SPS is now available on Crypto.com!

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Hello Splinterfam, we have some exciting news for you today! We're partnering with one of the world's premiere crypto exchanges for listing the Splintershards (SPS) governance token for the Splinterlands community! We know there have been many questions related to this topic over the past several months and we're excited to finally be in a position to share the news with you. This exchange has been exceptional to work with for onboarding and very understanding of our desire to make a longterm mutually beneficial partnership with both of our communities best interests in mind.

We're extremely happy to announce that we've listed with Crypto.com. An SPS:USDT trading pair is now available! We'll also be hosting a huge marketing campaign on their platform to reward users with $500,000 worth of SPS tokens! If you'd like to participate, you should get signed up today and check out all of the other great services that Crypto.com offers. Thanks to the community for your support and please welcome Crypto.com to the Splinterlands family!


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Hahahaha, I wanted to place a decent reply and then read yours... a bit more spot-on 🤣🥇

This will be fun congrats on listing on a big exchange also mumbles ... may be worth getting the CRO card if SPS counts to it free Spotify and netflix

Great News! AWESOME!

This is wonderful update for sps

This information very useful.

Amazing news. We need some of this! Congrats!

Amazing! From here to the moon! 🚀

Excellent news, should help to onboard a lot more new players into the game!

Great move!

Let's bring it....with the price remaining low, it's time to stash more.💪
Oops, low on liquidity 🤣

Good work guys!


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i'm excited about sps going to the moon 😁🚀🚀

I'm srsly confused what the call-to-action is. I'm of course already a Crypto.com user and is there something I should look out for?

Call to action is jump in the air ;) No seriously I think when they say "huge marketing campaign on their platform to reward users" The call to action is: be prepared... And I guess they are doing a supercharger event? Which is pretty sweet and some serious exposure.

Huge steps :)

Great update but this exchange not accepting all country document I can't create account Bangladesh document not accepting felling 😭😭😭

maybe reach out to support and try a manual verification process. good luck.

No is not possible they said crypto.com very big exchange so they can do hehehe.....

These are awesome news. Hoping more big exchanges will follow!

Wow! What fantastic news! With Axie's name dragged through the muck due to the hack Splinterlands is positioned to be the new kind of cryptogaming!

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A masta-Don.

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Once the SPS token gets a listing on Coinbase, Kraken, Binance...

I was confused as how to access and utilize this pairing. Any further explanation on how to view/use this?

Crypto.com is #4 in trading volume for spot exchanges. After all the validaion coming from this listing, getting listed on most other exchanges should become something easier. Congratulations! I'm expecting an eventual $5 SPS for the long term.

Congrats! That's awesome! !pizza party

It is really a good move. Crypto.com has a lot of crypto veterans on their client's books. Splinterlands may surely catch their interest.

Anyone know whether this will be available on the Crypto.com app for people in USA, or is limited to the exchange?

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Excellent news, should help to onboard a lot more new players into the game!