Splinterlands Art Contest Week 161- A Haunted Glitch

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Hey guys! It's shadow346 again. I am the guild master of Illusions of the Grave on Splinterlands. The Haunted Glitch is my entry for the Splinterlands art contest (week 161). I wanted to get a bit spooky for Halloween! My last entry was the Water Elemental (pictured below) and I am super proud of it! The post for last week pays out in a few hours if you still want to throw in a like. I'm not complaining if you do! LOL

Here is the link if you want to check out the original post for last week: https://hive.blog/hive-13323/@shadow346/art-contest-week-160-water-elemental

Water Elemental from Last Week:

Today, I am submitting my version of the haunted spirit. I was hesitant to do the haunted spirit because I figured it had been done a million times before. But I LOVE the haunted spirit and the character goes really well with the art style from last time. I just made a few tweaks here and there! Do you guys like the finished piece? Look closely to see if you can see the extra outline. I love the 3D effect!

The Process

I used the Ibispaint app to make the drawing. Just like last time, I used the watercolor (edge 2) brush to draw the body. Then I added the blue energy lines. Do you see how plain the lines are now? We are going to fix that later!

When the body was finished, I switched to the neon 1 brush. I used the neon 1 brush to go over the blue energy lines. I also went over the body with the neon 1 brush to emphasize the glow effect. Incidentally, that also created a pretty purple outline around the body where the colors were pushed off the drawing due to the brush used.

I love to use textures and filters to finish my art work. Everything is free to use on Ibispaint as long as you watch an ad every 18 hours. Not a bad price to pay! I used the Chromatic Abberation (moving) filter in order to create a white outline around the body. Now is where you will probably think that I'm weird. I know that the haunted spirit is obviously a spirit. But for some reason, he also reminds me of a glitch in a video game or maybe a spooky ghost that haunts technology Lol! I used the glitch filter to let you guys see him how I see him.

The effect was amazing but it wasn't finished for me. I saved the effect and went in to add it again. This doubled the glitch effect to make it more dramatic. For the last touches, I went back in with the neon color 1 to add more lines for effect.

I hope you guys liked it! I will be participating in future contests so be sure to subscribe if you want to see! Thanks for reading :)