Splinterfest 2022!

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Mission Statement and Background

Splinterfest is a celebration of the Splinterlands community—the driving force of the Splinterlands company. This inaugural in-person event was an opportunity for leadership, employees, community members, and members of the public to learn about Splinterlands projects from a behind-the-scenes perspective, have organic in-person discussions, and learn about related Web3 content from sponsors.

Our first-ever Splinterfest was hosted in HyperX arena at Luxor Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. Splinterfest utilized the 30,000 square-foot multi-level arena and production studio for tournaments, panels on current and upcoming projects, our first live audience AMA, VIP rooms and lounge areas, live podcast recording, and our first live esports video cast. The event was recorded for future release, with the esports tournament finals live-streamed on Twitch and Youtube.

General Admissions tickets were sold for $300 on Eventbrite and in-game (for SPS). VIP tickets were sold in-game for $2000 in SPS.

Splinterfest had 321 attendees, which included 40 VIP tickets and over 60 employees.

A description of ticket perks, the Splinterfest schedule and sponsors, and general information can be found at https://splinterfest.com.

Lux Vega

Splinterfest attendees were introduced to the Lux Vega promotional card, a maxed out legendary neutral summoner (and Splinterlands’ first neutral summoner). 1000 promo cards will be sold for a base price of $1000. Each Lux Vega purchased has a 2% chance of being gold foil.

VIP ticket holders receive a reservation to buy a gold foil Lux Vega for $3000 ($2000 off the $5000 base price). For reference, gold foil Waka cards have sold between $4000 and $8000 on the in-game market.

General Admission (GA) ticket holders receive a reservation to buy the regular Lux Vega promo card for $700 ($300 off the $1000 base price).

Splinterfest Schedule

Days 1 and 2 of Splinterfest had the following scheduled activities.


The Splinterlands merch store at merch.splinterlands.com was revealed two days before Splinterfest, featuring an initial collection of items. As one youtube reviewer said about the online shirts, “These t-shirts are sick. They’re cool regardless of whether you know Splinterlands or not.”

On-site merch included Yodin plushies, miniature Dr. Blights, any extra swag (stickers, splinterfest tees, and splinterfest bags). There was also an area for community member Chipmunk to sell his wood burned cards. Physical chaos legion packs were given out in swag bags and as scavenger hunt prizes.

Coliseum of Chaos

The tournament was the only part of Splinterfest officially live-streamed. Based on overwhelming community feedback, the next event will be fully live-streamed.

The Coliseum of Chaos introduced a new tournament mode that gives all players access to all max level cards in a set (restricted to their respective league level).

The tournament stream featured battle replays with commentary by casters Luthien, Bulldog1205, and Aftersound, as well as stage interviews, trivia questions, and featured photos from community member tweets.

Youtube Stream (2.7k views),

The Gold league tournament had 117 participants and the Champion League tournament had 114. Five participants finished in the top 16 of both tournaments.

Schnapoon, who traveled from Japan, finished second in both tournaments. Our youngest top 16 qualifier, GPro, is 13 years old. GodIsLove and ZFORCE, a father and son duo, both made top 16 in the same tournament.

Three employees finished in the top 16 for either tournament.

Note that only employees with paid tickets could place in the tournaments, though all complementary tickets were encouraged to participate in the tournaments for fun.

“Great job, Weird Beard!!!! How do we get you a team and more live tournaments!!!!!”
– Home viewer of tournament stream

Additional Splinterfest Feedback

The attendee feedback in-person and on Youtube, discord, and Twitter was overwhelmingly positive.

The general attendee survey will be emailed after the Lux Vega sale.

“Congrats to Splinterlands on their first IRL event! We definitely hit it out of the ballpark and learned so much about the community, event space, production, preparation, each other, etc. We will step up our game every time!”
– Employee working Splinterfest

“Was so awesome getting to meet everyone! This weekend was beyond a blast and can’t wait for the next Splinterfest as well as seeing all the amazing things we’re going to do together as a team.”
–Employee attending Splinterfest

“Generally speaking, I loved what we saw. I really enjoyed this entire event. I thought it was professional, beautiful, exciting, entertaining, and wonderful. I’m so glad I came. And I hope you’ll see that excitement and you’ll desire to be here when we do this next time. Because it really was that good. It really was that amazing. I look forward to meeting you, shaking your hand, and seeing you at Splinterfest 2023.

–community member attendee, online review,

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Awesome stuff would love to see some more footage etc about the event to get me pumped up for next years!

It was indeed a nice time there. Kudos to the SPlinterlands tem for giving us a review of what happened there.

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Enjoyed the event. I look forward to getting a Lux Vega and seeing how she plays.


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awesome footage, awesome event and awesome people. splinterlands should keep blazing

Nice footage with amazing content
Thank you for sharing