BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Up to Eleven

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Hello Splinterfamily,
I'd like to share my experience with the Up to Eleven ruleset match and the team I used. I hope to provide valuable insights to fellow players through this discussion. Here are the key points I want to cover:

  • Specific monsters: I will discuss the specific monsters I selected for my team in the Up to Eleven ruleset battle. I will discuss their unique abilities, roles, and how I synergized them. By sharing this information, I hope to help other players construct their own effective teams for this particular ruleset.
  • Challenges and lessons: I also encountered various challenges and learned valuable lessons throughout my battles in the Up to Eleven ruleset. I discovered unexpected synergies, effective strategies, and faced formidable opponents. Sharing these experiences can offer insights that can help other players enhance their gameplay.
    Thank you for your attention. I hope my insights prove beneficial to the Splinterlands community.

The match took place on the IGN @subashtechy which is my account.
The format of the match is Ranked-Modern-Gold league.




All units have the Amplify ability.

Use Thorns, Return Fire, and Magic Reflect to ensure your opponent suffers.


Battle Rules, Mana and active elements:


Rules: Up to Elven,Broken arrows, Aim True

Mana: 43 and
Active elements: Water,Earth,Death

My Team:


Summoner :
Kelya Frendul
Djinn Oshannus,
Kulu Mastermind,
Riverboat Captain,

About my Team:

Baakjira for heal tank,
Djinn Oshannus for secondary tank,
Kulu Mastermind for opportunity attack,
Deeplurker for opportunity attack with poison,
Riverboat Captain for blast and affliction,
Uraeus for poison sneak.


About Battle:

Round 1:


Round 2:


Round 3:


Round 4:


Round 5:





Battle Analysis and Tips:

  • Utilize monsters with Amplify:
    The Up to Eleven ruleset grants all monsters the Amplify ability, which increases the damage dealt by Thorns, Magic Reflect, and Return Fire by 1. This means that monsters with these abilities are particularly powerful in this ruleset.

  • Prioritize Thorns and Magic Reflect:
    Thorns deals damage back to the attacker when they are hit by a melee attack, while Magic Reflect reflects a portion of the damage dealt by a magic attack back to the attacker. These abilities can be very effective in countering enemy attacks and dealing significant damage.

  • Consider Return Fire strategically:
    Return Fire deals damage back to the attacker when they are hit by a ranged attack. While not as effective as Thorns or Magic Reflect, Return Fire can still be useful in disrupting enemy strategies and dealing additional damage.

  • Utilize summoners that enhance abilities:
    Some summoners can provide buffs that further enhance the effects of Thorns, Magic Reflect, and Return Fire. Choose a summoner that complements your team composition and maximizes the effectiveness of these abilities.

  • Position your monsters strategically:
    Carefully consider the order in which you place your monsters. Monsters with Thorns should be placed in the front line to counter melee attacks, while monsters with Magic Reflect can be placed in the middle or back to protect against magic damage.

  • Adapt your strategy to your opponent's team:
  • Analyze your opponent's team composition and adjust your strategy accordingly. If your opponent has a lot of melee monsters, focus on using Thorns and Return Fire. If your opponent has a lot of magic monsters, focus on using Magic Reflect and Shield Potions.

Here are some additional tips for the Up to Eleven ruleset:

  • Use monsters with high speed. Monsters with high speed will attack first, giving them an advantage in battle, especially when dealing damage with Thorns or Magic Reflect.
  • Use monsters with Shield or Dodge. Shield can absorb damage, while Dodge can help monsters evade attacks. These abilities can be useful in protecting monsters with Thorns or Magic Reflect.
  • Use monsters with Blast or Silenced. Blast allows monsters to attack all enemy monsters in the same row, while Silenced prevents monsters from using abilities. These abilities can be effective in countering enemy strategies.


Watch the Full battle Here


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