack target random monster each turn, making it possible to reduce the attack of multiple targets. At level 3, this card becomes more interesting because it will gain the Ambush ability which allows it to attack even before round 1 starts and when it reaches max level, it gains Blind which increases the evasion chance of your ally monsters by 15%.

This legendary card was priced at 31,250 DEC or Credits per BCX but with using up to 312 Vouchers, its price can be down up to 15,650 DEC or Credits.

Take note that since these promo cards are part of the Rebellion Set, they can all be added to your mage wagons to maximize your Conflicts and increase your chance for getting Rebellion Airdrops.


Other Prices To be Given

It is undeniable that this promo cards can provide new synergies that can shake the current meta of the game and for card collectors, this was a rare opportunity for them to get this limited edition card but aside from obtaining this promo cards Splinterlands also offer other prices for everyone that participates on this event.

  • Lucky Draw Prices


For each card that was bought on the Splinterlands in-game shop, players earn points and for every 10,000 points gives a shot of winning plots, packs and Runi which can be priced for more or less around $100,000 USD. The more points earned means the higher chance of winning and the earlier you buy the promo cards gives you a bigger multiplier that will go down until we reach the end of the event.


The event starts with 3x multiplier but as we are a few days since the event, the multiplier has gone down to 2.43 multiplier so you better not wait for too long cause it will further decrease your chance to win this prices.

  • Leaderboard Prices


To make the event more interesting, the event also comes with leaderboard in order to show who buys the most of the promo card and to fuel the competitive spirit of players, Splinterlands also award Titles to the Top 200 buyers. Titles not only provide "Bragging Rights" for those that gets them but also gives production boost to land so for land owners, this is one way to make their land more productive. Aside from that, the Top 20 buyers also get an extra copy of the promo cards including some guaranteed gold foil versions of them.


So, what are you waiting for? Come and participate with this unforgettable event in the Crypto History. Not only you will have this limited- edition cards but will also have the chance to share the pool of amazing prizes. Most of all, the earnings of this event will go to Splinterlands to be used on maintaining the game so if you love the game and the community, joining with this event is the best way to help them.

That was it for this post. Thank you and see you at the next one.

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