Doesn't Use Range But They Still Ended Up Regretting

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Hello there! @saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday!

This will be my entry for this weeks Battle Mage Secrets with the featured ruleset Fire & Regret. This is a ruleset that gives the Return Fire ability on all monsters.

The Battle that I will show to you this week was from my @agonyaccepted account which is an alt account I'm using with Nfty Arcade max level CL deck and was playing at the modern format of the Diamond League. Before I show you the battle, let us learn more about this ruleset.


Fire and Regret.png

Fire & Regret

Rule Set Icon
Fire & Regret
All monsters have the return fire.png Return Fire ability.
return fire.png Return Fire will return reduced damage back to their attacker.
Damage returned is equal to damage of attacker. divided by 2, rounded up.

Basically, for this ruleset, the easiest strategy is to avoid using range monsters in battle which would end you up with either magic and range or a combination of both for your main damage but this also means that your attacks can also be easily countered with one attack type out of the picture.

Fire and Regret.png

Revealing Battle Conditions and Team Lineup




03- Modern Diamond.png
Diamond League
Modern Format
47 Mana Cap
Available Elements: 3-Earth.png Earth, 5-Life.png Life

All Monsters have the scattershot.png Scattershot ability.

Reverse Speed
Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
Fire & Regret
All monsters have the return fire.png Return Fire ability.

Opponent's Line- up


My Team


This battle has a 47 mana cap to use for cards where the active ruleset were Aimless, Reverse Speed and the featured ruleset for this week which was Fire and Regret. With this in consideration, my lineup was consist of:

Summoner: Immortalis - Reduces the health of all opponent monsters by -1 as well as give all ally monsters with Void and Shatter ability, reducing the damage from magic attacks and breaks the armor of the target.

  • 1st Position: Mycelic Infantry - A good tanks for Reverse Speed Battles which has Shield to reduce damage from melee and range attacks and has Enrage which will increase its health when its health was reduced. It also has Giant Killer that can deal twice the damage on targets which has 10 or more mana.

  • 2nd Position: Queen Mycelia It has Protect which increases the armor of all ally monsters by +2 while removes the armor of enemy monsters by the same amount with Rust. It has the ability to heal backline monsters with Triage and can increase the output of reflected attacks by +1 with Amplify.

  • 33d Position: Goblin Psychic - With Tank Heal, it can restore the health of the monster in front position while preventing its target from using heal with Affliction. It also has Silence which reduces magic damage and Dispel that removes the buffs of its target.

  • 4th Position: Magi of Chaos - Has the ability to inflict double the damage on monsters with no attack using Oppress.

  • 5th Position: Runi- With Opportunity, it will attack the monster with the lowest health which will not miss since it had True Aim and it was also immune to reflected damage since it has Reflection Shield. When it was defeated, it can also self- resurrect once with the help of Rebirth ability.

  • 6th Position: Mycelic Slipspawn - It has Taunt which forces abled monsters to attack only this card and Slow which reduces the speed of all opponent monsters. It also has Forcefield which converts any damage inflicted to it that is 5 or more into 1.

Fire and Regret.png

Revealing the Battle


1-13/30- Pre- battle Phase: Application of ability buffs and de- buffs by both teams.

Round 1:


14-15/30 Both Mycelic Infantry attacks each other, resulting for both of their armor to me used up..

16-19/30 Runi defeats Queen Mycelia, resulting for the armor of my team to return to normal.

20/30 Goblin Pyschic inflicts Affliction on the opponent Goblin Psychic, preventing it to be healed.

21-23/30 The opponent Goblin Psychic removes the armor of magi of Chaos.

24-25/30 Magi of Chaos deals 2 damage on my Mycelic Infantry and removes its armor with Shatter.

27/30 My Magi of Chaos deals 2 damage on Venari Scout.

28-29/30 Venari Scout and Uraeus deals 3 damage to Mycelic Slipspawn

30/30 Mycelic Slipspawn deals 1 damage on Venari Scout.

Round 2:


1/15 Mycelic Infantry deals 3 damage on my Mycelic Infantry.

2-3/15 Runi defeats Venari Scout.

4-7/15 Goblin Psychic removes the armor of Runi and inflicted Affliction on it.

8/15 Goblin Psychic restores the health of Mycelic Infantry.

9-11/15 Magi of Chaos deals 2 damage on Mycelic Slipspawn but 3 of its health was restored by the Triage of Queen Mycelia.

12/15 My Mycelic Infantry deals 4 damage to the opponent.

13/15 My Magi of Chaos deals 2 damage on Goblin Psychic.

14/15 Uraeus deals 3 damage on Mycelic Slipspawn and afflicted it with Poison.

4-7/15 Mycelic Slipspawn deals 1 damage on Magi of Chaos.

Round 3:


1/15 Mycelic Slipspawn lost 2 health due to Poison.

2-3/15 Runi defeats Uraeus.

4-6/15 Goblin Psychic heals Mycelic Infantry while inflicting Affliction on my Mycelic Infantry.

7/15 My Goblin Psychic inflicts Affliction on Magi of Chaos.

8-9/15 Magi of Chaos deals 2 damage on Queen Mycelia and removes its armor with Shatter.

10-11/15 Queen Mycelia restores the health of Mycelic Infantry.

12-13/15 Both Mycelic Infantry deals 4 damage on each other

14-15/15 My Magi of Chaos and Mycelic Slipspawn deals 3 damage on Goblin Psychic.

Round 4 and 5:


1/12 Mycelic Slipspawn lost 2 health due to Poison.

2-5/12 Runi defeats Goblin Psychic.

6-8/12 Magi of Chaos deals 2 damage on Mycelic Slipspawn but was restored by Queen Mycelia.

9-10/12 My Mycelic Infantry defeats Mycelic Infantry.

11-12/12 Magi of Chaos and Mycelic Infantry deals 4 damage on Magi of Chaos


And finally, at round 5 after Mycelic Slipspawn lost 2 health due to Poison, Runi unleashes its final attack against Magi of Chaos which have ended the battle in my victory.

Fire and Regret.png

Battle Recap

Here is a replay of the battle which at you can watch at Splinterlands.

Fire and Regret.png

Did My Strategy Work?

Since the Fire and Regret ruleset makes it disadvantageous to use range monsters, I have build my lineup with the combination of magic and melee monsters instead but also take in consideration that my opponent will do the same, I have make sure to use a lineup which could at least reduce the damage from both of those attack type. The opponent clearly thinks the same but what really close the match for me was using Runi which have ended up defeating 5 of the opponent monsters.

That was it for this post. Thank you and see you at the next one.

Fire and Regret.png

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