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As I did a share your battle post with Pelacor Conjurer last time, I decided to feature him too in my reimagining with AI series. Pelacor Conjurer is probably my favorite out of the first batch of Chaos Legion reward cards. It's way undervalued because for only two mana, it brings a lot of value to the game. And although it took quite a while to max out its print supply, it's finally here and the era of cheap Pelacor Conjurer cards may soon be over.

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Pelacor Conjurer.png

And as I mentioned too in my last post, I find Pelacor Conjurer's art to be quite weird especially the glasses as it doesn't seem to fit with the medieval fantasy setting of Splinterlands' lore. So if I am to make a text prompt for the AI, the notable descriptions that I should input are the sunglasses, the blonde hair and the shining orb. Okay, let's do this.

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Text Prompt: Blonde Angel with Sunglasses Holding Yellow Orb

Wow, cuteness overload right off the bat. Definitely my type, ten out of ten. The strong fierce eyes is a nice touch. The only problem with this art is that the sunglasses are missing and the fact that I forgot to specify that I needed a male angel. I guess angels are known to be female by default. The yellow orbs are also kind of weird. It resembles more of golden eggs, But it's a very nice artwork, definitely.

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Text Prompt: Blonde Angel with Sunglasses Holding Yellow Orb

I tried to run the same text prompt again and the one I got is a bit more closer to Pelacor Conjurer. It kinda looks like Angelina Jolie with her badass puckered lips and those cool dark sunglasses. Plus points for holding two orbs like she's ready to throw magical fireballs at a moment's notice. It's definitely a candidate for the final reimagined card.

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Text Prompt: Blonde Male Angel with Sunglasses Holding Yellow Orb Facing Right

For this one, I tried to be very specific but the end result I got was a headshot art. Maybe the AI thought that it should still be distiguishable as an angel so it forced it to have wings although it ended up in the sideburns. Plus points to the AI for originality. This guy could easily pass as a Final Fantasy character but I don't think this is the kind of artwork I'm looking for.

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Text Prompt: Blonde Male Angel with Sunglasses Holding Magic

This last one seems to be the best out of the four artwork I attempted. I tried to shake things off by changing the yellow orb command into "holding magic" and what I got was a glowing tablet." The fingers are a bit off too, which is a problem I am seeing mostly with AI creations. I think that's a side that they are yet to perfect. But overall, this looks great for me. The guy is good looking, ravishing hair, fair shaped face, cool sunglasses, and a good set of angel wings. I decided to choose this one for the card art.

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So here it is, the reimagined Pelacor Conjurer using an AI artwork technology. The art looks spot on, in my opinion. I only wish that I could have recreated the swirling magic energy as well. But as you can tell in here and in the past reimagined posts, too much details in text prompts may lead to chaotic results. That's it for this week's article and I hope you guys like it as much as I did.

If you guys are still new to the game and want to join, you can click on my link here to start playing. Thank you for reading and see you on the battlefield.



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