Splintertools New Years 6 Month Battle Pass Giveaway!!!

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To celebrate the new year and the release of the new Splintertools Browser Extension We will be giving away a 6 month Splintertools Battle Pass!

💰 Prize 💰:

  • 6 month battle pass

Give away rules:

  • Winner will be chosen randomly by a random comment picker
  • This giveaway will end in 7 days
  • Your account must have a spell book
  • Include your Splinterlands username in your comment if it's different from your Hive username
  • following and reblogging will add additional chances of winning

🎲 How to enter 🎲:

Just leave a comment below containing your Splinterlands account!
Feature Suggestions are welcome!

Since the extensions release we have added additional features:

  • View your current quest
  • View summoners that your opponent owns
  • View opponents entire battle history in addition to their similar battles


To receive timely updates about Splintertools or to learn more about the extension, join our discord server


Very cool project! I'm interested in the giveaway! @mcgilli

Happy new year and !PIZZA for you!

Never knew this tool existed! I’ll try it out tomorrow and see if it gets me some battle wins :-)

Count me in @littlegroot

Hi @littlegroot you are the 🎉 WINNER 🎉


PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments:
@mcgilli(1/15) tipped @splintertools (x1)

You can now send $PIZZA tips in Discord via tip.cc!

Will try this
Count me in

This looks really useful!
IGN: @bteim

Wow this looks interesting @noctury

I’m not familiar with this tool. It sounds useful. Thanks! @squishna following and reblogging

hive and splinterlands name: incze
Great work guys! Good luck everyone!

Following and reblogging, bring it home. Ign: ghosty30

yeah.. im in --> @nploader

count me too
my IGN = nopalshahab
Thanks a lot

I want to participate @yeckingo1


Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

Followed and reblogged!

Ign urkanon
Thanks for all

I would love to win this, my guildmate swears by it.

Would be sweet to win this!

Dear @splintertools,

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Do you mind supporting our proposal for 2022 so our team can continue its work next year?
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Thank you. We wish you a Happy New Year!

thank you for creating this tools.. it will be good to also show my own play history..so as to allow me to strategize better as opponent can view my history and not myself.

Nice tool! Count me in pls.

Hey guyz! Congratz for the project. Looks very interesting!! My nnick is @beffeater I am also creating content. Some help would be appreciated! https://www.splintertalk.io/@beffeater/time-to-debuff-death-splinter


I already bought 6 months but would love to round the year out with winning :)

Loving this tool so much - feels like being naked when I am not using the tool lol awkward!

A must have in your splinterlands battles. Love it guys! Thank you

OMG yes please!! I love this tool so much.

Lets go!