Uncle AGGY will make You RICH !!!

It is unclear - 500,000 Dec with vouchers is enough to buy? or do you need a Dec at the rate of $ 500 ?

I think it is 500,000 DEC + 500 VOUCHERS. It is best if the team can provide a confirmation.

I'm afraid that's not the case - and many will lose out on this!

I will try to get more DEC than I intended to. It's better to be safe IMO.

as always - fucked )

I did manage to get mine. It was 500,000 DEC + 500 VOUCHERs. I don't feel great about selling so much of my SPS. I'm betting the purchase will be worth it in the long run. At least DEC has been performing well in the bear market. There might be some good trades to make. At least let's try to be hopeful. You are getting the GLX Airdrop as well; right?

as always - fucked up) - I couldn't connect until everything was sold out - I'm 100% sure we screwed up - it's a scam - it's a finished show and we look like sheep!
@aggroed is a complete con artist - I didn't sleep at night and just wasn't given the opportunity to buy - these are scammers and charlatans

I agreeм👍


as always - fucked )

500,000 DEC with 500 VOUCHERs worked out for me.

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The sale will run from Nov 15 - Nov 22nd.

Don't think it will last even the first few hours, let alone the looooong time you are planning to keep it on sale. 😉😉

I did not last even a minute.. 755 cards sold out in less than 1 minute

taking into consideration all the previous promo this will drive DEC and VOUCHER prices higher today

Crossing fingers!! Hoping to get one!

Let's roll

I'm already getting smashed by Lux Vega. She's a bit expensive to rent, but maybe at the end of the season...

very good card.. good luck for all 😆