I bought my 1st piece of land, this is how.

in Splinterlandslast month

Today I was able to purchase my first piece of land which I did not expect to happen at all. I held at the time 58K DEC in my account and as I was listening to the AMA this morning on discord I said I'm going to take the chance and convert all of it to SPS in case the price increases after the AMA. Well the price went up almost .10 which left me with $380 in sps which I converted to HIVE and bought a piece of land for 681 Hive at the time.


I am super excited for the free $70-80 bucks I got from just simply buying a few minutes earlier before everyone else and seeing the price shoot up right after. It let me get a piece of land that is very rare in the game. I say more rare than the Chaos Legion presale event going on. So I'm looking to the future and happy to be part of the land club now :D

#spt #splinterlands #leofinance


I thought the land plots were sold out. Where did you make this purchase?

Hive-Engine has an open market for them

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