The new Splinterlands rewards cards are very powerful at Gold level

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Continuing on the theme of new Reward cards. Here are 3 more of the new Rewards cards that are very affordable and super powerful!

Here is an example of an equalizer rules where I chose a team that doesn't have any magic protection and it went up against a full magic team with 9 magic damage every round and yet it wasn't even close!

Please see the battle here: Battle using new rewards cards

The new rewards cards used are:
Exploding rats: level 6 ($15)
Twilight Basilisk: level 6 ($17)
Naga Assassin: level 6 ($24)
Old cards used on my side:
Beetle Queen: level 5 ($50)
Pyromancer: level 5 ($160)
Ant Miners: Gold level 4 ($14) didn't really get a chance to participate :)

The opposing team:
Black Dragon: level 2 ($269)
Spirit Miner: level 2 ($270)
Phantom Soldier: level 2 ($64)

As you can see the new rewards cards did most of the work and are super inexpensive compared to the older cards. At these prices I am considering maxing out the new reward cards beyong my summoner levels as I believe these will appreciate in the future and currently present an amazing value compared to the old cards. What are your thougts?


Hey Seattlea, I like where your head is at, plus you upgrade your monsters when they're cheap and then later youll do the summoners and soon your whole team with be upgraded.

I like these monsters a lot, and they are only getting cheaper, for now. Eventually they will turn the corner and prices will start climbing. Im sure of that, particularly for some of the more serious contenders such as exploding rats and Naga assasin.

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