My Entry for this Week's "Share Your Battle Challenge" - PELACOR ARBALEST

in Splinterlands2 years ago

Beautiful Sunday Everyone 👋

I'm here again and again haha to submit my entry for this week's share your battle challenge 😁

Pelacor Arbalest, a reliable marksman from the Light Splinter

My Battle

A low mana cap battle where using Pelacor Arbalest is delicate
Battle Link



A standard ruleset, my favorite hahaha , well being not constricted by any rules is sweet.

Anyway the rules are standard with all elements free to use and a mana cap of 17

My Lineup

A 5 monsters team with General Sloan as a summoner.

IMG_20220918_145258.jpgwho could pair with such a heavy damage dealer but the summoner from the Chaos edition General Sloan. This summoner is what I think the best pairing for Pelacor Arbalest since it gives +1 range damage
IMG_20220918_145520.jpgfor my tank I used Pelacor Conjurer who can fly and has the speed necessary to evade attacks and his life points are not that bad too.
IMG_20220918_145548.jpgnext to him is Gargoya Scrapper as the second line of defense, it might counter magic damage from the opponents because of its skill and also because it is cheap for only 1 mana
IMG_20220918_145613.jpgSilvershield Archers which will have their attack increased by General Sloan which make it a good monster for the lineup
IMG_20220918_145633.jpgNow is Pelacor Arbalest which is my main source of damage,on the 4th position away from sneak attacks, opportunity since it has higher life than two of my monsters, away from snipe too as what I learn from battles I forgot how many haha
IMG_20220918_145801.jpgHerbalist on the last position so if there is a sneak monster or one with opportunity skill from the opponent, Pelacor Arbalest which is the main source of damage will not say goodbye early

Battle Results

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 🤣

With my opponents line up and past battles I knew that I'm against a bot, that's also why I win, because I easily countered it with a much better lineup.

My strategy is much better than my opponent, well because I think strategy of bots are easy to counter when you have the idea how to defeat them. Well if I assumed the wrong thing please forgive me mate.

Do I like Pelacor Arbalest? Yes I like Pelacor Arbalest ,I think it is the best monster that has Double Strike skill, even more when it is paired with General Sloan.

And that will be everything, thank you so much for reading everyone, please share your thoughts about my strategy please tell me😁

Thank you, Bye 👋


Yay! 🤗
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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

awesome strategic lineup with life cards!

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