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Is there any transparency about how much he was paid for this partnership? This is the type of move that should be voted on by the governance token. According to his booking website its under $50,000 to work with him but WOW that's still a lot of money. I just looked into his online presence on Facebook, Instagram, his website and he isn't endorsing this deal AT ALL so it basically looks fake right now... His FB is shilling NFTluxe w/ no mention of this project... Can Splinterlands get some legitimate marketing exposure?

Hate to tell you. That's why they said vote on "most" things. You mean to tell me that they lie? Watch AMA it's always the case. They also laughed and asked why people were holding onto voucher because they would have no value all this year. What a surprise! Wake up people. This is not new.

It's a valid request to make sure that the musician himself is officially endorsing the partnership which i guess does mean an official announcement from the musician or his team.

Perhaps Splinterlands requested the ability to break the announcement and his team was waiting and will come out with a statement soon.

Waka will be helping to promote once we do the official announcement blast with the launch of the storefront. We unfortunately had to get this post live to be used in the store so there is a bit of limbo time.

Great to know thanks that's an important and exciting piece

launch? it'll be sold out in 2 mins. what good will that be?

He tweeted about it not long ago.
~~~ embed:1493694418074931208?s=20&t=XHmLUgP_W0VY5YhJgIb-8w twitter metadata:V2FrYUZsb2NrYXx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9XYWthRmxvY2thL3N0YXR1cy8xNDkzNjk0NDE4MDc0OTMxMjA4P3M9MjAmdD1YSG1MVWdQX1cwVlk1WWhKZ0liLTh3fA== ~~~

But why would Splinterlands request them to be quiet until their announcement is done, what benefit would it be to the game not to allow Waka to share the news as early and as lot as he wants?

Maybe they thought them releasing the news first would give them better Search Engine Optimization.

Admittedly, I have been following this news pretty closely since I first heard about it a few days ago. Patiently awaiting some type of verification from the artist on social media. Hopefully, it is a part of the contract and like you have suggested Splinterlands requested the first announcement.

Fair questions. I think it was mentioned one of the team members knows him, maybe this was free or just a handshake deal? I had questions about the international billboards also, the video looked photoshopped and I never got a proper response back.

If it was free then it's totally cool but I am not seeing any promotion from Waka so all it is serving to do so far is boost his online presence. I seem to remember the Splinterlands announcement for us being able to buy our way into having our own promo card. It would be cool to have some more information about this whole situation. A bunch of people from Hive are talking about Waka Flocka and some other artists on several platforms so I really hope it's true but I am not seeing anything from the artists yet.

There are videos of the billboard in the eye candy channel in discord. There were no photoshopped images with those Zipmex announcements.

Who cares, its Splinterlands own money. They payed him to use his image, who cares how much lol. There is no way its fake, becouse they would get sued instantly for millions.

Thats a good point lol Splinterlands isnt decentralized and they can get sued instantly for millions.

Definitely a very easy question that can be answered in 10 seconds by @aggroed & co.
Also would be neat to know if those SPS and vouchers are going to be burned.

To state the obvious, may I suggest a lottery system for this? There's no way there's going to be enough cards to meet demand.

I agree lottery system should be used to give everyone a fair chance.
I remember lands presale. Whole site went crashing down!

We wanted to do a lottery but unfortunately there were gambling legalities that come with the territory (this is Chatter btw). You also have to license by state which is another issue but looking into how we can legally get something done like this next time around.

I, do not a booster pack it can inside with some other stuff. That would be a lottery.

Otherwise we won't stand a chance, bot owners will just get them.

Does anyone know if there is a limit of 1 per account... or could one account essentially buy all of them if they're quick and rich enough?

There are no limits of any kind announced, so theoretically one rich bot owner could buy the lot.

How could there be a limit of 1 per account when it's easy to transfer tokens to another account? They can put a staking requirement or a lottery system assuming there is more demand above 500.
The lottery worked well for land demand.

Well, it didn't work that well, as some got 2 regions in the first pool, when it was cheaper, and also some in the second. Felt the lottery biased.

"Please note that starting with the next daily VOUCHER token drop, the amount of tokens awarded will no longer be limited to a max of 1M staked SPS tokens per account."

I haven't heard of this from anywhere else, seems kind of fishy putting it as a one-liner in the middle of the article. Sounds like something that should be communicated with a little more emphasis.

they know it's a rip-off, a few whale have asserted their greed against the community, so they'd rather try to introduce it inconspicuously on the sly

What will happen to both the 250k vouchers and the 2.5 million SPS?
I guess also good to know about the WAX as well

I'd like to know the answer to the above as well.

Please note that starting with the next daily VOUCHER token drop, the amount of tokens awarded will no longer be limited to a max of 1M staked SPS tokens per account.

What is the reasoning for changing Voucher drop mechanics?

Other than that cool partnership. Hopefully we see more shilling from Waka Flocka in the upcoming weeks.

Can we not make it easier for whales to take the game? Card for $2,000 is fine. But vouchers are for promos and removing the 1m limit only gives them more and normal accounts less. Of course normal accounts will see a small portion removed, this results in many more vouchers for the whale accounts.

Splinterlands will end up being just bots and a handful of whales playing. There has been no growth in the market expenditure as their is no pathway for new players to have a real chance to get past the bots without investing a 4 figure sum or spending 10 years playing the game so they leave the game because no one likes to play a games that don't provide a viable time efficient pathway to growth. The writing on the wall came when Splinterlands pushed card packs to $4 to 'improve value of cards' then dumped 15 million packs on the market to only 100k actually people still playing it. A move like this Waka wouldn't be so bad if there aforementioned was addressed and there was a chance for smaller players to win a random card. I love this game but bots and greed are ruining it. Already I know of at least 6 streamers who no longer stream Splinterlands, one of them has 15k followers. Splinterlands needs to encourage more card burns to deal with the influx of cards or the overall market will tank for everyone including the whales. It's easy to sit there as a whale and say this is great and bots a great but your wealth depends on having underlings pushing the market price to prop you up and if there is no one but your own bots to do that, it's all downhill from there and for many of you, your wont have time to sell your cards to willing buyers if the crash comes. The disconnect is real and the release of this card shows it. Sorry to be blunt.

pretty much nailed it man. Ive watched my account go from almost 60k USD to under 30k USD, but even that is not indicative of the real value because none of the cards sell. there is no market for it at the moment and with more and more cards coming in, plus riftwatchers coming, empty promises of land and sps earnings etc.

They have pushed people away and I regret not selling everything when there was a market to sell to.

Where does Waka Flocka promote Splinterlands?
his youtube channel has not been active for 10 months!
and was it not only at the end of the month, and now it comes all of a sudden in 8 days?

but even worse I find this message ``Please note that starting with the next daily VOUCHER token drop, the amount of tokens awarded will no longer be limited to a max of 1M staked SPS tokens per account.''

since the maximum daily voucher will remain at 20 000, this means that the smaller investors will no longer get any vouchers at all oO
40 people now have an advantage, and all others a disadvantage, nice! do these 40 people want to play the game alone?

are some wale in charge now, is the game being driven to the wall for their greed?

You'll see some dilution in Voucher rewards, but it won't have that large an impact.

are almost 10% less, are less than I thought, but still too much considering why it is.
Thousands of people are now getting less so that 40 people can get more.
or is there any good reasoning for this?

and since their assets are increasing rapidly due to staking, airdrop etc.
and normal people can not keep up with it, we soon get no more vouchers......

I am curious how much less I get in 5 minutes ;)

Will There be a LIMIT of One Waka per Account or will it be as Many as You want to Buy ??

Asking For a Friend................

Looking forward to 'trying' to grab a copy. lol With only 500 copies on Hive, that'll be a task in itself...

No idea what's going to happen on the 24th but I'm sure 'chaos' will ensue lol

Awesome stuff guys, great partnership!

This is so Stupid. Who would want to drop 2k for this Shit? Waka Flocka Who??? Why is Waka Flocka worth that kind of investment? Reality Check.. He's Not!!

talk about a cash grab on Waka Flocka's part. Next you guys are gonna go after who? Snoop Dog?? He owns Death Row now. So there is a Whole catalog of rappers you can go on to exploit for NFT revenues. I can already see the Death cards becoming the new Meta if you were gonna do something that ridiculously bold. DEATH ROW'S DOGPOUND is the name of the series. Go make that happen before Waka Flocka tanks in the community because no one cares who he is.

By the way, I'm being sarcastic. Terrible Choice in creating a Waka Flocka NFT. I hope sales go no where on this card.

Maxed out summoner that grants entire party poison... Thats a game changer and if you arent brain dead will return your investment in a short time. If I had the money to spend atm I would regardless of whose picture is one it....

then dont get it? just because you dont know who someone is doesnt mean that everyone else dont. smh

I'm so excited about this card! It will sell out so fast, omg! Good luck everyone!!

Oh Splinterlands. I honestly thought this was a joke when I first heard about it. I still am semi hoping it is but it's not looking that way.
When do you guys plan on actually doing any real stuff?
Do you really think some washed up D list rapper is going to help???

This actually makes me sad and feels like nothing more than a cash grab tbh.

Please note that starting with the next daily VOUCHER token drop, the amount of tokens awarded will no longer be limited to a max of 1M staked SPS tokens per account.

This is a little disturbing. Why would you lift this restriction? There is about only 40 accounts holding more than 1 million SPS. Is it worth it catering to these accounts and giving the bottom line less? My Voucherdrop already got cut by 10% and as there is no upper limit now I am sure I will see a bigger drop the following days. As for the big holders simply yield more SPS as staking rewards by restaking and no cutoff at 1 million some smaller rewards will be just diminished over time.
No good step IMO.
!LUV you guys but this and many comments here make me worry.

This is BLOWING MY MIND! So freakin cool and huge value being added into the game both in marketing exposure and SPS/Voucher system. Only the start of something bigger. Nice job

2000$ for this card? 1 BCX?

Okay, i am out.

All cards will be max level :)

its max lvl so 11 BCX

Now that you know its max 11 bcx, are you back in? 😂

The card looks very strong, and the art looks great, too bad only a handfull of players will be able to take advantage of such a great card

My unsolicited advice to splinterlands people is that next time you want to make a great promotion and make the card this "exclusive" dont make the card this strong. Small players are just going to be stomped in bronze/silver/gold by whales using this thing in tournaments. It doesnt seem so fun for people who cant afford it.

one bot can buy 500 cards and none-bot player just sell your voucher and cry with the voucher price loss after the bot holding 500 waka on that all the dev wants?


Game-breaking stuff, doesn't have a high mana cost and is very strong, don't break the game like that.

The promotion is good and I feel like a handful whales will be getting all the cards. I’m a little concerned that the sps VOUCHER max is being lifted. It means the smaller accounts will get none moving forward.

There is definitely going to be a need for some low-mana immunity cards that can also do some damage. Or possibly even an immunity summoner forthcoming???

I would also like to suggest that poison shouldn't work on monsters who still have shields. Seems a little silly that I blocked the blow but somehow I still got poisoned. And monsters with Divine Shield certainly should not get poisoned until its used up.

I love the new card although I'm with the 99.9% in believing the bots are going to get the cards and I'm sure some will get multiple somehow.

A good challenge to level up the right cards to defeat it. There is others with poison.😀 Well acid anyways. Nasty stuff. Acid Shooter gets poison at level 6.
Forty six cards required. Level one selling at just over a dollar currently. If you do not get Waka, this could be an option to have any chance against it.

Acid shooter.JPG

geez looks like I better save some sps then

im so excited to this card!!this can pump my rating! i wish i can have a copy!!

Hello @splinterlands,

Will it soon be possible to buy DEC with the CREDITS?

Nice Update. Thanks!

Y pronto vendrá una venta especial solo para jugadores nivel Bronce verdad? Por qué todos queremos ser tomados en cuenta, los pobres también queremos jugar, Saludos!!

Very cool. Love the fact that some utility is being built in.

At current VOUCHER and SPS prices on TribalDex, USD cost is $1,898.87 each. Spicy!
(5000 SPS @ $0.14939 + 500 VOUCHER @ $2.30384)

One might imagine that VOUCHER prices will rise in anticipation. There's a sell wall of about 4600 VOUCHER at 2.1 SWAP.HIVE right now, but that's about it!

~~~ embed:1493636483722276870 twitter metadata:QmxvY2tjaGFpbkNhcmRzfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL0Jsb2NrY2hhaW5DYXJkcy9zdGF0dXMvMTQ5MzYzNjQ4MzcyMjI3Njg3MHw= ~~~

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WOW! The AR x 3D x Golden card NFT idea is really exciting!

its a party, its a party, its a party AYYYYEEEEE

This card looks awesome. Can't wait to see how that Poison ability affects the game

So much costly for me to buy especially those vouchers. Also there is no guarantee for bigger one's to obtain it

A good idea but the same as the land. Be fast or get nothing.

Good for a Voucher and SPS PUMP!

Looks really cool well done folks! Your creativity and hard work continue to amaze me!

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. NOPE. I'm giving this one a HARD PASS. First: so not a fan of Rap music. Or what they try to pass off as 'country' these days either. Only good thing I can see is that the sheer number of cards is going to be limited.

Another Death Summoner! YEYYYYY! <3

Well this was unexpected. I’m so disconnected from what’s popular right now that I have literally no clue how this will turn out but I hope it works out well for Splinterlands players and investors.☮️

Wow, what a card for whales.. 5000 SPS + 50 Vouchers per card..

lol... try 500 vouchers.

I would like to play it, but I don't have a good computer, nor good internet.

You can play from your phone

LOL. I was curious how many SPS and vouchers I'd need, but reading this I literally LOL'd. Never mind.

Good luck, all you rich people!

500 cards how many seconds will be taken to sold out?
Least likely will get it.

This is going to be a gamer changer for sure! Doge has Elon Musk and we have a rapper! It ain't Snoop Dog, but Waka Flocka Flame ain't no slacker in the rap/hip-hop game!

Source:   Wacka Flocka Flame Awards via

Saw the PR Newswire press release via the Associated Press (AP) so I know this is legit.

Of course I would have to sell a great deal of crypto and NFTs to be able to afford the card (which I won't do), but I am still excited regardless. This announcement bodes well for not only Splinterlands but the entire HIVE Blockchain Network!

Exciting times for Splinterlands and the HIVE Blockchain Network for sure! See you on the yellow brick road!

File this one under least-expected hive collaboration!

Rich get richer. Card should be sold as a Nft collectible not used in the game. No one can afford this card and there is not enough supply.

isnt that the point of scarcity used to create value? if everyone was able to get every card for "free" then there would be 0 value in this game. go play hearthstone if you want free gaming.

Comparing Splinterlands with "a game like Pokemon" is a good advertising? xd

the wacka flocka advertisement has the same problem as the advertising posters in thailand, as an ignorant person you can't really see what it's about.
wacka doesn't even have a link to the game in the ad, only a link to the forum!

the most important features (in my opinion)
are not recognizable, a game with which you can earn money, and collect rare cards!

in thailand you can't tell at all what the advertisement is about, it might as well be a series, a movie. a comic or anything else!

how useful is an advertisement where the potential customer first has to google to find out what it's about?

It really is a very good card, but I can't buy it too expensive for me,
but I will try to buy 20 URAEUS cards he have poison at level 4 😀


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