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I'm really looking forward to the lower power levels in modern but it will be interesting to see if you can earn more DEC in wild.

Up to you what you want to do with your other account but I've earned quite a bit playing tournaments after I bought the SPS to stake!

Thanks for the giveaway Steve!

Thanks for the recap. It's my only actual why of knowing what's happening on Splinterlands.

Thanks steve! i glad i winn, to recover part of the last day rentss!

thanks for another great recap.

Appreciate you shedding light on win-trading which I believe was being abused by some. Hope the change will put a stop to it. Also, would love to see land/totems have a marketplace within Splinterlands. I'm one of those people that you mentioned isn't overly comfortable with all the exchanges/transfers to get a plot. I'm sure I'm not alone. IGN: globalwarming

I want to see those new cards xD


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Great review!!Always looking forward for your next video!

Best review as usual! Thanks!!!

great info as usual

upvoted :)

and thanks for following :)

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

Just found you, thanks for what you're doing here!

Great recap and great pulls. Our guild store is now level 2. Bought gladius pack for the first time and i pulled a legendary gladiator. Super stoked about it. I also pulled oshanus from eos for the first time as well. Great night for me. Lol!

Nice pulls! Great recap. Thanks for the info.

Wow! that was a good pull! Thank You for great review! ign: felicityclover

Hey Steve, I think it's a good idea to increase the 150$ account to 250$. that way you will show new players what could be potential earnings in tournaments.

Thanks Steve! Keep it up!!