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Twitter post for @poshtoken

Zyriel has written a real story in a very professional way, they know how to make a lore very atmospheric, very fantasy and epic.

The artwork for Zyriel is amazing and the story behind her is also captivating. Nicely put together, great work from the team!😍

Me encanta esta carta, espero poder ilustrarla pronto♥️👏🏼👌👍

intro banner.jpg

Hey @splinterlands, Overlord @aggroed, Vice-Overlord @yabapmatt!

I created a really interesting essay to commemorate the release of our first dual-splinter card #Zyriel!!!

And although this amazing card is a bit out of my financial reach currently, it DID result in me making another move on our beloved Splinterlands market that was more in my budget.

This whole release inspired me to make a post covering this historical promo card release. It's a great read and offers a lot of interesting information surrounding Zyriel, and everything Splinterlands related in-between.

But beware:
It's not a fluff piece; pullin' no punches! ;)

The post has evolved during my last days interacting with so many awesome people in our @splinterlandstv community.

For instance, check out the amazing dual-splinter jewel emblem concept below, that resulted out of an idea the streamer @subashtechy suggested to me (all details in the article). I whipped it up in Photoshop, check it out: cough @nateaguila cough

Zyriel Dual-Splinter-Orb-Revision (animated).gif


PS: Monster May-hem is such a blast @splinterlandstv
Lovin' the event and all the cool streamers! Great job @r0nd0n