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Hi! @saydie here playing Splinterlands everyday!

With the beginning of this season, another big update has been implemented in the game and that was the rework for the reward system in part of the rank reward overhaul which eliminated the level caps on cards to be played regardless of the league and removes the league- based matchmaking which means players will get to match against other players that are closest to their rating. In this post, I will be sharing my initial thoughts about the new reward system.



The New Reward System

Just after the end of season on April 2nd, the game has undergone a system maintenance in order to implement the changes on the reward system which has removed the Daily and Season Chest which can be earned by getting Rshares from each battle won which might increase depending on their Daily Focus. At the same time, the SPS reward that can be earned from the Chest are also removed and was added in the Ranked Reward Pool which increases the SPS that can be earned trough winning in battles. This means that players will earn a more stable amount of SPS depending on their win rate instead of relying on RNG.



Replacing the Rshares was the Glint which is a non- transferable in- game token that can be get from wining ranked battles. These tokens can be used in order to buy items instead of the usual chest and can be accumulated so it does not matter if you want to spend it as soon as you earn it or wait a couple of seasons before using it, allowing players to initiate big purchases and the ability to choose the type of rewards that they want to have.


The amount of glint a player can earn was based on the amount of the SPS staked that he have as well as other boost from having Alpha, Beta and Promo Cards, Gold Cards and Guild bonus but Modern Players gets an additional 50% Glint Bonus compared to Wild.


Also, players can get and End of Season Glint rewards based on ones highest rating between Modern and Wild which means that the higher the rating one gets will give them more Glint by the end of season and this was regardless of whether you play or not so even inactive accounts could still earn Glint every end of season.

So if you want to if you want to increase your End of Season Glint Rewards, you might as well consider try to reach the highest league you can on Wild even for just 1 season since the rating that you have in Wild will also count even if you do not play again on Wild on the following season.


Aside from that, we can also burn Soulbound Reward Cards for Glint for 5x of its Collection power so for burning a gold foil legendary card, I will be able to have 62,500 glint (12,500 CP* 5) and this allows players that have collected a bunch of extra cards to recycle them in order to get the cards that they need.


Gwen's Glint Shop


As for where to use the Glint earned from battles, we can go to Gwen's Glint Shop where players can choose what to buy from the different items available to the shop which consist of:

  • Draws


This were like the Reward chest but instead, this only contains cards. It comes with 5 different types of Draws. Each type comes with different Glint cost and the higher the cost of the Draw comes with a better chance of pulling better cards and the chance to have a gold foil. Also, the amount of cards also increases for each Draws.



For each type, a player can buy a maximum of 10 Draws before it will reset again to another batch which will increase the cost of Draws by 50% for each batch in order to prevent it from being exploited but this will reset at the beginning of the new season. In order to have an idea of the cost of Draws per batch, I made the table below which shows the cost for the first 50 Draws on each type.


  • Potions

For most players, getting potions on chest makes it disappointing since it is neither tradable or transferable and they tend to accumulate specially on higher leagues even when they were using it in increasing the chance of pulling a card from packs or Draws so I think its great that getting potions are now optional.

I believe the cost for a Legendary potion was 80 Glint while it cost 100 Glint for an Alchemy potion but depending on the level of your Guild lodge, you can lower the cost for each potions like for me which gets 8% discount on them. The price per potion also does not increase regardless of the amount of potions you buy.

  • Merits

With the recent changes in the game, Gladius cards can now also be used in ranked battles which has proved to be really powerful with their Bloodlust ability so in order to increase the level of our Gladius cards, we need to buy Gladius packs which can only be bought by Merits but now, we can exchange our Glint in order to buy Merits.


Just Like the Draws, Merits are also bought by batch with the first batch sold 2000 Glint for 2000 Merits and will increase by 50% with the next batch.


  • Energy


We can now also use Glint to buy Energy which can previously only bought with Voucher, DEC, DEC-B and Credits. The Glint cost per energy differs from what league a player currently plays and will also increase by 50% by every 25 Energy bough per day but with this, players can have an opportunity to increase their SPS earnings using the Glint reward that they earned.

  • Titles


Finally, we have the Titles which at the battle serves as a "Bragging Rights" for us as a player but when used on land, this can give production bonus depending on the rarity that they have. Among the current items on the reward shop, Titles are currently the only items that are tradable but this also makes the Glint cost to acquire them extremely high and each account can only have one of each type of Title.


Cards are Being Burned For Glint

Get the full breakdown on Splintercards

Overall, this change with the reward system have encourage the burning of tons of Soulbound reward cards which by the writing of this post have already burned 1,579,168 Regular and 62,961 Gold Foil Cards and a big percentage of it was use to buy Title which is reasonable since it was the only item that can be traded or transferred among what was available in the shop.

The burning of Soulbound cards will only increase at this point which is actually fine by me because it will reduce the amount of Soulbound cards in circulation which we have printed a lot even when we compare it with the previous Chaos Legion Rewards and will greatly affect the price appreciation for the Soulbound cards when the time that they became tradeable.


Where Will I Spend My Glint

Playing since the distribution of the Soulbound Reward cards, I have already maxed most of the cards aside from the Epics and Legendaries but they were mostly at decent levels already and because of that, I mostly likely to refrain on buying Draws for the meantime. I also have thousands of potions in my account that I do not need to buy them in the foreseeable future. As for Titles, I already have enough to buy 3 "The Proven" titles on each of the account that I'm playing given that I burned all my Gold Foil cards but even when the current batch of Titles becomes sold out, I can just wait until the next batch of Titles becomes available.

image.png230,750 CP * 5 = 1,153,750 Glint

So for now, the only items that I might be spending my Glint was to buy Merits in order to level my Gladius Cards and Energy to increase the amount of SPS that I can earn. As for the rest of the Glint, I could have just save them in order to have the heads up when the next set of Soulbound Rewards were released.

That was it for this post. Thank you and see you at the next one.

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Hi, this is an interesting post, I am surprised at the amount of SPS obtained. I just saw a battle in wild mode (diamond league 1) with a multiplier of 9.46 and the player got 2.94 SPS.

In modern mode there is 50% more, but in this case the multiplier is about 11 and the amount of SPS is much higher.

I don't get it 😅.



Hey there mate! Thanks for reading. There is indeed a big difference on the SPS earned between modern and wild and that was in order to entice players to play on modern but the 50% bonus in modern was only for glint. The reason why SPS earned in modern is bigger compared to wild is because Modern and Wild have separate SPS pools that distributes the rewards and although the amount of SPS within both pools are the same, there are far more players in Wild sharing the pool, making the rewards they received lower.


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how did u get the cost for batch3-5? did u actually spend dthat much glints for each?

I just added the formula and let excel do its thing. Might be off depending on how its being rounded off in the game.

o.o oh i see didnt know uc an do that no wonder the numbers were weird

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Such a very informative post about the new ranked rewards system! Amazing as usual, keep it up :)

Thanks! How are you dealing with this changes? How are you dealing with this new change in the reward system?

It is a welcome change for me. I could manage to upgrade my soulbound cards more because of the new update ;)

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121