Hope SPS stays in this range for a little while as I plan to buy some more...

Hey stever, thanks for this recap. Thank you for giving back to the community.. if you have some extra cp, hope i can have get some cp delegation for eos.. love much and Godbless..@jerio2016

I'm so stoked for the Carnage Titan!! Hoping he's not too expensive so I can actually acquire him! :D

Carnage Titan looks amazing.

yeah, I agree that you can't really maximize the use for waka, however, it's the first offensive summoner for death. I too factor in the stories/lore of some cards to make the match up more interesting. An intense scenario is when Delwyn faces Daria, a little sibling rivalry haha. Awesome vid as always from one of the OG, much love and support man!

Gratz on your waka.


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Thank you for the time stamps always helpful for finding the content I'm looking for instead of droning out to a hour long podcast lol appreciate it!

Totally agree SPS is undervalued! Great video

thanks for breaking it down. congrats to your waka!

The end of the SPS airdoir will be...interesting for sure xD

very interesting the possiblity that Warner stuff happens over on hive rising it's value up! @morzhan

Carnage Titan is a great card but a bit high mana, can't be used in most matches.

btw, Congrats on you waka


Great post and video, grats on the new Waka card. Really enjoy your content.

Great summary. Keep it up!


I haven't had to face a Waka yet but the fact that the poison isn't guaranteed to hit makes it balanced.

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Awesome video as always!! Thank you for the insights!

I'm interested about what you mentioned on tournaments with different entry prices and look forward to dissecting that more and seeing how it impacts tournaments moving forward!

Congrats on your wak. Great video.

thanks for the content mate, good insight as usual @instamental

Grats on getting him but as you mentioned I don't really find him that overpowered, its also hard to make a team that can poison the entire enemy team at least at this time. Nice recap as usually.

Splinterlands surprise me with Warner Music partnership i am really curios about the future development!!! I love the town hall recap!
Great content!

Wish I could bought Waka for myself lol
IGN : captain-barabosa

count me in @ecto1337
good luck splinters ;-)

SPS has TOO much space to can reach 1-2$ as soon as the airdrops ends!

SPS is undervalued!


hey man,
Great content again!
And really thanks for the giveaway!
I really enjoy it to watch u, and also it is the first time ever i won in a give-away.
for the next raffle i will not participate, i just wanted to say thanks.

nice recap

Carnage Titan seems noice.

Great video to sum up the 2h stream. Thankyou

SPS definitely looks like it is undervalued.