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Love the new changes. Thanks for keeping us informed! IGN:bluedevil0722

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I always thought that it has not sense to play with a LV1 chaos legion/untamed card that is already in the spellbok, so now it really that can make a difference in your earning and for better in the cards in the marketplace, i will buy a lot of cards now xD
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they should just take away those staple cards like windeku and throw in basic cards for free

better buy a few cursed vindekus before the changes lol :D ign: cash4nudes

Thanks Steve! I loved hearing your thoughts on SPS and land!

Really great recap! I'll have to buyback land really soon, this would be huge. Thanks @stever82!

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Crazy townhall this week, love the updates they gave this time and thanks for making some of it more clear and understandable on how it will impact players both new and old. IGN @brojustaverage

Thanks for the DEC, I really needed it to buy some new cards to prepare for the upcoming changes.

I am excited about Land and hopefully we have come to see what our Land will be..............


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Great news. I'm a bit worried for the future of renting and investing in SL. I'm assuming renting the windeku would count for the rewards, which will make a significant shift to renting. There was no point renting a lvl 1 windeku before. now there is.

And gameplay-wise, wow it's amazing news.
Thanks for the recap. well done.

Amazing recap! I do worry about active accounts dropping with the earning changes but like you said if they were just bots sucking value out of the game and not adding anything then I guess they weren't worth much anyway!


Good recap. A lot of new things coming.

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Really good YT video again - thanks for keeping up on their AMAs and this last one was wonderful for us playing for awhile. I had been dabbling in WAX games of late, but really regretting just not investing in Splinterlands the entire time.

Restructuring of the game play to deter bot farming is positive for us. It better not to overdone by setting the entry barrier too high for new players. We need a lot of new players to boost the game economic.


Wow, that ama was chock full of good stuff!

Land as a DeFi platform is probably one of the most interesting items, also I already see the impact on card prices from the upcoming changes due to reduced rewards for starter cards.

nice update! :) it's gonna bring the card prices up, that's nice! :)

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