Top DETH PRIMARY TANKS in various rulesets in Splinterlands: The cheapest and the Best utility

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Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the game every day. I hope you all are enjoying the recent pump in Splinterlands assets which is a clear sign of the bright future of the game! The crashing market is going to end in the Splinterlands soon or later. I am also very satisfied to be one of the Splinterlands believers because my Portfolio of the game assets like my card collection has started increasing again. In my last post I discussed why it is the best time to accumulate more SPS here-Accumulation of SPS is started: Why it is the best time to buy SPS? Besides, I have introduced some strategic ways to find the new cheaper cards, which can be very useful from many perspectives, such as winning with more DEC and R-shares. If you have any suggestions or queries, you can ask me in the comment related to my post!

Today, in this post I am going to find find the best strategy to find the top Primary Tanks from the DETH team which will be based o the price and the utility and balancing them as the best option. I will try to avoid the most expensive Beta and Alpha cards and even some Untamed cards, which are very expensive in upgrading to a higher level. The following concerns have been considered for selecting these Tanks that can be effectively used in most of the Battles in Splinterlands -

  • The utility is a major concern for these TANKS

  • The single BCX price also matters as a single BCX card will negatively impact your rewards!

  • Upgrading to the respective league max is crucial in this consideration.

  • The future utility is also considered.

  • The cheap replacement or the same utility of various cards has been skipped.

  • The main consideration is taken according to the rule sets of the battle!

  • High/medium MANA and low MANA have been categorized in this list for a clear perspective to choose the best TANK for a battle.

The most effective Primary Tanks from DETH TEAM

As I am a Big FAN of the DETH TEAM and there are several options for the LOW MANA and Higher MANA TANKS that work well in many cases. And I think the DETH team is one of the best teams in the Silver and Gold leagues due to having a number of primary TANKs options, so, it is difficult in many cases to choose the best one, here the strategy to choose the best one will be discussed.

Against Magic attackers
If you see the opponents were using the MAGIC attacks frequently in the previous battles then your TANK must be with Anti MAGIC one such as with the "VOID ABILITY" or with the 'HEALING' ability. In this case, the 'CURSED WINDEKU' with the combination of Rare summoner 'THADDIUS BROOD' is a great option for the battle for high and medium, and even in some low MANA battles.

The Single BCX price is around $0.42 which is affordable for such a card and needs a relatively lower number of cards to level up. It has a solid number of health that is worth the price. And the other ability the THORNES is amazing against any TANK with a lot of health!

Also, this card is very effective for the following types of rulesets-

  • Low MANA for only 6 MANA cost

  • Against the MELEE attackers for having the THORNES ability

  • In "HEALED OUT" rulesets for a higher number of health

  • In unprotected rule sets where no armor works

  • Monsters lose all abilities for having a solid number of hearts and attacks

Another alternative low MANA primary TANK for ANTI-MAGIC CATEGORY is the common beta CARD "ANIMATED CORPSE" which is an amazing card with the amazing ability of VOID which is very helpful against any MAGIC attacks! Also, this card offers a lot of health which is also very useful in battle! This card is an amazing Anti-magic TANK for any low MANA matches for having only 4 MANA.

The SINGLE BCX price of the card is $.25 and as a common card, this price is affordable for any player to level it up to level for with only 12 BCX that will cost only $3.00 which is amazing for a beta card deal!

Also, it can be very effective for the following rulesets-

  • In the "SLOW SPEED" ruleset for only 1 speed!

  • In normal rule sets due to having more health

  • 4 MANA matches against magic attackers

An Alternate and best Anti-MAGIC TANK
The overall best primary TANK against the magic attacks is the "BONE GOLEM" with 7 MANA with a lot of hearts and armors with some amazing abilities such as VOID from level 1 and repair for adding armors to friendly monsters from level 5! And the price for this RARE card is $1.2 for a single BCX which is a relatively expensive option for this category.

Also, this card offers 1 speed which makes it very useful in slow-speed matches! The huge number of MELEE attacks makes this card a suitable one.

Another alternative for anti-magic TANK is the NIGHTMARE which is a great speedy monster with the amazing ability of BLAST and the PHASE ability to dodge magic attacks at level 6! This card can be an amazing one for any attack as high speed will dodge many MELEE and RANGE attacks also. The single BCX for this common card is $0.44 which is a good option for a allrounder card!

Against Melee and Range attackers

Against the MELEE and the RANGE attackers, the monsters with SHIELD ability or many ARMORS are the best options and the higher speed is also important to dodge as many attacks as possible. Also, the monster with the SELF-HEALING is an excellent performer in this category.

For HIGH MANA matches the best and the cheapest option is the "HARKLAW" which is a CL card with only 8 MANA which is very suitable against the MELEE and the RANGE attacks due to having a lot of armor also! The single BCX is only $0.85 for this legendary card which is very cheap for a legendary card!

This card is an amazing TANK for the following great abilities-


Also, it has a solid number of MELEE attacks!

This card is also a good choice in the following rulesets also-

  • In MELEE attacks only matches

  • Against the Thorns ability

  • In Earthquake rulesets

  • In the equalizer ruleset

  • Normal rulesets as a heavy heater

  • In the slow-speed matches

For low MANA matches, the CRYPT BEETLE is the best and cheapest one with the SHIELD ability. It has a significant number of armors and health at only 3 MANA cost!

Also, the single BCX is only $0.022 which is one of the cheapest card for such a good TANK for low MANA matches!


An amazing monster with the amazing ability of TAUNT with other excellent abilities of FORCEFIELD is the "NIGHT GHOUL" is an excellent monster as primary TANK in many HIGH MANA battles.

Also, the single BCX price of $0.2 of this common card makes it an easy option to level up for better performance! It is strongly recommended as a Primary TANK! It has a tremendous number of MELEE attacks and health with great number of armors!

This card is also a good choice in the following rulesets also-

  • In MELEE attacks only matches

  • Against the Thorns ability for a lot of HEALTH and ARMORS

  • In Earthquake rulesets

  • Normal rulesets as a heavy heater

  • In HIGH MANA matches it is a must-have card!

The cheapest one against MAGIC, MELEE, and RANGE ATTACKS

For any low or medium MANA matches, against the MAGIC, MELEE, or RANGE attacks, the "PELACOR DECEIVER" is the cheapest option as the single BCX is around $0.013 which is very convenient to level up.

This all-rounder comes with the following amazing abilities also-


Also, this card can be very effective for the following rulesets-

  • Against the EARTHQUAKE for having the FLYING ability

  • Normal rulesets!

  • Against MELEE attackers it will backfire due to good speed and flying ability combo.

Expensive OPTIONS

For any attacks in LOW MANA matches but an expensive option, the ALPHA/BETA monster "HAUNTED SPIRIT" is a great option for its amazing abilities such as SELF-HEALING, MAGIC REFLEC, and VOID abilities. Also it has solid speed with a good number of health for only 5 MANA costs!

But the single BCX of this card is $3 which is very high for this RARE card and it will cost a lot of money to level it up to your LEAGUE LEVEL. But it will offer so many ability! So, it is not recommend to buy the HAUNTED SPIRIT if you can afford.

Another option in the DETH team with another untamed LEGENDARY card, the "DARK HA'ON" can be a great option for its significant number of MELEE attacks and health with some amazing ABILITY OF TAUNT, FLYING, SCAVENGER, VOID, and the MAGIC REFLECTION!

This monster is truly a powerhouse with so many abilities and a good number of attacks and significant health and armor.

The single BCX price for this legendary is around $29 which is an expensive option to upgrade this LEGENDARY according to your league level. So, it is not strongly recommended as long you have already the other good options in your deck.

The most expensive primary TANK for any MANA matches for the DEATH team is the "LORD OF DARKNESS" which is an excellent TANK with a good number of health and ARMORS with only 7 MANA costs.

Also, the amazing abilities such as the ENRAGE, STUN, SHIELD, and the RETALIATE with a good number of MELEE attacks make this LEGENDARY ALPHA/BETA card into a true beast which is so useful in all battles.

And the single BCX price of this common card is only around $34 which is an expensive option for your WILD format's DETH DECK and so it is not a recommended TANK for your DETH TEAM if you are a new player like me.

There are some alternatives to these TANKS from the DRAGON and the NEUTRAL Teams which I will share in future posts. What is your best TANK from the DEATH team, let us know for the mutual knowledge gained in the comment section.

Thank you so much for your time and attention in reading my post and if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments. It will help each other to grow up! Play for fun and enjoy your time. Enjoy your every day in the best way you can. I will catch you at the next one!
Have a nice day!

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praise zombie i got a lot of them and nobody rent, all take harklow,wandeku or haunted spirit:9

Yeah, all of these are not useful for every cases like I prefer the windeku almost in every battle and for low mana haunted spirit is amazing but it is not affordable for me! You can buy if you are focusing on the DEATH as the main deck, but for me I use water and earth more frequently!

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