Using the Battle Hashtag with Splinterlands content and changes to curation.

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For a long time I was pretty clueless as to why people were saying to tag battle with my Splinterlands posts. It was not until I was considering investing into battle token that I found out why.

Screenshot 331.png

Screenshot 330.png

There on their website I found their Hive front end for Blockchain gaming content on Hive!

I have plans to start curating Splinterlands content with just my @spt-curate account on, Curating Blockchain Gaming content on the Battle front-end with my @dynamicgreentk Battle Games/Hive account (since it is where all my battle tokens are staked) and then curating @nftshowroom Hive content and their artist's content with the Hive power from my @dynamicsteemians Hive account.

We will see how long I will be be curating content on It seems the direction for spt is more geared towards diesel pools, NFTs and SPS airdrops and not curation. Which is fine. As far as curation goes it appears there is not a Curation Rewards ranking system like with Hive curation. This leads me to assume delegating to @monster-curator is the common sense answer. I will wait until further/better and spt communication happens in regards to stopping curation of SPL content in lieu of diesel pools for spt/sps and how exactly curation rewards are tallied before making any decisions regarding if I should stop curating SPL content to invest into diesel pools and/or acquiring more spt for that matter. Still exciting the direction of how the Splinterlands currencies are going with maybe the exception of dec... (unless your in a liquidity pool it seems).

Long story short I will be spliting my curation up from just Splinterlands content to now Battle games, Splintertalk front ends and now Nftshowroom content directly on Hive. Peakd has the same messaging system as, so ill be there.

It is a lot of tedious work to switch between accounts on and hivereblogger to institute changes; so these changes might take a couple of days.

Thanks for your patience!


Good To Know! <3

i use battle also, and i find site for NFT-s but i dont know how to buy or sell that cards i saw many collections.
i just stack tokens to get more tokens with tag battle... but i dont find real purpose, im new so need learn what and how...

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Thank you so much for sharing about the battle tag, I never knew about it until I read this post.

Thanks for doing a great job in curating, I know how dedicated you are in looking for posts and commenting on them. Keep it up and Have a great week ahead!

Thank you for all the support you are giving to the game based on NFT communities.
I have been using the "battle" tag for a long time and curate content on the front ends presenting battle articles.