Steve, your calculations of the node profitability were only based on the SPS valuation, but there are also 20,000 vouchers that would be shared between all the validators per day. That would significantly alter profitability calculations especially if the number of actual nodes running will be low.

Very nice and detailed summary. Good to see you back and good to see you well!

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

Good clear summary thanks again mate, recover well

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Thanks Steve!!

Is the 2nd covid infection less serious? I got covid previously as well.

Best Splinterland Summary Content!

Glad you're feeling better. Great TH recap as usual!

A great recap as usual, Steve! 😉

Great content! Especially with the time stamps, I feel everyone who's making 15-20+ videos on multiple topics should include these

Great to see you back Steve! IGN: firelore

Hey man! Count me in!


Nice to have you back

I think the Splinterlands team design the game economic to be sustainable for many years to come when they released the prices of validator license in tranches.

They are slowly building up the momentum instead of going for pent-up demand.


Love your videos! I plan on getting a node in the pre-sale if I can but getting funds into the game is hard in the US. Can you make a walk through video on how you'd go about it to minimize your losses and balance speed with efficiency? The fastest way I've found is buying packs with credits from a credit card purchase then selling those on hive. A little slower and profitable is to card flip with credits but that takes a long time and is subject to swings in the card market.

Thanks for the recap.
About the new rewards and the need to lvl up cards, I always struggle between leveling cards and getting more diverse cards to cover more rulesets. There's a clash between format. In tournament, you wanna have maxed out cards. But in rank, you can usualy rank up by always playing your main/best deck. As SL seems to shift its focus to tournament lately, that'll have an impact on the market. I'm, currently working on maxing out silver lvl CL cards before working on my gold/diamond ladder team for instance

Thanks for the recap. Keep up with them and have a good covid recovery!!1

thanks for the summary! cant wait for all the changes they have said and also the legendary summoner.

Thanks for the summary as always :)
IGN: @weeareus

thanks agaian! !Pizza

Thank you! i sold all my cards to buy SPS and currently only do rents to participate in tournaments and the leaderboard, those DEC will help me with the rents xD, thanks for the summary also, the nodes were a great new and i'am pretty bullish about all




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Good to see you back!!!
Thanks for the summary

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Count me in for the giveaway ! ign @mr-house

Really looking forward to the new ranked rewards system!

nice vid! good that you're doing well now

Count me in ign momongja

good read 👍

great no need to bother watching the townhall thanks!

take care!

Thanks for the giveaway

thanks for another great recap.

With the new reward changes comming up I keep eye-balling 1 BCX of a Living Lava and Unicorn Mustang for my deck as I use them often but perhaps I'll get by with my leveled up CL tanks (level 2 summoners) for those splinters.


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hoping for a bright future for this game!

@kaylerfaye here count me in. Right now I'm buying 1000 SPS. Who knows how these nodes will affect the SPS price but if its price goes to at least $2, that would mean I will have $2000 by that time 🤑.

First steps here in PeaKD. Continue you great work for the Splinterlands Community, love your content

Great recap thank you

The devs appear to be listening to you. Great recap of the new ranked reward changes and how much more invested players will hopefully be. IGN: Bluedevil0722

Thank you for the great summary.
Really excited to get more details on the ranked reward changes soon!

SteveR - you always bring great info/insight to the table, and I know I'm not the only one, but I appreciate you tremendously.

Not to mention your continual generosity to others! Straight fire. Keep it up brother.


Thanks for the summary
Ign: exeld

Glad your ok now. Thanks for the recap.

Good recap. It's nice that your ok now. Keep it up.