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wow bhai badhiya likhte ho aap. Aur aapko epic gold mila he uske liye congrats... 😃

Thanks, brother! epic gold wo bi 10k power k sath. kbhi socha bhi nhi tha asa koi NFT bhi mily ga mujha. Pichly 6 months ki mehnat or investment sy many 5k power jama ki means NFTs and aj ek hi jhatkey mein 10k power wala single NFT mill gya, aj to mera lucky day hai "luckyali".

wah yaar you are a luckier person than me. Mujhe bhi ek sath do legendary gold mile the 10-15 din pehle 25k cp total..

lage raho bhai

Legendary Gold wow! Apki to kya hi bat ha, Ap to legend ho bhai.

Inshallah and ap bhi:)

na yaar we are learners 🙌 no one is legend 😅

Shiekhnouman, appologize for a mistake happened from my end.

When last time I updated list of Pakistani users, I misspelled your name to "shieknouman" instead of "shiekhnouman"

In short, one missing "h" became the cause of your content not reaching to curators who look after Pakistani users (Hivepakistan discord curators).

It's good that I cross check and analyse progress of Pakistani monthly.

You can utilise this bot to see other Pakistani content creators by visiting this channel. Also, alot of people joined along u. When we first hit, 100+ real Pakistani hive exclusive users. Please, help me in discord if someone else is missing in the list.


Apologies accepted:D

TBH, I was super busy for the past few months due to the "Wedding Season". I was rarely getting time to post or check anything else but now I am free till the mid of Ramzan so will try my best to keep engaging with all especially the Pakistani fellows.

Was it your wedding? xD I doubt that...

Your lack of engagement might be the reason that I missed you. Although I kept curating you when loggin in to account, just not directly added to bot. So, you were not 100% forgotten

I'm not so lucky yet but hopefully next winter I won't be alone:D

"The Wedding Season", I am a sherwani designer that was the reason for being busy but Thanks for keeping in touch @dlmmqb.

Ok, I will try to remember this little detail about you.

To Save Your Time:)

This is Shiekh Nouman and I am writing this post from Pakistan. I am 26 years old but still single :D. I completed my studies in 2015 and joined my family's business as a salesman. After spending 7 years in our business today I am able to call myself a Fashion Designer because I am designing clothes for the Grooms for their weddings (Sherwanis Pakistani Tradition).


@shiekhnouman did you know Hivepakistan phase 10 have something to do with promoting local businesses of Pakistan?

Hayeeee. The project is too big in vision, I just wish that we can stay strong through all the difficult times. Dan's 28k hp delegation to hivepakistan really encouraged our spirit and vision.

And Yeah, Thanks for visiting me Buddy:)

great achievement , you got really big nft card that increased 10k power, i have dream that i got like this big power holder card, so nice post, you have written nice post, and also very much informative, many many congratulation on this reward

Thanks, dear mate, Hope you will get legendary gold NFT with 100k power:)

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I've participated in this contest once but I didn't know it was a daily Twitter show. Just made another entry, hope you have got the notification on Twitter.
Thanks for a cool opportunity and the Upvote:)

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

OMG, congratz on getting the GF quora!

Damn, I have Quora, not the GF:(
Thanks for the congratulating @mango-juice


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