Splinterlands Treasure Hunt #70

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Welcome to the Splinterlands Treasure Hunt!
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It's not just another regular giveaway. This is a mini-game in which you will have to put in some effort to have a chance at winning a prize. You will have to complete some tasks, big or small, to find a secret code or solution. Each task will be different, so please read the rules carefully! Sometimes you will need to use external websites to find a password, code, or clue to the next step. Creativity may also come in handy. Let's play!

The winner of the hunt #69

The answer was: Nomos

PlayerAdditional chancesChance

The winner is @ladymisa! Congratulations!


Hunt #70


Another season is almost over.
Try to guess how many cards I will get from probably 3 or 4 golden chests.
Yes, I was lazy to play recently...



Rules of the game:

  • Each correct answer in every hunting edition adds 1 additional chance for the player to win the prize
  • The winner's chances will be reset to zero
  • Individuals who violate the rules, good manners, or spoil the fun of the game will be banned from participating in future contests
  • Deadline for answers is until the next hunt (usually 2-3 days)
PlayerAdditional chances

  • As I do the hunts for fun, not for rewards, all liquid rewards from posts payouts will go into the prize pool.
  • Everytime prize pool will reach value of 3 HBD, there will be a draw in which Rebellion Pack will be awarded to the winner
  • Each correct answer in Rebellion hunting edition adds 1 additional chance for the player.

Current prize pool: 1.755 HBD

PlayerAdditional chances

(c) Sentipl

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My guess is 0.

add me pls @ladymisa :) 3 cards

Count me in please!
My username is @ebastion
Good luck everyone! 😁

count me in




My guess is 2

Count me in my ign : @rtonline
Good luck to you all.

count me in

Thanks for the chance!



I want you to take me into account

my nickname is @alfrin

4 cards

I think you will get 0 Cards 😄

3 cards this time. GL have fun with the EOS opening.

Count me in!
ign: @pero82

I'm gonna guess 3