Participate in Splinterlands Splinterlands Art Contest/ Social Media Challenge : Character name----LYANNA NATURA

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Hello guys,
How are you all? I hope everyone is fine. I am also fine. Every week I am participate the splinterland Social Media Challenge contest. Today I am here to attend this splinterland art contest. Every week I am try to drawing splinterland card various character & posting social media. This is my 1st art post in this week. Today I am drawing splinterland card name: LYANNA NATURA. Looking this card is so beautiful . I am trying my best atr.

About this Card
After the Magi of the Forest, Lyanna is the greatest summoner from Anumün. She has many powers in addition to summoning, including her ability to communicate clearly with animals. She is married to Aggrodius Lightbringer, and they live together in Draykh-Nahka with their two daughters, Kiara and Talia. Lyanna lives a busy and high-profile life, very different from her simple past on the Lyverian countryside.

It's my finished art


Orginal image: Here

Lyanna Natura (1).png

What will be need this art LYANNA NATURA.

  • A4 Paper.
  • Black Gel Pen.
  • Color pen.

I will show this image drawing process step by step:

At first I will draw sketch the image with a black gel pen.


Down arrow.png


Down arrow.png


Down arrow.png


Down arrow.png


next I will add color color of this art.


Down arrow.png


Down arrow.png


Down arrow.png


Down arrow.png


Down arrow.png


My image is color complete


You can participate if you want?
Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 169 // 10 Booster Pack Prize!! Here

Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!! Here

Here's my referral link.

I was trying my best to complete this art

I hope you all support me and encourage me to work, I will always try to give a good blog.

Thanks for visiting my blog


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