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Hello there! @saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday!

This will be my entry for this weeks Battle Mage Secrets with the featured ruleset Fog Of War. This is a ruleset where monsters lose the Sneak, Snipe and Opportunity abilities.

The Battle that I will show to you this week was from @bltzr-wizard-726 which is the scholar account I'm playing from Balthazar Guild in partnership with Side Door Ventures and was currently playing on Diamond League of the Modern format but before I reveal the battle, let us learn more about this ruleset.


Fog of War_div.png

Fog of War

Rule Set Icon
Fog of War
Monsters lose the sneak.png Sneak, snipe.png Snipe and opportunity.png Opportunity abilities.

This rules makes it like monsters have the Camouflage ability which makes the first position monster the only monster targetable, with the exception of monsters with Taunt ability which forces abled monsters to attack that card or Scattershot ability which targets random enemies each turn. A good tank and a balanced line up of Magic and Ranged monsters is the trick to win in this ruleset.

Fog of War_div.png

Revealing Battle Conditions and Team Lineup




03- Modern Diamond.png
Diamond League
Modern Format
33 Mana Cap
Available Elements: 01- fire.png Fire, 4-Death.png Death, 3-Earth.png Earth
Born Again.png
Born Again
All monsters have the Rebirth ability.
Shades of Grey.png
Shades Of Gray
Only neutral units may be used in battle.
Fog of War
Monsters lose the sneak.png Sneak, snipe.png Snipe and opportunity.png Opportunity abilities.

Opponent's Line- up


My Team


This battle has a 33 mana cap to use for cards where the active rulesets were Born Again, Shades of Gray and the featured ruleset for this week which was Fog of War. With this in consideration, my lineup was consist of:

Summoner: Obsidian - This is a 4 mana summoner gives +1 magic on all monsters.

  • 1st Position: Xenith Monk - Has Heal ability which allows this card to sustain the damage it receives. It also comes with Void which reduces magic damage and Magic Reflect to return a portion of the magic damage to the attacker.

  • 2nd Position: Scavo Technomancer Although not max level, this car has the Blast ability which deals damage on the monster adjacent to the target.

  • 33d Position: Magi of Chaos - Deals the most magic damage and has the Oppress ability which deals double damage on monsters with no damage.

  • 4th Position: Spirit Hoarder - This monster has Triage which allows it to heal backline monster that has received some damage and has Blind which gives +15% evasion chance on all ally monsters. Also, when this card attacks a monster, it will remove the buffs of that monster with Dispel.

  • 5th Position: Venari Spellsmith - Another magic monster that has the Dispel ability along with Amplify which increases the damage from reflected attacks and when this card was defeated, it will deal 1 damage on all the opponent monsters with its Redemption ability.

  • 6th Position: Supply Runner - Has the Swiftness ability which increases the speed of all ally monsters by +1 while Strengthen will increase the health of all ally monsters by +1.

Fog of War_div.png

Revealing the Battle


1-9/28- Pre- battle Phase: Application of ability buffs and de- buffs by both teams.

Round 1:


10-11/28 Supply Runner deals 3 damage to Xenith Monk.

12-16/28 My Supply Runner together with Xenith Monk and Venari Spellsmith removes the armor and deals 5 damage to Venari Marksrat.

17/28 Mantaroth restores the armor of Venari Marksrat.

18-26/28 Magi of Chaos defeats Venari Marksrat which then rivived due to Rebirth but once again was defeated by Spirit Hoarder resulting for its Martyr to activate twice and gives +2 on all of Mantaroth Stats.

27-28/28 Scavo Technomancer deals 2 damage on Mantaroth.

Round 2:


1-2/17 Supply Runner and Xenith Archer deals 5 damage on Xenith Monk.

3/17 My Supply Runner deals 3 armor damage on Mantaroth.

4-13/17 Mantaroth defeats Xenith Monk twice and Scavo Technomancer once but uses Rebirth with 1 health remaining.

14-17/17 Venari Spellsmith deals 2 damage on Mantaroth and Dispel the stats it gains from Martyr followed by another 8 damage from Magi of Chaos and Spirit Hoarder.

Round 3:


1-2/12 Xenith Archer defeats Scavo Technomancer.

3-9/12 Venari Spellsmith defeats Mantaroth and defeated again by Magi of Chaos when it uses Rebirth.

10/12 Runi deals 4 damage on Magi of Chaos.

11-12/12 Spirit Hoarder deals 3 damage to Runi and Dispel its buffs.

Round 4:


1-4/9 Supply Runner and Xenith Archer defeats Magi of Chaos but uses Rebirth to get back on play.

5-9/9 Venari Spellsmith and Spirit Hoarder defeats Runi but uses Rebith to get back on play.

Round 5:


1-2/8 Supply Runner defeats Magi of Chaos.

3/8 Xenith Archer deals 2 damage on Spirit Hoarder.

3/8 Supply Runner and Venari Spellsmith defeats Runi.

3/8 Spirit Hoaeder deals 2 damage on Xenith Archer and Dispel its buffs.

Round 6:


1-5/7 Supply Runner defeats Spirit Hoarder but uses Rebirth to get back to the game.

6-7/7 Venari Spellsmith deals 3 damage on Xenith Archer.

Round 7-10:


1-3/8 Supply Runner defeats Spirit Hoarder.

4-8/8 In retaliation, my Supply Runner defeats Xenith Archer and defeated once again by Venari Spellsmith.


Since the only monsters that was left on the opponent side was Supply Runner which is a range monster, it does not have any means of attacking so following round 7, my Supply Runner and Venari Spellsmith has one- sidedly dealing damage on the opponent and at round 10, it has finally been defeated.

Fog of War_div.png

Battle Recap

Here is a replay of the battle which at you can watch at Splinterlands.

Fog of War_div.png

Did My Strategy Work?

When under the Fog of War ruleset, avoid using monsters that have no means of attacking the tank monster, specially the melee once and instead choose range or magic units in your team like on this battle where 5/6 of my team composed of range and magic card. My slight mistake on this battle was that I have placed Venari Spellsmith on the back. Have I placed it in second or third position, I will be able to capitalize on its Redemption from every time that it was defeated, and might increase the monsters on my team that have survived this battle but either way, I still have won this battle.

That was it for this post. Thank you and see you at the next one.

Fog of War_div.png

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