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Hi! @saydie here playing Splinterlands everyday!

Splinterlands is an Auto- Battler card game so for each of the battle we played, the results of the battle was already determined even before the battle as long as both parties have send thier card lineup. Few exception was the Summoner Tactics where you can choose what ability to give before the battle but for the most part of the game, the strategy takes place when building the lineup based on the available mana- cap, elements and ruleset with some considerations for the previous match of the opponent to get an idea of what deck they have and what lineup they usually play. It's a matter of who will have a better read of what his opponent will play but sometimes, even though you have the idea of the what cards the opponent will play, you already accepted in you that you will lose the battle since the opponent have a stronger deck he can play compared to you unless some kind of miracle happen that allows you to win a match and that was the case for this battle in this post. So let us take a look on this battle to see how it goes.


Into the Battle and Ruleset


Mana- cap and Available Elements

03- Modern Diamond.png
Diamond League
Modern Format
48 Mana Cap
Available Elements: 5-Life.png Life, 3-Earth.png Earth, 6-Dragon.png Dragon

This battle was between @bltzr-wizard-726 which is a scholar account that I'm playing in Diamond league from from Balthazar Guild in partnership with Side Door Ventures against @ bravetofu which one of the best players in the game though even he can't do anything to the whims of the RNG Goddess as we played on this 48- mana battle with Life, Earth and Dragon as the only available elements.

Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.
Lost Magic
Monsters with 00-magic.png Magic attack may not be used in battle.
Born Again.png
Born Again
All monsters have the Rebirth ability.

When it comes to the ruleset, there was Eartquake which deals damage on monsters without Flying ability and Lost Magic which bans the use of magic in battles but monsters gains the Rebirth ability with Born Again. With this in consideration, I choose the following cards.

With no magic monsters, the opponent would likely go with range monsters and by using this summoner, it will not only reduce the speed of the opponent but also their range by -1.
Melee monster that attacks this card will received damage due to Thorns and when this card received damage, its speed and damage will increase with Enrage. It also has True Strike which makes its attack to never miss.
With Reach, it can attack on the second position despite being a melee card and it can attack twice per turn using Double Strike. It also have shield which reduces the damage it recieves including the damage it gets from Earthquake.
Being only at bronze level, it cannot use its full capabilities but it at least have the Flying that aside from giving it 25% chance to evade melee and range attacks, it also makes it immune to Earthquake and at the same time, it also have Snipe which targets the closest non- melee monster to the first position.
This monster was more of a sacrificial monster with its Martyr ability that will increase the stats of the monster adjacent into it but at the same time, it also have Snare which will remove the Flying ability of its target and shatter that will remove its armor.
Another monster with Flying ability but aside from that, it can also attack twice per turn by having the Double Strike ability.
Another card with Flying and Shatter but also got Demoralize which reduces the melee damage of all the opponent monsters as long as it remains in battle.


Into The Battle


Pre- battle Phase: Application of ability buffs and de- buffs by both teams

Round 1:


  • During round 1, my team got a good start because although the opponents monster have a lot of armor, I got 2 monsters with Shatter ability which can remove its armor like its nothing so we were able to defeat Silverblade Fighter twice and exhausted its Rebirth ability but it was able to survive round 1 with Commander Goff using Resurrect on it.

  • On the opponent side, they did defeat Djinn Chwala once which makes my team on an even position to Silverblade Fighter but they also reduces the armor of Carnage Titan through Mantaroth's Blast which gives the opponent an advantage.

Round 2:


  • With round 2, monsters with no Flying ability recieves damage either to their health or armor which resulted for Djinn Chwala became armorless which makes easy for General Goff to defeat it while the rest of the opponent team has managed to defeat Carnage Titan once by Mantaroth and damaging Runic Skyclaw with Blast.

  • On my side, we were also able to defeat Silverblade Fighter which reduces the armor that the opponent team has with its Protect now being inactive. We also were able to reduce the armor of Mantaroth with the double Shatter, reducing the damage it can deal with Armored Strike.

Round 3:


  • Once again, Earthquake damage strikes which resulted for Venari Marksrat to be defeated and gives both Runic Skyclaw and Pelacor Arbalest a stat boost with Martyr which allows them to have bigger attack and faster which allows us to inflict damage to Mantaroth more effectively.

  • On the opponent side, Earthquake has reduced the armor of Scavo Hireling and Zariel to zero but they mostly remain undamaged and with the opponent team attacking, they finally defeated Carnage Titan with Mantaroth who also beats Venari Marksrat with Blast as it attacks Runic Skyclaw who now only have 2 health remaining on it though because of Martyr its stats have increased by 1, gaining 1 more health and armor.

At this point, the situation has become very dire, it was 3 vs 4 where 1 of my monster was close to death and cannot attack while the opponent has a lot of attackers.

Round 4:


  • Since all the remaining monsters on my team have Flying ability, none of them have been damaged by Earthquake and with the increased attack of Pelacor Arbalest, it did a good amount of damage to Mantaroth together with War Pegasus which drives the health of Mantaroth into 2.

  • On the other hand Scavo Hireling and Zariel on the opponent team has began to receive damage on their health with Earthquake but still, its not that alarming as Mantaroth was able to defeat Runic Skyclaw and inflict Blast damage to Pelacor Arbalest. Runic Skyclaw was revived with Rebirth but now it only has 1 health and 3 armor to protect it.

Round 5:

  • On this round, my team has manage to defeat Mantaroth and although it got revive with Rebirth, it cannot attack anymore on this round which becomes very vital since its attack cannot miss with it having True Strike and can easily defeat Runic Skyclaw.

  • On the opponent team, Scavo hireling and Zariel loses health once again due to Earthquake and worst, their attacks on Runic Skyclaw does not hit. It was only Pelacor Conjurer and Commander Goff that was able to hit Runic Skyclaw which now has only 1 health.

Round 6:


  • Going with round 6, we once again defeated Mantaroth which and deal 4 damage to Pelacor Conjurer.

  • Meanwhile, for the opponent team, Scavo Hireling died from Earthquake damage and was only revived from Rebirth. During their attack non of it were able to hit Runic Skyclaw which makes me safe for this round.

Round 7:


  • On round 7, Zariel was defeated due to Earthquake but was revived with Rebirth which as it returns, its Rust should have remove the armor from Runic Skyclaw but it did not (maybe some kind of bug) though it was hit by Scavo Hireling and make it armorless but aside from this, none were able to hit Runic Skyclaw again.

  • My team on the other hand, continues to hit its target which ended up for Pelacor Conjurer to use its rebirth, its Divine Shield and Armor.

Round 8- 11:


This round started with the defeat of Scavo Hireling due to Earthquake which is followed by the defeat of Pelacor Conjurer and Zariel with the attacks of my monster which has left Commander Goff on the opponent side of the field.


And so, with Commander Goff the only remaining monster on the opponent team which is a range monster that doesn't have the ability to attack on the first position, the rounds 9-11 were spent just to one-sidedly attack it with no means of retaliation until it burns out all its health.


And with this comes the end of this miraculous battle which all comes down to the many missed attacks on Runic Skyclaw despite it being an under-leveled monster. In my opinion, the biggest turning point on this battle was when Mantaroth was defeated because it not for that, it will be a sure thing that Runic Skyclaw will die. If you want to watch the replay of this battle you can watch it by clicking this link.

That was it for this post. Thank you and see you at the next one.

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