Doctor Blight but on Martyr Steroids

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Hi! @saydie here playing Splinterlands everyday!

This week, I'm here once again to make another battle showcase with the goal of helping to learn and discover new strategies on the game and for the battle that I'm gonna show you this time features the use the the Martyr ability to buffed the stats of Doctor Blight which have the following stats.

EditionChaos Legion (Promo)
Mana Cost4
Element07-neutral.png Neutral
Card Type00-magic.png Magic
AbilitiesLvl 1 - affliction.png Affliction
Lvl 1 - camouflage.png Camouflage
Lvl 2 - poison.png Poison
Lvl 3 - scavenger.png Scavenger
Lvl 4 - weaken.png Weaken

Doctor Blight was a promo card that belongs to the Chaos Legion and can only be acquired packs during the presale of the CL set. It was a magic Splinter that cost 4 mana to use with 2 damage, 1 speed and 4 health at max level. Looking at its stats, it seems week compared to the other cards with the same mana cost but it compensates its lows stats with its abilities. First, it has Affliction and Camouflage at level 1 which prevents its target from healing and prevents them from attacking this card. When it reaches level 2, it gains Poison which cause its target to lose health every round and at level 3, it gains Scavenger which increases its health for every monster that was defeated. Finally, at level 4, it gets Weaken which will reduce the health of all opponents monsters by -1.


Into the Battle and Ruleset


Mana- cap and Available Elements

03- Modern Diamond.png
Diamond League
Modern Format
27 Mana Cap
Available Elements: 01- fire.png Fire

This battle was between @crimepoet which is an alternate account I'm playing with Nfty Arcade deck delegation which has now reached Champion League just today and this is one of the deciding battles that have helped me to climb. This got 27 mana cap and only Fire element can be used on battle.

Born Again.png
Born Again
All monsters have the Rebirth ability.
Target Practice
All 00-ranged.png Range and00-magic.png Magic attack Monsters have the snipe.png Snipe ability.

When it comes to the ruleset, there was Born again which gives all monsters the Rebirth ability and Target practice that gives range and magic monsters the Snipe ability. With this in consideration, I choose the following cards.

With limited mana and only fire element available, I was left with Tarsa as my summoner which gives +1 health and melee on all monsters.
For my tank, I used Antoid Platoon which has Shield to reduce damage from melee and range attacks and also come with Scavenger that increases its health for each monster that dies.
Has the Sneak ability which allows it to attack backline monsters and can also inflict Poison on its target.
Was my first sacrificial monster with its Martyr increases the stats of the monster adjacent to it when it dies.
The MVP of this battle. Will get a big stat boost at the end of the battle.
Another sacrificial card with the Martyr ability.
Just a placeholder for the last position but its Redemption will deal 1 damage on all opponent monsters when it dies.


Into The Battle


Pre- battle and Post- Ambush Phase: Application of ability buffs and de- buffs by both teams and attack with Ambush ability.

Round 1:


  • During round 1, the opponent took away my Venari Spellsmith twice which means that the opponent receive 2 damage from Redemption. At the same time, Venari Makrsrat also was defeated, increasing the stats of Uraeus and Doctor Blight.

  • On my side, we were able to took defeat Nimbeldook Scout once by Doctor Blight and substantially reduce the armor of Clockwork Aide from Uraeus sneak attack.

Round 2:


  • With round 2, the opponent team has both defeated my Venari Marksrat and Firecaller but thanks to it, their Martyr gives an incredible boost for both Uraeus and Doctor Blight in particular, now with both 6 damage each. They were also able to deal 6 damage on Antoid Platoon but thanks to Scavenger, it was able to sustain the damage it recieves.

  • On my side, Doctor Blight has managed to defeat Nimbledook Scout and we were able to make Antoid Platoon and Clockwork Aide unprotected.

Round 3:


  • The opponent have managed to defeat Uraeus once with the combined attack from Torch Vizier and Gobalano Soldier while Moxian Rebel and deals 2 damage on Antoid Platoon.

  • On my side, we were able to defeat Clockwork Aide with the attack from Uraeus and Doctor Blight while Antoid Platoon deals 2 damage to the opponent Antoid Platoon.

Round 4:


  • This time, The opponent was only managed to deal 2 damage on Antoid Platoon and remove the armor of Uraeus.

  • On my side though, we managed to defeat Gobalano Soldier once which makes it unable to attack and deal a total of 8 damage on the opponent's Antoid Platoon aw well as Poison it.

Round 5:


  • On this round, The opponent has managed to defeat Uraeus and my Antoid Platoon recieves 4 damage from the opponents Moxian Rebel and Antoid Platoon.

  • On my team, Doctor Blight has defeated Antoid Platoon once. Now, I was left with only 2 monsters against the 4 monsters of the opponent.

Round 6:


  • Going with round 6, the opponent deals a total of 9 damage on Antoid Platoon.

  • Meanwhile, Doctor Bligh defeats the opponent Antoid Platoon and my Antoid Platoon to deal 4 damage on Torch Vizier.

Round 7:


  • On round 7, the opponent defeated my Antoid platoon once so now it have used its Rebirth.

  • On my side, Doctor Blight also defeated Torch Vizier once.

Round 8:


On this round, Doctor Blight defeated Torch Vizier while the opponent defeats Antoid Platoon

Round 11:


On round 9, Doctor Blight finally defeated Golabano Soldier and going further to round 11 when it finally defeated Moxian Rebel although it managed to deal 2 damage on Doctor Blight. Overall, Doctor Blight has the final stats of 29 health (31 - 2 damage), 5 speed and 6 magic damage on the duration of the battle.


And with this comes the end of this battle where I use Doctor Blight which was undeniably one of the meta cards from the Chaos Legion set even before Martyr ability was included in the game but with Martyr now, it has made Doctor Blight more and more powerful. If you want to watch the replay of this battle you can watch it by clicking this link.

That was it for this post. Thank you and see you at the next one.

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