Exiting Battle of Max-Mana. Battling Against Strong Opponent. Win or Loose?

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Hey Guys.

What’s Up? How are you all holding up?

I hope that you all are well by the grace of Allah.

As promised I'm back again with another post of splinterlands. It's a new entry for this week's share your battle contest. In this post, I'll be sharing one of my ranked battles of splinterlands played with the fire splinter. I'll be discussing the lineup and strategy of this battle in this post. I'll also be sharing each and every detail of the monsters that I've used in this battle. I think I'll be able to explain the whole battle and describe every possibility of it. I hope you'll like it and it'll be enough for anyone to understand the battle strategy.

Now, let's get back to the main topic. And today's battle is quite exciting. Because the enemy was stronger than me if we consider the power of the cards. More details are in the post.

Screenshot (1094).png

Link to My Battle

Thaddius Brood.jpg
I used the THADDIUS BROOD as a summoner. It's a rare death summoner which is a chaos legion card. It has the ability to take away (-1) magic attacking ability and also 1 life.
Screenshot (1095).png

Then I used the BONE GOLEM in the first position. It's a rare death monster which is an untamed card. It has a special ability named void and this is why I used this monster in the first place. I checked the opponent player's battle feed before entering the battle. I saw that he was mostly using earth summoner and also was using magic cards and the voidability helps to reduce the damage to half from magic attacks from the enemy monsters. Also, it was a battle of max mana (99mana) cap. So I guessed that he/she will use magic cards and a summoner that will increase magic attacking ability. That's what helped me to choose the summoner and the first card.

Bone Golem (1).png

Then I used the CURSED WINDEKU in the second place. It's a rare death monster which is a chaos legion card. This monster can't attack from the 2nd position and I used it as a backup. Because in this game there's a lot of possibilities with all those summoners, monsters, abilities, and rulesets. If the enemy had chosen melee attacking monsters instead of the magic attacking monster I may not have had the chance of winning and this is why I used this monster in the 2nd position. It has a special ability named Thorns which is really useful against melee attacks.

Cursed Windeku.jpg

Then I used the SILENT SHA-VI in the third position. It's a common death monster which is a chaos legion card. The main reason for me using this monster is its sneak attacking ability. I used monsters that can hold the frontal attacks and also kill the monsters in the front position. But, as we all know that position doesn't actually matter to magic attacking monsters. They can attack from any position. If all my monsters were focused on attacking the first card then it'd take longer than expected till they were able to attack the monster in the back. And I'd lose the battle, which exactly happened to my opponent. This is why I used this monster with sneak so that I get the enemy from all possible points. You can never tell where you can find the weak spot of a lineup before starting the battle and that is why I like to be ready for any possibilities.

Silent Sha-vi.jpg

Then I used the VENARI BONESMITH in the 4th position. It's a rare death monster which is a reward card. I use this monster mainly in my battles because of its life leech ability. This ability helps this monster to gain +1 life every time it attacks an enemy monster. And this is why I use it in the middle of my lineup and that's how it gets and a huge amount of life that makes it strong to hold the 1st position and also sometimes helps to win the battle.

Venari Bonesmith (1).jpg

Then I used the DHAMPIR STALKER in the 5th position. It's a rare death unit monster which is a chaos legion card. I used this monster because of its strong ranged attacking ability including its true strike ability. Because of this special ability, this monster doesn't miss any attacks.

Dhampir Stalker.jpg

Then in the end I used the MANTOID. It's a common neutral monster which is an untamed card. It has a special ability named the snipe ability. And this is why I used this monster in my lineup when I could use any other monsters which would cost me the same amount of mana or I could use something more powerful no matter how much mana that would cost me. The mana wasn't of any matter here, because the battle was with max mana. With this snipe ability, the monster can take down the ranged and magic attacking monsters first. And as the enemy was using only ranged and magic attacking monsters. This was a perfect chance for me. Also, I had my cards already set for defending or attacking the enemy from the rare and also the frontline. All I needed is something that could tear down the middle side of the enemy's lineup. And that was where comes my Mantoid. You'll see all these explanations coming true in the battle. Click on the link to my battle and watch it.


It was all about my lineup and also about the reasons to put each card in its position including the abilities of the cards.


In this battle my strategy was to hold the attacks using the BONE GOLEM and the CURSED WINDEKU by the time my sneak and snipe attacking monsters will kill the opponent's monsters. My strategy worked and I won the battle.

Screenshot (1101).png

The best thing was, the first monster of the enemy was really strong but the specialty of that monster was an ability named VOID. It's a good defending ability against magic attacks. But as you can see that I didn't use any magic cards but one and that ability was of no use. Where the VOID ability of my first monster came really handy because most of the cards of the enemy were magic attacking monsters.

Screenshot (1096).png

Screenshot (1097).png

Screenshot (1098).png

Screenshot (1099).png

The Final Blow.

Screenshot (1100).png

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I really hope that you enjoyed reading my post and also enjoyed my battle. And as always it felt good to share my opinion about something with everyone. I'll be back among you all soon with another battle of mine to share it. So, stay tuned guys.
See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay healthy. Take care. Also, stay at home and use a mask whenever you go outside. Because the second wave of covid-19 has started already and it's going to be more dangerous than ever. Good Bye.

Thank you for your precious time and afford to read my post.



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