The most frequent mistakes I do in Splinterlands!

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Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. I hope you all are enjoying the game every day and new things that are coming into the Splinterlands every day, which is a clear sign of the game's bright future! I have been playing the game for almost 2 years and I have faced the bitter winter with the skyrocketing price and the loss and some devastating pulls from the cards packs and some amazing pulls from the packs and from the loot chests! I am also very satisfied to be one of the Splinterlands believers because my Portfolio of the game assets like my card collections, Plots, and staked SPS is a kind of savings and so I have started buying some more cards in very deep.

I have been posting many strategies that i follow, my future plans, my thought on Splinterlands in my previous posts. Throughout these discussion in the hive community I amm constantly learning. So today I am also here with the Splinterlands social media challenge with my most frequent mistakes which is very common in my daily battles in current days also. The main reason may be for my superfast playing as I can't finish the 24 battles a day for my tight schedule and work pressure recently. And my overall plying has decreased dramatically and I am trying to keep it up with the superfast speed in playing, but often you need the prior 2-3 minutes for each battle 72 minutes for 24 if ou play continuously which I can not effort.

Prior thoughts before the battle
The journey in Splinterlands is not a smooth one as a new player knowing nothing about the battle, but later I learned a lot but the evolving nature of the game roadmaps has been changing in a constant manner. So I have been learning from the past two years to till now. So In this post, I am going to share some of the most frequent mistakes I do in my daily battles. When you are searching for a battle, you must have a clear idea of which cards are available in your deck currently and which cards have been rented out in the market, or which cards are in a cooldown mood! This prior knowledge will help you to analyze the next steps very fast and the winning ratio will increase dramatically.

  • The first steps in the battle is to check the rulesets and the number of MANA to chose a potential team accordingly. It needs time to think but I often do skip this steps in hurry!

  • Summoner selection is an important step in a match, especially for new player who does not have to all summoners at the max level and so, it is a tough situation for selecting the max one or the competitive one!

  • Proper prior knowledge of the RULESETS, MONSTERS' ABILITIES and the PREVIOUSLY PLAYED TEAMS of opponents will help you to make a perfect decision to choose the best team!

  • It is a mandatory thing to keep in mind that supporting cards can make the summoner indomitable and often useless!

  • Often proper card selection can make the enemy's summoner garbage by balancing the summoner ability into nothing!

  • Good cards can make your normal summoner into a legendary with some strategic combos!

Rulesets analysis
Since playing quickly is really the only way I play, I frequently overlook the correct understanding of the rule sets in a rush. In my daily experience, this is a typical error that occasionally occurs when I choose the team quickly without carefully reading the reulesets since I'm rushing and browsing in other tabs! I frequently misinterpret the set of rules and the outcome, which is defeating. Therefore, it is preferable to grasp the principles at first look in order to make the subsequent procedures simpler.

This mistakes can make you loose your battle in a very pathetic way with lower level and less powerful summoners in your opposite team. It happens often and significantly reduces the winning ratio. And currently I couldn't afford playing the modern league for too much complexity in team selections and I cant't think too much in a short time while in a hurry nature.

Ability recap
The second action item is to familiarize yourself with the MONSTER powers beforehand. This will assist you in determining how the rule sets relate to each other and which cards will be most effective against a certain opponent. In this instance, it is crucial to understand every card's ability that is prohibited or rendered ineffective by the rulesets, such as in FOG of WAR, where SNEAK or SNIPE assaults are ineffective. Additionally, not all monsters will have any skills at all, and occasionally certain unique attacker types won't be able to be deployed in battle. Therefore, taking these factors into account will help you choose the finest squad for the fight!

Investigating the opponent's last played teams is the third and last fight information you should have before choosing your team, and the actual choice can be much influenced by carefully observing the teams of your opponents. You can be forced to choose a different team than you had intended to in the previous two phases by certain special cards! This stage is also crucial for identifying certain unbeaten monsters based on the teams and strategies of the opposition.

  • This stage will assist you in identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the opponent's previous five monsters!
  • It will assist you in matching your squad of choice with the likely squads of your opponents.

  • Following careful consideration of the rulesets, your powerful summoners, and the creatures with the opponent's strategy.

  • It's crucial to keep in mind, though, that these actions are frequently ineffective if the team that assists splinters is unavailable at this moment or was unavailable to the opponent's prior team. In this case, completing the first two stages is sufficient to win!

I hope you find some of these thoughts and discussions my thoughts important before your journey to Spolinterlands. If you have any kinds of queries, you can ask me in the comments. I will try to answer at my level best. Thanks a lot for your time and attention, I will catch you at the next one.
Have a great day!

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Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

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Did you invest in Splinterlands with Bitcoin?

I have invested in Splinterlands with BNB coin. It is very flexible to invest any crypto project with any crypto coin such as BTC, ETH or any other using some crypto exchanges like Binance, or direct card purchasing is also supported in Splinterlands in many parts of the world though I have no experience with such bank cards.

I understand!

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Yeah, most of the time temperature is at a freezing level.
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