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Hello there! @saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday!

This will be my entry for this weeks Battle Mage Secrets with the featured ruleset Fab Four. This is a new ruleset that limits the use of monsters to up to four monsters.

The Battle that I will show to you this week was from @bltzr-wizard-726 which is the scholar account I'm playing from Balthazar Guild in partnership with Side Door Ventures and was currently playing on Diamond League of the Modern format but before I reveal the battle, let us learn more about this ruleset.


Fab Four.png

Fab Four

Rule Set Icon
Fab Four
Up to Four Units can be used in battle.

Basically, this is just like the Standard ruleset but with 2 less cards to use regardless of the mana available so even when there is 99 mana cap, the number of cards that can be used was still capped at four.

Fab Four.png

Revealing Battle Conditions and Team Lineup




03- Modern Diamond.png
Diamond League
Modern Format
26 Mana Cap
Available Elements: 4-Death.png Death, 02-Water.png Water, 5-Life.png Life
Melee Mayhem
00-melee.png Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position.

Opponent's Line- up


My Team


This battle has a 26 mana limit to use for cards where the active ruleset were Melee Mayhem and the featured ruleset for this week which was Fab Four. With this in consideration, my lineup was consist of:

Summoner: Grandmaster Rathe - Gives +1 armor on all ally monster together with Void Armor which makes magic attack unable to get through armor and Amplify which increases reflected damage by +1.

  • 1st Position: Dumacke Orc - Has the Shield ability which reduces the damage from melee and range attacks together with Retaliate which allows it to attack when it was attack by melee monster while Thorns would inflict -2 damage on melee monsters that will attack this card.

  • 2nd Position: Blinding Reflector With Magic Reflect, it can return magic damage back to the attacker and it gives 15% chance for opponents to miss their attack with Blind.

  • 33d Position: Jared Scar - It has True Strike which makes its attacks not to miss its target and Piercing which makes its attack to deal the excess damage from the targets armor to its health. What's more is that when it defeats its target, all of its stats will gain +1 increase because of its Bloodlust ability.

  • 4th Position: Venari Crystalsmith - It has the Tank Heal ability which allows it to restore the health of the monster in the first position and with Dispel it removes the buffs of its target.

Fab Four.png

Revealing the Battle


1-7/19- Pre- battle Phase: Application of ability buffs and de- buffs by both teams.

Round 1:


8-14/19 Right off the bat, Kulu Swimhunter, Merdhampir and See Dog of Eight has dealt 6 armor damage to Dumcke Orc, reducing its armor to 3 but it also Retaliates, removing the armor of See Dog of Eight.

15-17/19 Venari Crystalsmith, Blinding Reflector and Jared Scar comes back and remove the armor as well as deal 3 damage on Grimbardum Smith.

18-19/19 Grimbardum Smith tries to Repair its armor but it was attacked by Dumacke Orc hence, losing its armor again.

Round 2:


1-8/13 Just like the first round, Kulu Swimhunter, Merdhamphir and Sea Dog of Eight attacks Dumacke Orc though, Kulu Swimhunter misses its attack, resulting for only 3 armor damage. Dumacke Orc also Retaliate once again and deal 4 damage on Sea Dog of Eight.

9-11/13 Venari Crystalsmith, Blinding Reflector and Jared Scar attack just like the first round which has left Grimbardum Smith with 1 health.

12-13/13 Grimbardum Smith tries to Repair its armor but it was attacked by Dumacke Orc hence, losing its armor again.

Round 3:


1-2/12 Kulu Swimhunter defeats Dumacke Orc.

3-7/12 Merdhampir and See Dog of Eight removes the armor of Blinding Reflector which also got its health reduced by the Life Leech of Merdhampir.

8-9/12 Venari Crystalsmith defeats Grimbardum Smith.

10-12/12 Jared Scar deals 7 damage on Seadog of Eight but its armor got reduced by Corrosive Ward.

Round 4:


1-6/13 Kulu Swimhunter and Merdhampir depeats Blinding Reflector.

7-8/13 Sea Dog of Eight Heal itself and removes the armor of Jared Scar.

9-13/13 Venari Crystalsmith and Jared Scar defeats Sea Dog of Eight which activates the Bloodlust Jared Scar, increasing its stats aside from the armor it lost from Corrosive Ward.

5-10/10 My Venator Kinjo finishes Venator Kinjo and with it comes the end of the battle in my victory.

Round 5:


1/4 Kulu Swimhunter deals 4 damage on Jared Scar.

2-3/4 Venari Crystalsmith heals Jared Scar and removes the armor of Merdhampir.

4/4 Jared Scar deals 8 damage to Merdhampir.

Round 6:


1/7 Kulu Swimhunter deals 4 damage on Jared Scar.

3-4/7 Venari Crystalsmith heals Jared Scar and defeats Merdhampir.

4/4 Jared Scar defeats Kulu Mastermind, gaining another stat boost from Bloodlust and also ending the battle in my win.

Fab Four.png

Battle Recap

Here is a replay of the battle which at you can watch at Splinterlands.

Fab Four.png

Did My Strategy Work?

Since the Fav Four ruleset basically just reduce the number of monsters that can be used in battle to 4, the result of the battle pretty much relies on who reads the opponents better but also the one who can use his mana the most also got the more advantage to this battle.

That was it for this post. Thank you and see you at the next one.

Fab Four.png

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always nice to see a grim smith team lose lol

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